Thursday, August 16, 2007

In The News!

I realized last night that I had totally forgotten to tell you all about Delaney getting in the local newspaper while we were at the ASA Nationals softball tournament a few weeks ago. And, since I didn't have anything planned for today's post, it worked out perfectly that I had been so lapse before. Because now I have something to share!

During one of the nights of play, a photographer from the Gadsden Times popped by our dugout and caught Delaney in the act of what she does best--talking to her teammates, pumping them up, and basically keeping the dugout lively. In fact, the headline they put over the picture is one of the most PERFECT descriptions I've ever seen of her. But I'll get to that in a minute.

First, off, though,there at the top of the post is the teaser banner that was on the front page of the paper that day. That's Delaney at the end.

And then this was the picture in the Sports section...

You can see that that the title over the pictures says, "Delaney Explains it All." The writer had no clue how perfectly he described our Delaney's personality!! The coach, in fact, laughed about it because he know how perfect it was too. She is always explaining to him when she did something wrong; she's a little coach, it seems like a lot of the time. We asked Samantha, who is the back of the head in this picture that she is talking to, what she was telling her. "I don't know," she said, "you know Delaney!" Ha!

And here at home, she always has to explain it all. She is such a perfectionist that she always wants to get everything done "just right." And if she thinks she knows a better way to do it, she's gonna tell you about it. Delaney can be challenging, but she is also such a smart, strong child. I love her personality! (I just feel sorry for her future husband! lol)

Anyway...even though this is a very belated post...I just had to share!

(And, you know, seeing this picture in the paper made me realize what a news-hungry family we are! I guess this could be another Random Fact about me but I have been in the newspaper more times than I can count! When I was growing up, my Dad started a weekly newspaper to help his college journalism students learn "hands on" how to run a paper and my brother and I made it in print a bunch of times. My Dad was an amazing photographer and he took some great pics of us for the paper. I remember one time when he received a Letter to the Editor asking him to put some other kids' pictures in the paper! I guess our appearance in the paper offended someone! lol

And then the girls' photos have been published alongside articles that I have written over the years. And then they seem to just wiggle their way into other newspapers as well--like Delaney did there! Too funny!)

I should also tell you someday about how I was once on the "CBS Evening News" when I was little! Another good teaser for you

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday (gosh, is it really Thursday already?) I'm off to work on a HUGE to-do list!!


Linda said...

That is so funny. I love the title and that it fits her. That is awesome. I have never had the desire to be in the paper... I think I'd freak for some reason... don't know why... but how fun for you guys. Glad you are having a fab day. May it continue

Anonymous said...

That is just priceless. I bet she was so excited to be a "celebrity"!


Dawn Bibbs said...

How COOL is that??? That's pretty exciting. Make sure, if Delaney keeps that article, she sprays it with that archival stuff :-)...sorry, I can't help it...I'm a scrapbooker thru and thru, LOL.

Back when it was just me, my hubby and my oldest daughter, we were in the paper too. The Atlanta Journal Constitution, no less! It was something about young families trying to buy a house. They took the picture in front of the apts we use to live in. I actually did a LO about it.

Hey, that would be fun for you to do...have your readers share LO's or whatever of them being in the paper or having their name mentioned in print somewhere OR their mugshots...Hee hee...just kidding about that last one. Oh, look at the time...:-)lol

Renee said...

How great is that?! She's a natural.

Cheryl Wray said...

Linda--It really was so funny!! It fits her to a tee!!! You'd be cool in the paper!!
Marg--She was very excited!
Dawn--Hee hee...always thinking like a scrapbooker!!! I think that's a great idea--for all of us to share our brushes with fame! I may have to do that here sometime soon! Tee hee on the mugshots...
Renee--Pretty cool! (of course, she's used to having her picture taken all the time anyway by me!!)

Just Me Again said...

I can't believe it's Thursday again....argg....time just goes too fast, doesn't it? I can't believe I missed your Tuesday challenge!

So cute about the newspaper article. How COOL. She is a natural ham. And a very cute one too :)

crazy working mom said...

She looks so serious in that photo! :)
Glad you posted about it.

I can't wait to hear about your debut on the news.

Kari said...

Great story - what a memory for her!

Phats said...

That's awesome is she now charging for autographs? I saw some LLWS of softball on ESPN, is that what you played in? Looked hardcore for sure.

Who does Bama open with?

Adrienne said...

Aww, she is FAMOUS!!! LOL

Michelle said...

how exciting to have the article and picture in the paper!

Mama P said...

I love the name Delaney. If my husband's vasectomized tubes ever reconnect, and we ever manage to have sex again, and I'm knocked up at 47, I will name my child Delaney. Hope you don't mind.

TK Angels said...

I loved the post and the article. How neat. You need to check a little down on my blog. You were awarded a blog award *smile*

Take care,

Susie Q said...


How cool is this! Fun isn't it?

Delaney explains it cool. I am tickled for her!

Now Mom. Just how are you gonna scrap this?? : )


angel said...

how wonderful is it to see your child in the newspaper- with her name as the headline no less- how very exciting!!!