Monday, September 10, 2007

A Few "Life with Scout" moments...leading into our Random Tuesday " group participation for today!! about that for a title for my post today?

Sydney (or "Scout" as we call her about half the time--especially when she's being very precocious and/or silly!) has had a couple of very meaningful conversations with me in the last day or two, and I thought I'd share them with you all!

* "I Need to Tell You Four Things"

Yesterday morning, as I worked on some household chores and Scout watched some television, she started her conversation in a way she does pretty often these days. She said, "I need to tell you four things" and the conversation went something like this (it was pretty much one-sided, with me just nodding my head at her and trying not to giggle):

"I need to tell you four things, Momma.

I ate all my cinnamon roll.

I don't want to watch Wonder Pets.

I want to play with my Polly Pockets.

ANNNNDDDD (said just the way I spelled it out here...very slow and drawn-out)

I don't know where they are."

* "My Momma said I can't..."

It's so nice to know that my children sometimes actually listen to what I tell them to do. It's especially nice to know that Scout listened to me last week when I reprimanded her about hair-cutting WHILE she was getting a spanking.

The proof that she was listening to me came when the mother of a friend was complimenting her on her new haircut the other day.

The mother told her: "I love your hair, Sydney. Can you cut mine?" She replied: "My Momma says I can never cut anyone else's hair EVER again!" (Oh yeah...she heard every single word I said to her! lol)

* "These are my favorite songs."

Remember the post that I wrote back during the Summertime about how Scout is like a little pre-teen pop princess, at least according to the music she likes to listen to? Well, I sadly got more proof of this fact this afternoon as we were driving down the road and listening to the radio on the way to pick up the girls from school.

"Momma?" she said. "Do you wanna know what my favorite songs are?"

Of course I did, I told her. (Because, believe me, even if you don't really want to hear something she has to say, she will tell you NO MATTER what. Remember that she is a talking machine!).

"My favorite songs are 'Dora the Explorer,' 'Jesus Loves Me,' 'The Kim Possible Song,' and 'Buy You a Drank'."

Yes, it's sad but true. My three-year-old knows there is actually a song called "Buy You a Drank"... AND she puts it in the same category as Dora the Explorer and Jesus Loves Me. (I'm seriously gonna have to read a few chapters of some parenting books today!)

And now for our regular Random Tuesday post...

Let me take us back to the first conversation I mentioned in my post today. The "Four Things I Need to Tell You" conversation made me think that perhaps we could share four things with each other today!

What four things are on your mind today? What four things do you want to share with me--and the rest of us--today?

The four things can be meaningful and serious; they can be silly or funny; they can be totally disconnected with anything really important. Just share any FOUR things with me and us!

For my part, here is my submission for "I Need to Tell You Four Things" . . .

1. Did anyone else see the Britney Spears non-performance on the Video Music Awards? I hate to even jump on the bash-britney-bandwagon but, seriously girl . . . even I (who has almost no rhythm and a slightly jiggly stomach myself) could have danced that dance!

2. The Dallas Cowboys looked GOOD on Sunday night!!

3. As we commemorate September 11th today, I will say a little prayer for all those still affected by it. Such a hard, hard time to even remember.

4. I totally dig my family! I have a husband who makes killer breakfasts for all of us, a 15-year-old who asks her little sister to have "sleepovers" with her , an 11-year-old who still tells me she loves me every night, and a 3-year-old who provides me with all sorts of great blogging material!!

So...share away!! Give me your four!!


Wendy G said...

"Jesus loves me" and "Buy me a drank"...hmmm...let's see, sounds like a southern thing to me!! lol I love it. Do they have to grow up to be teens?? I'm envious about the hubby that makes killer breakfasts. Love your blogs...keep it up!!

HEWY said...

LOL! Great post!

Delia said...

Lol, I know what you mean about the song choices. My 6 year old son has decided to learn how to do a dance called "Soulja Boy". Or as he said, "I'm gonna learn how to crank dat soulja boy." (is that really how it's spelled? my children say so but I'm not so sure.)

This was a fun post!

Jeff said...

1) 9/11 is forefront on my mind this morning. We lived in Brooklyn on that fateful day; today we live two blocks away from Ground Zero. It's a difficult day for New Yorkers, so we could definitley use everyone's prayers.

2) I'm psyched to be a week away from starting my new job! It's going to be a lot of fun I think.

3) I've got Xanadu songs stuck in my head. We back to see the show again Sunday afternoon and had a great time! I started up another round of hockey training last night and for my first go at the hockey treadmill, Olivia Newton-John's "Magic" came over the 80s channel that was playing... that was kinda fun.

4) I'm going to go try to make some good writing now...

Kingcover said...

Oh so the only reason you had little Scout was to provide you with "great blogging material"?! Gary were you aware of this? She does say the funniest of things. Teehee.

Take care of each other today guys :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Wendy--Pretty bad how? And you know, it does sound Southern in a way ("drank").


Delia--Oh yeah, I know all about Soulja Boy too!! LOL Delaney loves that song and has told me about the spelling; lest I think she's just an awful speller!

Jeff--Great 4 things! I just went and chwcked out your Xanadu post. Fun times! Good luck on the new job! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Kingc--Three-year-olds are definitely blog worthy!! But I also had her so she could give me lots of hugs and kisses! You have a good day too!!

Adrienne said...


1. I need to bring you your mazagine back!! LOL

2. I had McDonald's for breakfast. LONG TIME SINCE I DID THAT!

3. Ummmm, I might be getting a new washer and dryer! WOO HOO

4. That's it! lol

~Telah said...

First the Sydney-isms! Here are my 4 things to tell you.
1) I have a headache that I really wish would go away.
2) I am so excited about having my ultrasound next week that I can hardly stand it.
3) I wish I had a whole lot of energy so I could do an all-over house cleaning.
4) Today is a sad day marking 9/11. I remember so much about that day. I hope I never forget the way it made me feel.

Dawn Bibbs said...

TOO FUNNY!!! Oh my goodness, I think Scout and Jayla were separated at birth :-). It's so funny when they say what they THINK they hear. Jayla will argue with me til she's blue in the face about the REAL name of that song (Buy you a drank). NO ONE can tell her that it's not actually called, "Buy you a TRAIN!". That's what Jayla that's what the song says...LOL.

SUPER cute post. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Your little one is too funny!

1. My toes are COLD!

2. Is it too early for Super Chunky Cookie Dough ice cream???

3. That pile of clothes aren't going to wash themselves!

4. I really want to make a tiara/crown that I have been seeing on the blogs! (I need to stop blogging......LOL)

Linda said...

LOL. I just love Scout conversations. I miss those with Kaitie, she used to be just like that, then she turned TEENAGER. EEEKKKKK!

Anyway four things....hmmmmm

1. I posted a link on my blog about a dog story that I really want to share with tons of people because it is just such an amazing story.

2. I have not been spending time with my camera like I should and I feel bad about that because I really want to. Lazy lately.

3. I am a confused mother right now because I don't know how to help my 21 yr old dd who is such a great gal and making some not so good choices.

4. This is a sad, and yet happy 9/11. Sad, because the event took place and did such a job on Americans. Happy, because as a country, we stand together stronger and more compassionate for one another.

Have just a beautiful day lady. Hugs

Gin said...

She is SO funny. Keep the stories coming!

Renee said...

'Buy Me A Drank'! That's too funny.

Kingcover said...

I don't think Gary wants me on his blog any more so I'm going to have to harass you instead. Scared yet?

p.s. I can't wait until Gary starts groveling. Hark, I think I can hear him already ;-)

Susie said...

Your little "Scout" sure does provide some cute material for blogging doesn't she!
I just did a list of 11 gratitude things for another forum today, so guess I can say all those things were on my mind..

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Oh, yumm!! McDonald's for breakfast! What did you have??

Telah--I can't wait to hear the results of your ultrasound!! Make sure you get online quick and let us all know! :-)

Dawn--Buy you a train!!! LOL That is priceless!!!!!

Kathy--Is it EVER too early for ice cream??

Linda--Loved your thoughts! Being a Mom is never easy, is it? Coming over to your blog to check things out!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gin-Oh, I will! She's an endless fount of humor!!

Renee--Yep! You never know what that child will say!

King--Come on in! You can harass me here if Gary won't let you there!

Susie--I'm gonna head over and check your list out!

Jolene George said...

LOL! I love your little mother daughter conversations. Too cute!
1. I'm really loving my cup of teeny Sonic ice with strawberry banana crystal light.
2. I can't wait till Thursday when my dog gets shaved. So sick of hair clumps all over the house.
3. I love my quiet house while kids are at school...and I love it when they get home to tell me about their day.
4. I so miss my son Chad who is serving in Afghanistan and I'm broken hearted that I missed his call this morning. I saved his message so I could listen to his voice.

Kingcover said...

I think Gary has seen the error of his ways and is now offering me $3000 to stay on his blog sooooo I am here to see if you can beat that offer. I can be bought!

TK Angels said...

Love your post. Anything with Scout is a hoot. Yeh for the Cowboys--my Dawgs looked like they were playing in dog doo doo :(

Take care,

Susie Q said...

She is a her big sisters, Dad and Mommy. I love hearing all about them...

I have been thinking about all those lost on 9/11 and the brace people who risked all to help.

I have been thinking about this week being the week we met our daughter, in China, for the first time...3 years ago.

I send hugs and love to you dear Cheryl!


Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok Cheryl, I have 4 things to tell you too :-)

1. I LOVE Chick Fil A!!! I can eat it almost everyday...and I almost do :-). My friend, Stacey, thinks I work there.
2. I LOVE youth soccer season! Love it, Love it, Love it!! I am proud to be, not only a soccer mom, but a soccer coaches wife.
3. I am BEYOND excited about getting my own scrap/craft room. Yay me!!
4. I LOVE blogging! Period. End of it! LOL

Edleen said...

love you post today! :)

and i Love it too when our kids listen to what we've said *wink*

Corey said...

Ok, I didn't even know there was a song called "buy me a Drank" But you know at least your doing something right if it's right up there with Jesus loves me! LOL!
Here are my 4 things:
1. Brittney-she needs to take all her money, crawl in a whole, and not come out for a REALLY long time. She's done.
2. I saw a really horrific thing on my way to work yesterday, and I can't stop thinking about it. (and it wasn't Brittney dancing or singing...that might actually have been better)
3. nanna, nanna, boo, boo...I'm going to Hawaii for a week!! woo hoo!!
4. I will never, ever forget 9/11/2001 and I too am praying for our nation and all that still are affected by this tragedy.

Mama P said...

You are so raising your daughter right. The only time I'd start to worry about her music choices are if she is older and goes for a sip at the challace, but first tells the minister "Buy me a DRANK." Um, then it's time for the convent!

Just Me Again said...

These are my four things to tell you....

1) Sorry I've been MIA during the week this week.

2) I loved catching up on your posts tonight

3) I wish we lived closer!

4) Your posts always inspire me! :)