Tuesday, October 02, 2007

88 cent Tattoos = Instant Happiness

Sydney has found a new love... rub-on tattoos! She had one several weeks ago and then yesterday I found an 88 cent pack at Walmart. I gave them to her as a surprise yesterday and, yep, Instant Happiness!

She promptly gave me one, picked out two for her sisters, and found the perfect one for her Pop (although I'm not sure Gary will be real pleased with the fact that all of the tattoos are glittery and either flowers or fairies).

On this Random Tuesday, my question to you then is...

What provides Instant Happiness to you? What simple pleasure can put a big ole smile across your face? What little thing can just make your day?

For me right now, it's things like...

~ An unasked for hug or kiss from any of my girls

~ An "I love you thhhhhiiisssssssss much" from Sydney

~ A giggle that just escapes from way down deep and turns into a big ole, hearty, happy laugh!

~ A spoonful of creme brulee

~ A touchdown when my team needs it

~ A pack of alphabet stickers

~ A really good book

~ An ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper

~ A found dollar bill

~ A "You look pretty" from Gary

~ A bubble bath

~ Cotton candy

Share your "Instant Happiness" guarantees in my comments today, or share them on your own blog and let us know where we can see it!

Have a HAPPY day!!! And if circumstances appear to be keeping you from that happiness, go find one of your happy things and make it so!! (Maybe it's time for me to go take a bubble bath while eating some cotton candy and reading a good book. Sounds GREAT to me!!)

Edited to Add: My sweet husband had to go and provide me some Instant Happiness this morning when I popped on his blog a few minutes ago. Go HERE to see how he made me happy. I think he's a pretty amazing guy!!


maria said...

-A good book.
-A comment from Cheryl on my blog (every time, it never fails to MAKE MY DAY)
-A kiss from my daughter.
-To hear her say somethings "warms the cockles of her heart."
-An unexpected call from a good friend.
-Good news
-Linda Wood's new book...Journal Revolution (totally making me happy right now)
-The smell of books (seriously)
-A swimming pool in the summer and a pumkin field in the Fall.
-My camera
-Our dogs welcoming home from work.
-E-mails...I love getting e-mails from my friends.

Susie Q said...

My kid's laughter
A surprise gift from Bill
Taking photographs
Our pets
My nephew's smile
sleeping next to my husband
blogging biddies like Cheryl!

Love and hugs,

Jeff said...

- Together time with Will
- The right song on my ipod at just the right time (spooky how pyshic an ipod cna be sometimes).
- Crisp, clear fall mornings (like today)
- Catching up with friends
- Mac & Cheese
- Running into a favorite film on TV and being able to take the time to watch it.

Adrienne said...

Laughing kids
A smiling hubby
new SB supplies
a brand new magazine
a charged cell phone

Cheryl Wray said...

Maria--Great list!!!! I love the smell of books too! Yummm...And so sweet about my comments!

Susie--Great list too!!!! I also love taking a great photo!!!

Jeff--Of course, a great list!!! Believe it or not,I'm eating mac n cheese right now (Paula Deen's yummy recipe!!) And I also love the perfect st the perfect time!

Adrienne--Another great list!! lol I also LOVE a new magazine! That should have made my list!!!

Josie said...

clean inbox
happy mail
target trips with mom
finding your most wanted sb supply "instock"
smell of fall
everyone being able to make sunday night dinners

patti_cake said...

-a spontaneous kiss from my baby (very rare)

-a good book

-an i love you from the hubs

-a surprise (also very rare)

-an upcoming trip

Renee said...

-A new flower on any of my plants.
-Seeing my kids play together NICELY
-Finding a dollar!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Those are great.. I am using it on my blog..

: A sweet "I Love you"
: a hug and a kiss
:Happy PM's and e-mail
:Pet pictures
:antique shopping
: garage sales
:baking for the holidays
:making goodies bags
:shopping for a special gift
:a good song on the radio
: Vacation Time
: Going Out To Eat

Linda said...

LOL at me, I posted my things that make me happy on the wrong post. It's on the one down. What a ditz.

Ok I'll do it again

When my dog Abbie crawls under the covers at night to snuggle with me

When I get new Scrap Supplies

When I finish a Page I love

When I take a picture that I fall in love with.

When Ron calls me at work "just to say I love you"

When I get to read how your hubby made you happy.


dana said...

Those are some pretty (and pretty cheap) tattoos! What makes me happy is when my 18 month-old gives me a big kiss for no apparent reason. Luv this! Cuz she'll say, "Mwahhh!"

Nina Diane said...

this made me happy last night....my 19 yr old son was at the State Fair and called to ask me if I wanted a candy apple or a carmel apple! what a sweet guy...

NancyJones said...

*an unexpected rak
*happy comments on my bloggy
*Bella whens he gets out of the tub.
* THE NEW FALL LINE UP (FINALLY something on tv worth watching)
*My hubby grinning at me saying he is cookin someeeethin goooodddd! (ussually means somethign really really bad for me)

*an ice cold "chill" when you have kidney stones lolol they help them get out faster!!

Adriann said...

How sweet of your husband!!! Instant happiness for me is when my son calls me mama with his southern accent. It gets me everytime. :)

~Telah said...

There are lots of things that provide me instant happiness, but right now, being preggers, I'd say pretty much anything to eat! :)

TK Angels said...

Love you post-mine?

Grandchildren-saying we love you MiMi

A really serious cheeseburger

Children laughing

Blogging buddies to confide in

A day off from work



Family gatherings


Surprises in the mail

Take care,

Kathy said...

OK! Now I have tears in my eyes! What a sweet husband you have!

Now, for some of the things that make me happy!

**When my husband calls me during the day just to check on me, and see how my day is going.
**Kisses on my forehead (from the hubby).
**Hearing my kids laugh.
**Being creative.
**Christmas! Especially, seeing how everyone decorates! I LOVE beautiful decorations.
**Rain or ice hitting the window, while I am inside with some hot chocolate and the fireplace lit, knowing that I don't have to go to work the next day in the mess it's creating! LOL
**Chicken & Dumplings.
**Fall - changing colors, crispness in the air.
**Snuggled into bed with the heaviness of the covers surrounding you, but still having a chill in the air. (Don't like sweating LOL)
**Cold pillows! I am constantly turning mine over to feel the coolness of it against my cheek.
**The kitty sleeping with me when hubby isn't in bed.

There are many things, but I am afraid I would keep going, and going, and going. LOL

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my...those tattoos sound SO much better than the ones we had as kids. Remember the ones you had to lick n' stick? YUCK!!! But we thought it was SO cool to had a tattoo that stuck to your arm using nothing but a bunch of slobber! :-)

What makes me happy? Great question:

~A big, genuine, just because, "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!"
~The question, "Mommy, can I give you a kiss (or a hug)?
~An unsolicited hug or kiss from my hubby
~An unexpected call in the middle of the day from my hubby...just because (he NEVER calls me, so that is always a sweet surprise when he does)
~My oldest daughter calling in the middle of the day saying, "Hey mom, I don't want anything. I was just thinking about you. I love you."
~An ice cold Dr. Pepper
~A hot Chick Fil A sandwich
~A dishwasher full of clean dishes
~A surprise meal from some place other than my kitchen
~Walking and holding my husbands hand
~When my big giant "lap dog" lays at my feet (even when I don't have a snack for him)
~A surprise "shout out" or award from one of my blogging buddies
~My weekly girls night
~A good mail day
~A nice long nap

Ok, I'd better stop here. I'm proud to say that I could go on and on. Because so many things make me happy...or should I say, add to my happiness. Thank God for THAT!!!

Have a great day, my friend.

Mandy said...

~Waking up on the weekend and realizing that I can sleep a little more if I want
~Cool mornings that signal the arrival of fall
~"Happy Mail"
~Discovering a really good sale
~A good book
~Finishing a scrapbook page
~Hearing a "old fave" on the radio

Ms.L said...

Awwww,she's so sweet:)
We love those tattos here too.

-when my kids get along
-a good book
-a sunny day
-a rainy day
-a smile from a stranger
-a cozy bed
-a message or post on my facebook page
-an email from a friend
-comments from friends
-my pets
-other people's pets

Hope you're having a great night!

Dettao said...

-Giggling girls
-a phone call from my daughters just to say "what's going on?"
-seeing my husband come through the door at night
-a completed scrapbook page that just really worked for me