Monday, October 01, 2007

Good Monday Morning to Everyone!

Well...let's get it over with quickly. My Crimson Tide lost to Florida State in a game of almost unmatched offensive stinky-ness. I am boycotting sports radio and sports blogs (well, until maybe noon today... let's face it, I can't REALLY go that long without my sports news fix!) and I am imposing a 48-hour rule (by this evening, I am over it and looking forward to next weekend's game!).

If you take out the Bama loss, though, this past weekend is what makes being a college football fan so darned fun. Three teams out of the top five lost; of the teams ranked in the Top Ten at the beginning of the season, only two are left (LSU and USC at the top); and for goodness sake, South Florida is now #6 and Kentucky is #8 (seriously,I would have never predicted that would EVER happen in my lifetime). Just crazy stuff!!

How did the rest of my weekend go? I'm glad that you asked! LOL

Delaney had a softball tournament on Saturday with her team, the Birmingham Mustangs. This is our first season since moving up to 12&under and let me just say that we are so small compared to a lot of the teams (we are mostly 1o and 11 year olds, with a few 12s).The teams we played this weekend were mostly made up of 12s and 13s (it's based on when you turn 12, so you can actually play being 13). But what we lack in size we make up in speed and determination! So...we made it to the championship game and came in second place. I was so proud of how we did!! A great showing for our first tournament!

McKenna had a band competition (so yes, I drove around a lot going from game to competition, back to game, etc.) and they did really well too. The band overall and her color guard team all got straight 1s and the band got second overall in their division. One thing I noticed was how much more complicated our color guard routine is; we have like 20 tosses in ours, while a lot of the other schools walk around waving their flags but not doing a lot of hard tosses or tricks. I'm really proud of how hard McKenna and the girls are working and it's paying off!

On Sunday, we enjoyed an afternoon at Gan Gan's house (Gary's grandmother) to celebrate our brother-in-law's birthday and to visit with a cousin and his family who's about to head off to Korea with the military. We had great food, the kids all had a blast playing together, and we watched my Dallas Cowboys win again (4-0 baby!!). Just some good, relaxing time!!

Also on Sunday we had an EXCEPTIONAL church service. Oh wow--was I ever challenged!! Our minister preached on the parable of the rich man and the beggar. The rich man never gave any attention to the beggar at his gate...he was full of apathy and indifference for his fellow man. Our minister told us that WE are all the rich man because we have so much, yet we often fail to notice the people around us who are needing help. He asked us to DO something this week for the "beggar at our gate," whoever that may be. So I am challenged and I am going to do something...haven't decided what yet, but it will be something. I am beyond blessed and I need to reach out to those around me. was your weekend? I'd love to hear all about it!!


patti_cake said...

Glad your week-end went to so well. I am stoked that the Packers are 4-0 also! I heart me some Brett Favre. I miss going to my nieces'/nephews band competitions.

~gkw said...

Great post, exciting weekend!! BUT, we have NO 12s on our team they are all 96's with two 97's... 10 and 11 and in that last game we played girls that were 12 and 13... Thats the reason they were so much bigger!! But next spring, playing these games will make us better!!

Ms.L said...

I've been feeling the same need's easy for me to help out people I know or help people I feel comfortable with but I think I need to start helping people who I'm uncomfortable with or who are in situations that seem scary to me,to be truly effective...

Adrienne said...

LOL, Tony is laughing at you right now lol! You already know how he feels about Alabama lol Glad you had a good weekend though! :-)

Gin said...

What a wonderful message from church. Thanks for that.

Tawnya said...

Our weekend was good. Had a wedding on Saturday, and then Hannah & I hung out with a friend and her daughter to watch high school musical (way over their heads, lol).. Sunday a little family time riding in the car and leaf peeping :)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Cheryl, glad you had a good weekend, despite the BAMA loss. I didn't watch the game (obviously), but I heard about it. But how bout them COWBOYS??? Now that game, I did watch. What a good one!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Patti--I'm not a Packers fans, but I really am excited for them and for Bret F. I think it's such a great story!!

G--Oops, sorry...thanks for clarifying! lol I really thought that maybe Shelby was already 12.

Ms. L--It was such a great challenge tome. It is hard sometimes to step out of our comfort zone, but I think we're called to do it!

Adrienne--Tony is MEAN!!!!!!

Gin--It really WAS a great message!

Tawnya--Sounds like a great weekend! Love the leaves trip!! Fall is so nice!!

Dawn--I have been a huge Cowboys fan since birth and this is the best they've looked in a LONG time. So excited!!

Rhonda G. said...

That loss on Saturday would have been a little easier...IF the Gators would have beat Auburn...oh well!

Congrats to the Mustangs!

Kelly said...

I got my picture taken with Yogi Berra. He was a guest at the same engagement party that my husband and I attended.

crazy working mom said...

What, no pictures!?

Just kidding. I'm glad you had a great weekend. We did too...took the kids camping. Good times with roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate! :)

Edleen said...

what a fun weekend!

well, nothing much happened on my side except for baking and scrapping with friends :) oh, also went to the airport to fetch my husband :D

enjoy the week ahead!

Maria said...

Always glad to read about your fun-filled weekends! You sure got a lot accomplished! :)
I taught a scrapbook class on Saturday morning (it was super fun) and got to do a little scrapbooking and art journaling. I read Linda Woods' new book (which I loved by the way) and we went to see a movie that Sabrina really wanted to see called Game Plan. It was very cute! Overall we had a super fun weekend! :)

Linda said...


When my dog Abbie crawls under the covers at night to snuggle against me.

When I get new scrap supplies.

When I do a page I really like.

When I do a Photo I fall in love with.

When Ron calls me at work "just to say I love you."

A great email chat with friends.

Reading how your hubby made you happy.

Hugs girl