Friday, October 26, 2007

Newcomb, Candy Corn, and Assorted Ramblings

Let's see... how about a few quick pictures of Delaney and her middle school newcomb team posing with their first-place ribbons for winning their CountyTournament last night? They went undefeated to come in first place out of six county-wide teams. Go Delaney! Go Hueytown! (We were behind in the final match 12-5 and came back to win 18-16! Very exciting!)

Before we left for the games, though, I had to convince Sydney that she could not WEAR this to them! Ever since she got this dress-up skirt and these dress-up heels, she's wanted to wear them EVERYwhere. It was very chilly last night, so that was out of the question! (But she did sleep in the entire ensemble last night!)
This is the closest I could get to an action shot at the tournament. (Pretty bad, huh?) It was pretty near impossible to get any action shots inside the gym with the girls moving around so much, with the little camera I had. (It will be a challenge to do a scrapbook page with this one! lol) But I wanted to show Delaney on the court!

We saw a ton of girls that we knew from different schools, from playing with or against them in travel softball over the years. We even played against Shelby, a good friend who is on our travel team this year. She and Delaney gave high gives to each other! (And look at how short Delaney is!! She's the shortest on the team by far, barely even making it to the net! LOL)

Delaney did complain that they only got ribbons (she's used to big trophies from softball tournaments). LOL We were so proud of them, though!

Now, I have a very serious question for you all..

Do YOU like candy corn?

My problem is that I DO like candy corn!!! I like it very much!! (It's sorta like my strange attraction to Peeps at Eastertime. I can't get enough of them!) Well...Remember the basket of it in my last post? Well, it's all gone! Although Scout ate a few of them, I pretty much ate 98% of them!!

(And kinda related to this because, well, if I keep eating candy corn and other assorted treats at the rate I'm eating them, I could be as big as a house very soon. When I was getting dressed the other night for Bunko, I looked in the mirror and moaned, "This really does make me look fat." I didn't realize that Scout had heard me but when I left for the party an hour or so later she said to me, "You don't look fat in that, Momma."And then last night at the newcomb tournament we were in the bathroom and she looked in the full-length mirror. She turned around and looked at her backside. "Are my hips big?" she asked. Okay...I need to be more careful about talking about the size of my hips because she obviously listens to EVERYTHING I say! LOL)

And now... My plans for the weekend?

...polishing off the last of the candy corn.

...totally chilling tonight (Delaney has a very early softball game in the morning, so tonight we will play chess, eat some Burger King, watch some Hannah Montana, and read).

...waiting to hear from McKenna on how the high school football game goes tonight (it's an away game, plus it's turned downright chilly. So I don't really want to take the girls out in it!)

...going to Delaney's softball tournament tomorrow. 4 games!

...making goodies for a Halloween party Sunday night. Can't wait to share pics of my Monster Cupcakes! (and us all duded up in costumes!)

... doing some scrapbooking (finishing up a few pages that I may upload later tonight)

...feeling sad because there's no Alabama football game to watch (we have an off-week)

...probably buying more candy corn (but trying to resist!)

What are you guys up too?


Lynilu said...

Oh, I remember those "I'll dress myself" days!! It's good that they can do it, but, oh, the power struggles over, gasp, inappropriate choices!!! And my Terri was always the smallest on her teams, too, but it didn't mean she wasn't an amazing athlete. In Jr. Hi. there was no girls basketball and she got bored. Then it was cheer leading, and again she was very skilled. Aren't you glad your girls are active and involved?

And you can have my share of the candy corn. Don't hate it, but sure don't crave it either!!

patti_cake said...

Love the pics!
I like candy corn but I don't "love" it per se. That love is reserved for vanilla tootsie rolls and sixlets.

Gin said...

The pics are great. Congrats to Delaney's team.

Disney Scrapper said...

Cute. Nicki hated things matching when she was little, now everything has to match. They grow up so fast. Enjoy

I seem to only crave candy corn once a year (lol). The rest of the year I caould care less. Its one of those things that you can't eat just one.

Mississippi Songbird said...

You've got three mini- you'

Have a Great Weekend!

Mississippi Songbird said...

oh, and I LOVE candy

Dawn Bibbs said...

YAY, Delaney!!! I'm with her, Where's the TROPHY??? :-)

YUCK, Candy Corn!!! Sure, as a kid, I ate my share of wax soda bottles...remember those? And for some reason, Candy Corns remind me of the "wax bottle". YUCK!!! Jayla asked me the other day, "Hey mom, do you like candy corns?" After I told her that I didn't, she then asked, "Am I supposed to not like them too?" LOL I told her that she can like (almost) whatever she wants. So she decided that, since mommy doesn't like them...she "can't" either :-).

Have a groovy weekend, my friend!

Cheryl Wray said...

Lynilu-- Yes, Delaney is always the smallest.Butwhat she likes in size, she makes up for in hustle! It's hard sometimes for her, though, to have to fight against her size. And, yes, Sydney is all about dressing herself. And I pretty much let her do it, as long as she doesn't look TOO atrocious or weather-inappropriate.

Patti--Mmm, sixlets. Those are good, and I haven't had any in FOREVER!!

Gin--Yay!! We were excited for the team!

DS--That's like me too! Don't really crave them except at Halloween and it's hard to stop before you've eaten the entire package!

Songbird--Yay, another candy corn fan! :-)

Dawn--That is SO funny about Jayla!! If Mom says it's so,it's so!!!

Maria said...

Oh I can't wait to see your pics from Sunday! :)

And oh yes, kids listen to EVERYTHING we say! So true. My daughter is just now starting to pay attention to body image. She is in 5th grade and I had never before heard her talk about "looking skinny" or wanting to look that way. I just about fainted. I really do not want her to base her self worth in body image so I have to look for some good ideas on how to redirect her attention into more positive concerns. So far, I've had a few good long talks with her, but I'm hoping I can come up with something better. Any ideas are welcome (or book recommendations on the subject.)

Oh and about my weekend...I also am hoping to get some scrapbooking done and I have my ATC exchange at my LSS tonight (so excited about that because everyone is dressing up.) I'll definetely share pictures...

Vee said...

i love candy corn!! :)

Adrienne said...

OH I LOVE CANDY CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but ONLY this time of year! LOL

Phats said...

First off I agree with Delany, are they too cheap to buy trophy's or something?! RIP OFF! :) I'd want a trophy too

LOVE candy corn, and like you LOVE peeps. Can't get enough.

Regarding your question on my blog, Yep the alumni cheerleaders are all invited back to cheer on field so Kristen, and I will be cheering again on field. We practice tonight should be fun

camport said...

kvknot a big fan of candy corn, but I am a HUGE fan of volleyball. Yay for your daughter!!

Those pics bring back so so so many highschool memories.


Dettao said...

I have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks and am trying to catch up on blog reading. Girl, yours is going to take me a week to read! Love your attitude toward life and your girls are just so gorgeous. Reading about your little family makes me smile because you share so many of the things we did while my girls were growing up.

Cheryl Wray said...

Maria--The ATC exchange sounds SO fun!!! I can't wait to see some pics from it!! As a mother of daughters, of course I totally understand where you're coming from. I've always tried to encourage self-worth and the idea that "beauty is on the inside." It can definitely be hard, though! A challenge to raise kids in this day and age with healthy self-images!


Adrienne--Me too!! Only at Halloween!!

Phats--That is SO cool about you and K getting to be on the field. They did that at the Alabama homecoming game too and thought that was really fun!! Yay for candy corn and peeps!!

Camport--I never played volleyball (I was pretty much an athletic disaster), so it's cool to see Delaney get into it!

Dettao--Welcome back!! :-) I totally understand about being busy!!

~Telah said...

I am with you girl, I LOVE candy corn! I even love the harvest mix with the pumpkins and different colors candy corn. This is by far my fav time of year so I can chow down on me some candy corn!

scrapandthecity said...

cannot get enough of the candy corn!!!

Deborah and Sally said...

Oh I love candy corn, especially the REALLY good stuff !
It melts in the mouth, MMM :)

As for the weekend, we've been having "gaming wars" and some friends come over and we battle (four of us, couple against couple) until the weee hours of the morning.
There's usually yummy appetizers and wine to, lots of fun :)

Hope you have a great weekend as well !

Jeff said...

Hmmmmm candy corn. Although I much prefer Peeps to candy corn. You know, you can get Haloween Peeps, right. You don't have to wait for Easter for that yummy-ness.

As for the weekend...
... four hockey games tomorrow.

... have to make the monthly updates to Cool Cinema Trash

... going to try to do some outlining for my NaNoWriMo story, since the first of the month is just days away.

... have a little bit of work to do to make up for the fact I was on jury duty the past couple days.

... ctaching up on some of this week's TV programs courtesy of the DVR.

That's all I know of at the moment.

Good luck to everyone's sporting endevours this weekend!

Edleen said...

mmm...candy corn! sounds like you'll be having a fun weekend :)

it's raining over here, but we'll still be going out celebrating and what else, EAT! hehe...

Happy Weekend Cheryl! *hugs*

crazy working mom said...

Oh, that crazy gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. *LOL* I sing it at home and my kids say, "but mom you DO like candy corn"! *LOL*

angelsamoungus said...

Yes-where is the trophy? Candy corn is Halloween in my opinion

take care,

Paul-ene said... really like the candy corn huh? ha ha! So funny! I am not a fan of it and my MIL was asking me if I buy Candy Corn. I think she is a FAN of the candy Corn. hee!

Oh I can't wait to see your monster cupcakes and your party pixs of halloween. So much fun!

I am making cupcakes this weekend too and maybe if I have time some cookies.

We are having our annual family Halloween Dinner Tues. Night. So keep watch on my blog for those pixs.(probably won't post til after Halloween tho).

Love your's so FUN!

Kelly said...

No, I don't like candy corn! You can have mine.

Katrin said...

I am so jealous that you guys have Halloween- I wish we had a scarry holiday!
My weekend is/will be quite boring, we have to clean the house for my bf's parents visit next weekend.
Way less busy than your's!!! :)