Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Into Reading

One of my favorite things in life has always been, and always will be, reading! I love to sit down and curl up with a good book. I love a good word, a good sentence, a good description. I love the classics. I love mysteries. I love poetry. I love a good "escape" book. I love just about any sort of book.

As a child, I always had a book in my hand. I spent many a summer day lying on a beach towel in the front yard, engrossed in a book. I continued reading all the way through my teenage, college, and adult years. Even today, I always am in the middle of a book and I always have several stacked up on my bedside table.

The only problem now, though, is that it takes me longer to get through a book. I don't have the time to just sit and savor a book very often. Life has just gotten busy and made it harder to read like I'd love to.

So...this brings me to my Random Tuesday post today. It's actually based on a challenge I found originally at Gretchen's blog. She is participating in the "Fall into Reading 2007" challenge, which is based on the original blog challenge at THIS site. (Where you can go and see what everyone else is reading, which is really pretty cool in and of itself.)

The idea is to give yourself a list of books you are going to read between now and Christmas. There's no specific number of books required; you just challenge yourself with something you think you can accomplish.

I came up with seven books, all based on a different "theme" (I figured this number was reasonable for me to accomplish, but that it leaves room to add more books if I have time). I am SO excited about this and am going to do my best to get them all read!

My challenge to you is to either join this specific challenge, OR try and at least read little bit more this Fall than you usually do.

AND for this specific Random Tuesday post, I'd love to know:
~ what you're reading right now
~ a book you'd love to recommend for me to read
~ a favorite book of all time.

And is my list of books I'm going to read between now and Christmas for the Fall into Reading challenge. This is gonna be FUN!

1. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd for my "It's been on my shelf forever and I've always wanted to read it" category

(Kidd's book, The Mermaid Chair, was one of my favorite from recent years, so I feel like I'm bound to enjoy this one.)

2. Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella for my "Chick Lit" cateogory

(McKenna's read all of the "shopaholic" books and said I'd like them! She, by the way, is a huge reader and I "borrow" a lot of books from her bookshelf.)

3. Redeeming Love by Franicine Rivers for my "Inspirational" category

(I've heard so many people rave about this one over the years, that I figured it was time to read it.)

4. Skinny Dip by Carl Hiassan for my "Mystery and Suspense" category

(I'm usually much more into "cozy" mysteries, but I actually have two or three of his books here in the house and have never actually tried them.)

5. The Winter of our Discontent by John Steinbeck for my "Classics I've Missed" category

(I've always enjoyed Steinbeck and here's one that I had on my bookshelf that I've never read. I love so many of the classic authors, but don't take the time to read them like I should. Something I need to do more often!)

6. Selected Poems by Langston Hughes for my "Poetry" category

(I love, love, LOVE poetry, but again it's a cateogory that I don't stop and read too often. Some of my favorite poets are Emily Dickinson, Edna st. Vincent Millay, Ranier Rilke, and Pablo Neruda. I have read a few poems my Langston Hughes "here and there," but never read an entire collection.)

7. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer for my "Really Hot Right Now" category

(I have seen this book everywhere lately and, besides, my bff librarian Angela says this trilogy is one of the best in a long time. It's actually a young adult book--about vampires! And this is the only book I don't currently own. I'm spending this week's "mad money" on it for me! Yay!!)

I certainly will have time to read another book or two during this time, so please share with me your recommendations. Maybe I can add one of your favorites to my list!

I am REALLY looking forward to this!

Happy Reading to everyone!!


Edleen said...

Cheryl...this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. like you, i have a hard time finishing up a book these days...which i think is sad for me (since i'm supposed to be showing a "good" exmaple to my kids!) hehe...

i bought 3 books since Y2005 and it's still waiting to be read *embarassed*

Gin said...

What a GREAT idea!!!

Sheila said...

I love to read and use it as a temporary escape from day-to-day life. I try to ready every chance I get, on the train, waiting on line, and most of my reading gets done while on the treadmill in the Right now I'm reading Every Reasonable Doubt by Pamela Samuels-Young - briefly about a young woman determined to become a partner at a prestigious law firm and the challenges of getting there. Since my daughter is an avid book reader - I tend to pluck books from her

patti_cake said...

I read read read all the time. It's my favorite pastime. I read too fast and then have trouble finding another book to read *sigh* Good luck on your reading challenge!
P.S. Sue Monk Kidd rocks!

Latharia said...

On my blog, you can see my "Good Reads" box o' reading -- stuff I'm reading now & have read recently, but here's the answer to your questions:
~ what you're reading right now: The Hob's Bargain by Patricia Briggs (haven't even opened it, though, 'cause I JUST finished Foxmask 30 hours ago)
~ a book you'd love to recommend for me to read: Beauty by Sheri Tepper. It's a fascinating novel about the development of fairy tales, what we learn from them, and what we FAIL to learn from them ...and how it affects our collective future!
~ a favorite book of all time: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. Although it's a "children's" book, it has a LOT of good things to say about life & risks & fear & other wonderful growing edges!

Theresa Tyree said...

Reading books?? What is that? All I have time to read lately are people's blogs!! It takes all day just to catch up on my blog friends, kwim?? LOL!!!

I'm off to see what Gary is up to.

Jeff said...

What a great idea. I'll have to consider this. As you may have read over on my blog, the new job has killed my reading time becuase the commute is so much shorter. I'm working on this problem...

As for today's questions:
1) I just this morning started Natural Disaster by Chris Owen. I've been reading a lot of his books lately. This one is rancher romance.

2) The one I'd recommend for you is Hero by Perry Moore. Will and I had very different opinions, but I love it (as did many critics.) My blog comments are here.

3) Favorite book is The Amazing Adventured of Kavilier and Clay by Michael Chabon. Best book ever!

In a completely seperate topic... is Rufus there yet?

Cheryl Wray said...

Edleen--I really wish I had even more time to read, although I do always have a book in hand.

Gin--Yep, it is!!

Sheila--That sounds like a good one! And isn't it great to have older kids who read? I can steal from McKenna's pile all the time!

Patti--LOL Reading is wonderful!!

Latharia--I am going to check out your list on your blog! And I actually have read The Phantom Tollbooth. The last time I read it I was probably 12. I should probably read it again!

Theresa--I know! It'shard to find the time, but I love it!

Jeff--I went to read your blog about Hero. That one sounds really good, and you know what a superhero geek I am! Rufus hasn't arrived yet...hopefully today!! :-)

Adrienne said...

Right now I'm reading "Life Artist" LOL does that count as book? LOL

I would recommend you read this one! LOL


Leah said...

This sounds like a great challenge. I'm gonna put together a list of some things I'd like to read. I finished up the HP series about a month or so ago and haven't read anything since!

Next for me is going to be The Choice by Nickolas Sparks. said...

Hi there Cheryl,

Super GREAT post today. I am currently reading Life Artist by Ali E and I LOVE IT. A lot of wonderful content (not just awesome LOs and inspiration, but also a lot of insightful writing as well.) I think this is Ali's best book! And I love all of her three books, but this one is just FANTASTIC!

I am also reading Paolo Coelho's The Witch of Portobello (just started it reading it the other night, but haven't had much time to get back to it, it will most likely be until the weekend that I'll make some time to continue it.) I've loved many of Coelho's books (The Alchemist is one of all my time favorite fables.)
I also found a book by Kathy Cano-Murillo called Crafty Chica. I had never seen her work before and I am in awe! She finds a wondeful way to use her hispanic heritage in her art work. I am loving this book! She is so funny too! I wish I had run into her work before!
Here is the site link:

Traci said...

Hey, Cheryl! I wanted to join this challenge, but I never got around to making my list. Maybe I will now. You need to check out my blog. I posted a pic from our Chattanooga trip just for you! :)

Adriann said...

Great list. I'm still on David Copperfield. I think I'll try to finish by Christmas. LOL!!!

cityfarmer said...

I simpley cannot get anything else done when I have a book going

Wendy G said...

YOu will love "The secret life of bees". I read it about 2 months ago. It was great. I am currently reading 'The mermaid chair". I also love "Redeeming love" by Francine Rivers. It is awesome. Thanks for the ideas on the others. I am reading the new Nicholas Sparks book at the moment. Oh I do love that man!!! Reading is and always has been one of my most favorite things to do. I was considered a book nerd in school. lol Great post....

melissa said...

what a cool idea! if it wasn't for all the text book reading I have to do this semester, I would have loved to particapate in this

you will love 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' its super cute. your list is awesome

Kathy said...

I used to read all the time. But like gets in the way. I just finished reading Metro Girl & Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich.

I am not sure what I will read next. Before reading the above mentioned books I had not read in a long time.

I will have to make a list. You all have me thinking now! (That could be dangerous!) LOL

Liz Ness said...

You're going to love the Secret Life of is awesome! Love your list, too!

NY KAT said...

I posted the answers on my blog.

What a great idea for a fall book challenge. I'll have to think of what books I want to read.......

Robin said...

Great list of books. I just finished the first two books in the Twilight series. Yes, they are hard to put down once you start. That is why I am avoiding starting "eclipse". I have a midterm to write for online class so trying not to start reading it. Otherwise, I will be curl up on the couch, ignoring all else!!!

Have fun reading!

Robin in CA
#109 on the list

Kathy said...

Cheryl! You are such a "bad" influence! LOL

After coming back again, and reading about Twilight I went to Stephenie Meyer's website and read the first chapters of all of the books. I am already ADDICTED! I cannot wait until she puts out the book from Edward's point of view (Midnight Sun). I don't know if I can wait until 2008 for Breaking Dawn! O MY GOODNESS!

I sent the link to my daughter (she loves anything to do with vampires and the supernatural too) and she proceeded to go out and buy all three books for both of us. Now I have Twilight, New Moon, & Eclipse laying in the middle of my bed begging for me to come and read them all!

Thanks for getting me back into reading, and helping me spend my money! ROFL!