Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Late "Hello!"

We all have the sniffles and the coughs...

The kids were out of school yesterday for Veteran's Day...

The weekend was sort of a bust...

Which all led to me taking until right now, on a Tuesday morning, to write and submit a post. So...sorry!!!

But now that it's Tuesday, we're ready to roll again!

This past weekend really was sort of a bust, with my Crimson Tide losing to Mississippi State (the "real" football team just better show up in two weeks for our annual slugest rivalry with Auburn) and Delaney's softball team going 0-4 in its tournament (every team we played was so much bigger and older than us and we actually played tight with three of them, but still...ugh!), and then with Scout and I coming down with this yucky crap that goes from your head to your nose to your throat to your chest. The bright spot was that McKenna's high school football team won their first state playoff round and now we're ready to play Hoover this coming Friday. It will be a HUGE game!

That' s just one thing we're looking forward to this week. The OTHER big thing is Delaney's middle school pageant on Thursday. We got her dress on Saturday and it is SO pretty; tonight we are practicing with a friend who was actually Miss Alabama Junior Miss back in her day; and then Thursday is the big day. Delaney has become VERY nervous about it, so I'm just praying that she has a good time with it!

(I'm actually NOT a fan of beauty pageants, because what have I always preached to my girls? That beauty is on the inside and that you judge a person by their character and not what they look like. I know, I know!! But, McKenna had so much fun doing it when she was in middle school because she got to go dress up and have her hair and makeup done. So, of course, Delaney wanted to do it. But, you all know that Delaney is my ultra-competitive child, so now she has herself stressed out over it because she wants to do well. I told her to please do it for fun and to enjoy the night, and not get worked up over it. I just hope we survive... LOL)

So...a busy week up ahead and lots to look forward to! (After the pageant and the football game, Delaney has a math tournament this coming weekend and then we're out for a whole WEEK for Thanksgiving!!! Yay for that!)

Well...I guess that post developed into my Random Tuesday post for today. Just a lot of random "this is what's going on in our lives right now." I promise that next Tuesday will be a much better one!

So, for your Random Tuesday contribution this morning, why don't you just tell me what's going on with you these days? What are you looking forward to within the next week?

(And now, how about a totally random picture just because? Yep, it's one of Scout. Here she is showing you one of her new shirts. And, yes, it says "I'm the boss." And, yes, it's probably a shirt I should never buy a child because it gives them too much perceived power. But, yes, she can tell you exactly what it says!!

Have a GOOD one!!


Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh MY...I'm first today!!! :-)

I'm sorry you guys aren't feeling well. Our family, well, me and Jayla TRIED to get a little something last week...but it passed. YAY!!! She's still a little snotty (sorry), but not feeling bad. The girl would DIE if she had to miss school, lol.

Also sorry about your losses over the weekend. Guess we're in the same boat there, huh?

Oh well, not much else going on with us this week...other than getting ready for the Luau. Check out the blog when you get a minute, there's pix there JUST FOR YOU! LOL :-) Toodles.

Andy said...

sorry you aren't feeling well. hope you get better. hope your team wins against hoover. the high school that i went to played them last year and we went to see the game and i am happy to say that we beat them. can't wait to see the pagent pictures.

lets see next week or the coming up week....just spending time with my baby boy and maybe getting him to roll over for me again,

Gin said...

I hope Delaney does great in the pageant! I bet she will.

Love that picture.

Heather said...

Good Morning! It is windy and snowing here today :( I don't have a lot planned for the week, just hopefully doing some scrappin! and then xmas shopping on the weekend!

Jeff said...

Things are pretty good here. I just finished up my 10 week hockey training program (results of my post-test last night showed some imporvements and I'll be getting the indepth analysis in a couple weeks).

I'm running behind on my NaNoWriMo word count, but hope to catch up next week since I'm off Weds-Fri for the holiday.

Coming up in the next week or so:
- A teammate and dear friend turns 60 next week and the rink his helping her family thorugh a hockey birthday party on Saturday. There'll be a game followed by a party in the rink's party space. I hope I'm still able to play when I'm 60! She and I started hockey prep class at the same time and have played together on one team or another the past 5 years, so I'm psyched to be invited to play at her Brithday Invitational.

- Of course, looking forward to the time off next week.

- We're going to our traditional Thanksgiving potluck next week, which will be great fun as always!

Anyway, sorry to hear you guys are sick. A cold/cough thing blew through our house a couple weeks ago and it was no fun. Just sick enough to be annoying, but not sick enough to declare yourself sick.

Looking forward to hearing about the pagent and such!

Adrienne said...

Hope you guys feel better over there!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oooo, what a cute shirt. But I don't think it would go over too well in my house. Mainly because, Jayla is QUICKLY learning to read and I can almost hear her telling us she's boss! I mean, don't get me wrong...she IS...but that's SO not the point!! LOL

patti_cake said...

Aww Scout is adorable!
Good luck to Delaney! Beauty pagaents are fun but can be cut-throat! I hope to by-pass them entirely!

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--Yeah, we're really just snotty and a little under the weather. But still feeling fine enough to keep going full throttle!!! Ooh, yay!!!! Going to check out the bed jumping pics!!!! (I'm assuming that's what they'll be. LOL)

Andy--Awww...nothing better than spending time with a little baby. Too sweet!

Gin--I hope she does well too. But mostly has a good time!

Heather--Sounds GREAT!!! Scrappin and shopping!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Jeff--That is just TOO cool about the birthday party! i'm with you--I hope I'm still active like that when I'm 60. That is awesome!!

Adrienne--We're fine!! Thanks!!!

Dawn--Yep, Sydney knows what it says too. She'll say, "I'm the boss." But then if you ask her who th eboss is in our house she'll say, "Momma!" LOL

Patti--I know, that's what I'm afraid of! I jsut want Delaney to have a good time and not get into all the DRAMA!!

Kathy said...

Hey girlie,

I sure hope you are all feeling better soon!

Bummer that your teams lost this weekend. I know how upset my husband was that Ohio State lost! NOT a good thing! LOL

Not a lot of plans for this week, except that my daughter, niece, and I, are starting cake decorating classes tonight! I am excited about that! Now, I know this is probably a crazy reason for wanting to take cake decorating lessons, but I want to be able to make all those adorable faux cupcakes I keep seeing. YEAH! I will actually decorate some "real" cakes too. But that is the main reason I am taking the classes. LOL (Now, I just gotta figure out what they are using to make the faux cupcakes out of!)

Mississippi Songbird said...

I hope all of you start feeling better.. With the holidays coming up, you need to be well..
Praying for you.. and
I secretly root for Alabama, although please don't tell my Bulldog fan teenager..lol

Theresa Tyree said...

Good luck to McKenna's team's state playoffs!
Good luck to Delaney's beauty pageant tryouts and math tourny.
Scout is just too cute for that shirt!!

Jenster said...

Good luck, Delaney!!!

My son's girlfriend is doing Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA next week. She's not into pagents, either, but the scholorship possibility is great!

Hope you all feel better!!

Greta said...

gosh i need to stay away...everyone is sick and i don't want it...hope all is feeling well...

crazy working mom said...

We've had a stomach bug around here, so I can relate.

I hope we get to see beauty pageant pictures. That shirt is too cute.

Kelly said...

get better soon. We are leaving for the Netherlands on Thursday to see my in-laws who are on sabbatical over there. (they bought the airplane tickets and are paying for the hotel!) We will be spending Thanksgiving over there...

Jacquie said...

Hmmm I think I need one of those shirts for each of my girls, they all seem to have their moments.

Cheryl said...

Oh I really hope she does well. You will have to post some pictures for us. My niece loves the pageants! I love to watch them myself. Tell her Good Luck!

Cheryl Wray said...

Kathy--Oh, a cake decorating class sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!! I think I would love that! i love to come up with theme dessert creations! You'll have to tell us all how it goes!

Songbird--Good girl! Cheering for my Tide over the Bulldogs! ;-)

Theresa--Thanks for all the good luck wishes!

Jenster--I hope she does well. She's excited!! And, yes, sometimes those scholarship offers make it all worthwhile. I hope his girlfriend does great!!

Greta--It's just that sick time of year! yucko!

Crazy--Oh yeah, you know there will be pageant pictures!!! :-)

Kelly--I am SO jealous of your trip to the Netherlands. I hope you all have a fantastic time!!


Cheryl--Thanks!! I willd efinitely tell her you said Good Luck! And yes, of course i will have pictures to share!

Awesome Abby said...

What a neato blog you have! Thanks for visiting mine...yours is marked now on my favorites...and someday, I might get to scrap again, so check back...you might be surprised to find a layout or two!

Edleen said...

*hugs* hope the sniffles and coughs will go away!

cute tshirt! :D

Mandy said...

OK...I just typed a really long comment and blogger just lost it..augh.

Anyway, I am trying to cram 2 1/2 weeks of work into one week so I am bringing home a lot of work. Such FUN - Ha!

I have quit listening to sports talk radio for a while. I found I was too busy talking back to the radio to get anything done...sad, I know. Kind of worried about the team...I hope they can bounce back 'cause I REALLY don't want the downward spiral to continue. Hopefully the trend will kick in...have you noticed? Won three, lost two, won three, lost two...hopefully win the next three!

OK, I'm rambling, sorry! My email addy is rolltidegrad@yahoo.com