Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend Reflections

Life is certainly good...and I am indeed blessed!

It's Sunday night and I'm sitting in one of my very favorite spots during the holidays. I'm on the couch in our living room; the lights of our two trees twinkling in the dark; a fireplace roaring right next to me. It's such a cozy, nice spot during the wintertime and it just makes feel all warm and happy inside.

It's good that I feel warm inside and that I have a fire raging...because our crazy Southern weather decided to go from 80 degrees (remember that picture of Santa in shorts a few posts back?) down to 29 degrees (yes, baby, it's COLD outside right now!).

I'm sitting here on the computer (I LOVE my wireless internet!), reflecting on our weekend. And thinking about how blessed I am that I have two trees...and a cozy living room...and a fireplace...and all the THINGS that we have. But oh so much more blessed that I have love and contentment and laughter and family. You know? all those things that can't be bought and wrapped and put under a tree?

We just finished our Family Advent time and it was a very meaningful one, as they always seem to be. We talked about "trust" and how we need to get rid of worry in our lives...and just trust! Christmastime is the perfect time to trust in what God has done for us, and to enjoy it instead of worrying so much about things we can't control. Sydney sang "Jesus Loves Me" to finish off our time, and it was just a good, good thirty minutes with my favorite people!

The rest of the weekend was really nice, as well. On Friday afternoon, the girls and I met up with Gary at the mall so we could visit with Santa Claus. Let me tell you, it was a surprising blessing that we found a parking space with NO trouble and then got inside and there was NO line to see the Big Guy. (Don't you just love it when things go so much better than you expect them to?)

Sydney marched right up to Santa, sat in his lap, and proceeded to have a normal conversation with the guy. She whispered something in his ear, then sat there and talked with him for several minutes. As we walked away from Santa, he said to me in a low voice as he pointed at his head, "That little girl is smart as a whip. She is something else." I totally agree with Santa!! (Isn't that funny?)

We got this picture of Sydney and Santa (I just LOVE it, by the way! lol) ...

And then all three of the girls...

By the way, Sydney's list for Santa includes "Just five things" (in her words!). She wants: a Disney Princess Kitchen (isn't it CUTE?), aDora Dance Mat, Polly Pockets, Hungry Hungry Hippos (she doesn't just say it, she sings the song from the commercial when she says it. Too cute!), and a Pretty Dress (mind you! it' s not just a dress, it's a "pretty" dress!).

After seeing Santa, we had a quick bite at the mall Chick-Fil-A (and yes, Dawn, I totally thought of you and mentioned you as I ate it! lol) and then headed home. McKenna headed off with her Dad to have her Christmas with her grandparents, and we all enjoyed a nice evening at home.

On Saturday, we SLEPT LATE!! Let me tell you...that has not happened in a LONG time and Delaney was so excited about it! We slept in and then decided to take in a movie at the Dollar Theatre (you all know how cheap I am about going to the movies; we go to the dollar theatre pretty much all the time!). Lo and behold, when I checked online to see what was playing, my FAVORITE guy was showing!! The movie, "Martian Child," starrring my one-and-only John Cusack was at the off we went, and had a great time! We ate three refillable bags full of movie popcorn (extra, layered butter please!) and I slurped at my Johnny several times throughout the film (I try to keep it kinda quiet, so as not to embarrass Gary too much!).

After the movie, as we headed over to Krispy Kreme for an after-movie treat (cmon now, don't tell me that you can resist the "Hot & Now" sign?), my favorite conversation of the weekend took place. Gary and Delaney argued jokingly about what planet Sydney was from.

Gary: "I think Sydney's a martian child. She's from Mars!"

Delaney: "Nope, I think she's from Pluto."

Gary: "Nope, I think she's from Venus."

Sydney: "No...I'm just a people."

Again...too cute!

That night, Gary headed off to go hunting and I literally laid in bed for three hours straight watching holiday shows on the Food Network. It was quite heavenly, and not something I do too often.

On Sunday, we had church; a meal at KFC; more lying around in bed (this time, watching Dallas get beat; yuck!); and then a cool activity at church (the youth sponsored "A Night in Bethlehem," which was a really cool, interactive event with booths to let kids learn about what life was like around the time Jesus was born).

And then home to greet Gary back from hunting, some more lying around and being lazy, and then enjoying our Advent together. And here I am now, back where I started from. Enjoying the trees and the fire...and liking life!

And now...another week is ahead of us. (And do you realize that it is just a week from Christmas Eve?) On tap for this week? Some high school band concert-going; some birthday party-ing; some last-minute-gift-buying (yep, I thought I was done, but two more appeared!); some gingerbread-house-making; some girls-night-outing; and some (actually, a lot of) Christmas treat baking!!!


Adrienne said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend and you have a busy week ahead!!!

Jeff said...

Nice weekend... sounded busy but definitely very nice!

It got super cold here yesterday too. Granted we were in the 80s, but we did have high 40s on Saturday. Yesterday the cold roared back in with the wind. This morning as I write this it's 27 with a wind chill of 11 (brrrr).

camport said...

awesome Santa pic!! Love the weekend recap. You have a beautiful family and I love to hear your stories.


patti_cake said...

Awww your week-ends always sound like the best! I can't wait until we get a fireplace put in. I miss it so!

Linda said...

She just always says the funniest things. Glad you had a nice weekend...I myself had a great one. We are getting some of the cold weather too (for here anyway)... We should have snow at my house by tomorrow.

I put you on my fab links post today...check it out. Love and Hugs and christmas cheer friend

Mandy said...

Those are terrific Santa pics. Sounds like a fun weekend. At least it's feeling more like Christmas now!

Renee said...

I love the Santa pictures! And sleeping in is the best, isn't it?
I do it whenever I can.

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--It was FUN and, yes, lots of fun still to go!!

Jeff--I was kinda enjoying the 80 degrees, but I guess that wasn't very Christmas-y. I don't think I could handle your kind of cold all the time!!

Camport--I loved the pic too!!!

Patti--We usually have good weekends!!! I like them when they're not quite so busy! And you will love your fireplace...I love mine!

Linda--Oh goodie!! Going to check it out!!

Mandy--Yes, it does feel like Christmas today!

Renee--I don't get to do it enough, so I totally enjoyed it!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Wow Cheryl, that sure sounds like you had a lot going on over the weekend. But at the same time, it sounds like a very relaxing one. I love those kinds of weekends. And thank you SO much for thinking of me while at CFA :-). But just to keep me in your mind, I'm a sucker for KK donuts too. SOOO, next time you go there, you can think of me too :-).

Lynilu said...

Brings wonderful memories to me. Thank you for the nice post.


Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--ha ha!!! Who DOESN'T love Krispy Kreme donuts? I think that anyone who doesn't love them has something seriously wrong with them. I cannot resist them!!! :-)

Lynilu--Some new good memories for us!!

NY KAT said...

You are absolutely right about getting rid of worrying and having trust in your really brings peace to one.

Anne Thompson said...

Thanx for stopping by my blog! Thats a big drop in temperature! It's cold here in BC too! We are getting our little girls the Disney Princess Kitchen too! Anne

Michelle said...

oh Cheryl, it sounds....


Can I come stay at your house???????

The girls are so beautiful, aren't you amazed how fast they grow? I look at both of mine and sometimes I burst with pride and sometimes I just want to sit down and cry. I want the whole last 13 years over again! And Over AGAIN!!!

Phats said...

I need to stop coming to this blog when I am even a little hungry KRISPY KREMES!!!!

What a great picture both of those were :) where is the one of you and gary though?

I would take 29 degrees we are at 5 and 10 inches of snow with 1 inch of ice. Tomorrow suppose to be 43 so that will make it a SOUPY Mess we did have a delay today though woohoo

Cheryl Wray said...

NyKat--Believe me, it's a challenge!! But something i really try to keep in perspective!

Anne--My husband just put the kitchen together and it is SO cute!! They will all love it!!

Michelle--LOL!! Of course you can come by!! I'll light a fire for you! :-) I totally know what you mean. They just grow up TOO fast.

Phats--MMmmmm, Krispy kremes.I'll think of you next time I eat one! :-)

Gin said...

Great pictures, as usual! So glad your Santa visit went so great.

Mississippi Songbird said...

AWww.. I love the one of the girls and Santa....
Wonderful pictures! Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

LZ Blogger said...

Cheryl ~ It is obvious that you REALLY ARE blessed! And in many ways! Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a Merry Christmas. Please accept my wishes for a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family TOO! ~ jb///

She-Ra said...

sounds heavenly! Merry Christmas!

Andy said...

love the pics. your santa is pretty. dollar theaters.....i wish we had one. i wanted to see that movie too. i'll have to check it out.

Cheryl Wray said...

Gin--Thanks! It turned out so much better than anticipated (which is always good!)

Stephanie--I hope you have a blessed Christmas too!

Jb--I truly count my blessings everyday! I wish you and yours a joyful Christmas!

She-ra--Merry Christmas to you too!!

Andy--He is one of our favorite Sants in town! Yes, we LOVE the dollar theatre. We're too cheap to go almost anywhere else! :-)

Cheryl Wray said...
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Michelle said...

that does sound like a great family weekend together -and cute pic with Santa!

Loreluca said...

Sounds HEAVENLY! Love all the laying around, which is a LTO of what we did here over the weekend, too! It's been ages since we had any of that! I have to say, I envy the roaring fire!
Love the conversation, too... I am just people, what can I say!
:) too cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww...too cute (the photos, heh-heh)!

Cheryl Wray said...

Michelle--It WAS a good weekend! :-)

Loreluca--I'm sitting by the fire again right now. I LOVE it.

Liz--Thanks! I loved it too (can't wait to scrapbook them!).

Cheryl Wray said...
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