Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Top 10 Layouts of 2007

Okay . . . this was such a SUPER idea from Leah's blog that I just had to steal it! (She actually got the idea from Bernadette, but I'm glad Leah stole her idea so I could do it in turn for my post today. LOL)

We often like to look back at the Top 10 (or 40, or 100, or whatever) of different things from the past year--songs, movies, books, sporting events, etc. Well, how about looking back at what I accomplished with my very favorite creative activity (or "hobby" or I guess "obsession," which might be a more appropriate word!)?

I looked back at my layouts for the year and was excited to find that I had done 127 pages in the past year. Pretty good, huh? I could have done a lot more, but I really have scaled back (I promise!). I don't scrap every chronological event anymore, and I don't feel the need to put every one of my photos on to a scrapbook layout. Instead, I really choose my favorite pictures and I also have begun to do layouts based on a feeling or an emotion or a particular epiphany I had from a certain chronological event (that's not to say that I don't do plenty of birthday pages or vacation pages, because I certainly still do!). Anyway..I am thrilled with how many pages I did, and also that I did several mini albums that I totally love (one for Sydney's birthday, one of Delaney's travel ball season, etc.)

So...I thought I'd share my 10 Favorite Scrapbook Layouts from the past year.

In no particular order...

I love this first one because of that cool Elvis paper (ain't it cool?) and because the pics show me having FUN!! And I liked the design I came up with...

And then this is one of my VERY favorites of the year, because it really illustrates the type of reflection and journaling I love to do on pages. I did this one the week after McKenna's birthday. I had really been reflective during that time of how much McKenna is growing up, yet how it seemed like she was JUST a baby. So, I found some of my fave pictures of her in her first year and then journaled about how life goes so fast from 1 to 15. (I also love the circles on this.)

This next page is one I did to commemorate my parents' 40th anniversary back in January. This was a very simple design (which is something I LOVE!), but I liked the techniques I used--staples and ribbons, stamping my title, and journaling on individual paper strips that I tore apart.

Okay, this next one isn't probably the most creative I did all year (it wouldn't win any awards), but I do LOVE the Love, Elsie paper and doo-dads I used on it (that has to be favorite paper line from the past year); most of all, though, I just love the memories contained on it. Some of my fave pics from mine and Gary's getaway for our anniversary.

And then, how could I not include one the pages I created with pictures from our beach vacation? I LOVE these pics and I LOVE this scalloped-edged paper. (Thsi also happened to be one of the many pages I created using the inspiration from the One Little Word scrapbook challenge blog. This was for the word "simplicity.:")

You all remember how I did my themed album on the "20 Things To Do this Summer"? That was one of my favorite scrapbook activities of the year, so I had to include a page from it. This was for #2 on our activity list--visit the art museum--and, again, it's not very complicated or artsy. But I like the colors and I especially love that it shows how you can put a lot of pictures on one page.

Now, THIS one could very well be my very FAVORITE layout of the year. I love the word--"pure"--from that same challenge blog and I LOVED the design I came up with, but mostly I love these pics of Delaney playing softball with her travel team this past year. Look at the expressions her face. They just really capture her love of softball!!

And then I really like this one a lot too, and it happens to be the last one I completed in 2007. (Nope, I haven't done my Christmas pages yet; those will go into my 2008 collection of creations!). I love these pics of Sydney and I and I love the purple and the colors. Makes me happy just looking at it!

And then, finally, another finalist for one of my faves of the year (lol). This was using the word "Seek" from OLW and I decided to do a page using one of my very favorite Bible verses. It really encapsulates the way I feel about my faith, and I also LOVE those cool distressed paper flowers I did for it.

If you are a scrapbooker, I challenge you to do a similar post on your blog. I would LOVE to go and look at some of your fave creations from the past year!

If you're not a scrapooker, you could do a similar post on your favorite photos from the past year. That would be fun too!

Thanks, as always, for visiting! I am having a super-fantastic weekend (had a yummy breakfast out with my parents this morning, have watched football most of the day, enjoyed some good quality time with all three girls, have cooked a little bit, and am now looking forward to church in the morning). I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!!!


Jacquie said...

Well I'm not a scrapper but I'm trying to get my foot in the door.

The photo idea, I love that!! I'm taking that challenge and will post when I am done it. Good idea!

Adriann said...

Great idea Cheryl! My favorite is the one of McKenna.

I'll see what I can come up with and post.


Danielle said...

I love this idea Cheryl!!!! I love those layouts :)

Linda said...

gorgeous pages...I have seen some of them but not all. They are very beautiful...Love the tea party princess below just too adorable...Hope all is well. Hugs

Renee said...

What a great idea. Love your layouts.

Cheryl Wray said...

Jacquie-Let me know if you do the photo post. I'd love to see them!

Adriann--I loved that one too. I hope you'll post it; I love your creations!

Danielle--Thanks!! :-)

Linda--You're so sweet. I figured a lot of you would have seen them already, but thought I'd share them anyway. LOL


Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey Cheryl. I saw that "inspiration" on Leah's blog too. And I was waiting to see who else was gonna do it. Well, now that you've accepted the challenge, I may have to too. However, I don't even know if I completed 10 pages last year :-). My problem is, I always do 2 page LO's. So that means, if I accept this challenge, mine will really be 20 pages! LOL Let's see what I can come up with.

Thanks for sharing and I love your choices. Great work!!!

Disney Scrapper said...

Well that was fairly easy in part because 2007 was a dry year for me. Most of them you probably remember (lol). Thanks for getting me motivated to post a scrapbook related post.

Dettao said...

What a good idea. I will have to take a stab at this. myself.

Adrienne said...

what a great idea!! I "might" have to do this! LOL

Cheryl Wray said...

Dawn--Ooh, do yours too! i'd love to see yours! I actually do a lot of 2-page spreads too, but only chose some one-pagers for this.

Disney--lol. I love your creations and would love to read some more scrappy stuff from you!

Detta--I hope you do. I'll be on the look out for it on your blog!

Adrienne--You'd have some gorgeous choices! But I doubt you'll post it, since you're so busy sewing. LOL

Patti said...

Beautiful, wonderful, fabulous pages Cheryl. I love looking at them. You & Dawn rock!

Kathy said...

I would love to show my top ten, but I don't think I even created 10 things this year! LOL I know that is HORRIBLE! That is why I put CREATE MORE on my list of things I want to accomplish this year.

Now, I could probably do my top 10 photos! I take tons of those!

Love all of your layouts! Hope you complete even more this year!

Ms.L said...

Those are ALL so good!
I really like the last one and the one of your getaway with Gary too:)

maria said...

What a GREAT idea for a post! I loved looking through your gorgeous pages! :)

Leah said...

Love all your choices! We have such an awesome hobby! lol