Friday, January 04, 2008

Say Hello to "Queen of the Tea Party"

A conversation with Sydney the other day when she appeared downstairs in this cute get-up. She twirled around at me and then posed, waiting quite obviously for me to say something to her.

Me: "Well hello, Miss Cutie Pie."

S: "I'm not Cutie Pie. I'm Queen of the Tea Party."

Me: "Well hello, Queen of the Tea Party. Am I invited to your tea?'

S: "Yes, you are. I have tea..but (said in a whispered voice) it's just pretend...and muffins and cookies and lots of stuff."

Of course, I had to attend Queen of the Tea Party's event. It involved her new Disney Princess Kitchen (a HUGE hit from her Christmas gifts!), the Mrs. Potts tea pot from "Beauty and the Beast," and plenty of slurping and pinkie-finger-raising and "Pip Pip Cherrio"ing.

It is so funny..Sydney is such a girlie-girl. With such an age difference between the older girls and then Sydney, I had forgotten all about dolls and dress-up-time, and tea parties. I had gotten used to teenage stuff and softball--all the things that my 15- and 11-year-olds love. But Sydney has brought it all back to me!

And, believe me, she is the expert at everything girly. Right now, my biggest challenge is getting her to wear anything other than a dress. I got her in some pants last night when we had to run out to the store.. but only becuase it ws 25 degrees and I pretty much forced her to. Other than that, she has worn a dress every day for the last month! And, since getting her trunk of dress-up clothes along with her princess kitchen for Christmas, half the the time the dresses she selects just happen to be dress-up clothes. (Yep, I'm that Mom who lets her daughter wear "fake" high heels to the store!).

But, I wouldn't have it any other way, My sweet little Queen of the Tea Party makes me smile hundreds of times a day and certainly makes life interesting and entertaining.


Adrienne said...

Aww too cute!!!

Gin said...

how cute is THAT?

Mandy said...

She is too cute! I miss having tea parties...those were the days.

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Ain't it though? :-)

Gin--Yep! I LOVE three year olds!

Mandy--Never too late to have a tea party. Even at our age! lol

Patti said...

I have my own little dress up Princess and yep, I let her go out in public in her get ups, er costumes.
Sydney is darling and isn't it such fun to look through their eyes sometimes and appreciate small things like a tea party and ...."pretend" tea, muffins & cakes have no calories!

Mississippi Songbird said...

You're children are gorgeous! Just like you.. Have a great weekend..

Nina Diane said...

Oh Cheryl.....I just loved that little girly story

Anonymous said...

My dd was never so much a girly girl, although she did love her a tea party. She's ten now and those days are pretty much in the past, although she does, at times, invite me to 'play' with her as she's either playing doctor, teacher or whatever to her Littlest Petshop Pets.


Dettao said...

happy New year! I love girly girls and miss those days.

Anonymous said...

So sweet when they play dressup. Such a fun world they create. i want to be little again:)

Susie Q said...

Oh these are the days...cherish every moment! Oh, I already know you do!

Grace and I are still havin' tea parties...I say we should do it forever! : )

Give that sweetie a hug from me!

Love and hugs,

Dawn Bibbs said...

Too cute!

It is so funny reading your posts about Sydney. It appears that and I are experiencing the same types of things with our little "girly girls". I too had forgotten how fun this stage is. Prior to Jayla, I had a boy in the house. So THAT pretending was TOTALLY different from that of a girl. And prior to him, was my 23 year old. She wasn't very girly though...she pretty much kept to herself and was a little tomboy :-).

So along with you, I'm enjoying this stage. The pretend tea parties, concerts and weddings are THE BEST!!! :-) Have fun, my friend.

Edleen said...

she's just too Sweet!!!
how fun to have a Tea Party :)
Little Ones are really fun to have around aren't they? :D

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Hold on Cheryl... Those girly girls can be something else in the morning before school starts. I know- I raised one!
I do miss those tea parties =D

wendster said...

Wow. I loved that post. She is so cute in her dress up things, and I am proud of you for letting her wear her fake heels to the store. What better message to send than: It's not about fitting in, its about being you? Enjoy the moments. It looks like you already are.

Melissa said...

i so want ta girl to play dress up and barbies with!!

Kathy said...

How FUN! I wanna go to a tea party!

scrapperjen said...

Oh, I love those tea parties! :) We have lots of "picnics" at our house. I love her outfit - she looks like a queen.

Kimberly said...

She is just too cute in her princess outfit. Hope you have a great week.