Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Craziness...
Just Some "What's-Going-on?"s, Fun Links, & Meaningless Tidbits

I was searching for something clever to share on this Random Tuesday. You know...a fun quiz or meme that we could all get involved in together. Perhaps another insightful (yet random) essay of inspiration. But, instead I decided on just sharing some random thoughts from my life and my brain. I hope you don't mind!

So, some stuff going on (as well as some links and meaningless tidbits, as my title promised!)...

* I decided to update my Bloglines, so you may see that your name and blog have been added to the list on my sidebar. I want to direct you specifically to Misty, a friend from church who just started a blog yesterday. Go show her some love!!! And go visit all my other new blog buddies that I've found lately (of course, don't forget the "Old Regulars"; ha!). If you don't see your name there, it doesn't mean your not meant to be there. I'm still doing some updating today!

* Don't you hate it when you're frantically working on a project, waiting for people to call or email you back, and you don't hear back from them? It just about drives me crazy!

* For the love of Paula Deen!!!! I was watching her show the other morning and, like I often do, I saw a recipe on there and decided I needed to go to the store right THEN and get the ingredients. I did just that, and boy was I excited with the end-result! And this is the easiest, breeziest brownie recipe ever...although you do kinda feel like they are going straight to your thighs! Just mix together your favorite brownie recipe (mine came straight from a Duncan Hines box), put half the batter in a pan, then layer on top with your favorite candy bar (I used three plain Hershey's chocolate bars, but any will do, and I'm already imagining the possibilities!), then cover with the other half of the batter. Bake as directed on brownie package, then be ready for some exploding chocolate fun in your mouth!

* Floridians are going to the polls for an election primary and my VERY favorite humor writer, Dave Barry, sheds some light on this important event in his hilarious style. Go HERE to read the column and be ready to roll around the floor in laughter and possibly pee in your pants (I really am kind of a political junkie, but am already stressed out about this next Fall's election; I'm not sure who I'm voting for; but Dave kinda puts it all in perspective). Enjoy!

* Don't you love it when you walk outside, fully expecting it to be freezing cold yet again? But, instead, it's so nice and balmy and refreshingly warm that you can kinda feel Spring on the horizon?

* You all know how CRAZY I am about my sports and I absolutely love college basketball. (Just be forewarned that when March comes around there will be some serious March Madness here on my blog!! Brackets and predictions and game updates, all that jazz! LOL) But, right now my Alabama basketball team is kinda sucking like a big ole tornado sucking all the life out of a pasture. Yep, we're 1-4 in the SEC (and this was after a somewhat promising start). We are gonna have to pull it around big-time to have a chance to make it to the NCAA tourney and tonight we play #7 Tennessee. Not sure it's gonna be a very fun game to watch (but I will!). But...we DID beat Auburn on Saturday and one of the plays in the game was an ESPN Top 10 Play. It was one of the most amazing dunks I've ever seen! If you care anything about sports, go HERE to see the slam!!!

* My favorite conversation with Scout had to be the one just a day or so ago. She was dressed in her normal "pretty dress" (she wears dresses every day of the week) and also had her hair brushed and put up in a little barette (she may have even had some lipstick on! lol). She posed for me and I said to her, "You look mah-velous." She then asked me, "Momma, is that French?" Gotta love it!

And then some random pictures (since this IS all about randomness today):

The tulips we gave to Gan Gan for her birthday this past weekend...

McKenna (far right) and some cutie-pie friends at their band banquet...

Delaney and her friend Ashley displaying their Starbucks frappacino cups (Delaney has the Starbucks guy calling her "Frappacino Girl" and he let her try and win a free one the other night. She had to spot the bean under the cup and she won. Of course, she took a Venti--I think that's what the really large one is called.) And yes, they are decaf!! lol

We are working on writing our name. Sydney is doing pretty well for a three-year-old, I think...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Drop on in and let me know something random about yourself or your day!!!!


~gkw said...

Yes, I had to take Delaney and Ashley to get a Frappacino on Sunday after practice. Frappacino girl didn't seem to care that it would run us late getting her to church!

Linda said...

lol...I am cracking up after reading the breakdown of how it all works from Barry...that is cracking me up...and yes, it is french dahhhhhhling....love and hugs. Thanks for the fun today.

Adrienne said...

You just made me want some starbucks lol. Fun post today!

hippochick said...

I took my husband to a Wegman's coffee bar this morning. It's just not Starbuck's but we had a good time. I checked Misty's blog. What a sweetheart.

hippochick said...

P.S. Thanks for your encouraging note. Isn't God amazing?

Patti said...

I visited Misty's blog!
I like Dave Barry too I used to read his column all the time.

Hmmm something random... I am wearing a polka dot top today to kick up my mood (which is getting pretty piss-poor because I still haven't gotten a call from HR)

Ms.L said...

I love Paula Dean,she's my kind of cook!
Something random..ok. I'm eagerly trying to find rhubard to add to my creme brule on V Day..doesn't that sound good?

Cheryl Wray said...

G--She is SO funny. She loves those things!! (course, I like them too!)

Linda--Dave Barry is one of my faves. He always makes me laugh!!

Adrienne--Mmmm....go get some! lol

Hippo--Yes, God is amazing. It's always so cool how things just "work out." Ya know?

Patti--Love the wearing of the polka dots. Hope you hear good news soon!!!!!

Ms. L--ANY kind of creme brulee is good to me! Yum, yum.

(Thanks yall, for checking out Misty's blog!)

Dawn Bibbs said...

Gotta love randomness...I know I do. Sometimes, that's all I've got :-). And as always, yours is great. Ok, the Paula Deen brownie idea is calling my name. I may have to try that for one of my girls nights. YUMMY!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

skrpndiva said...

OMG, those brownies sound like something to die for! I don't usually cook, but that recipe is so calling my name!

Thanks for including me on your sidebar! I love ya for it! :)

I'm checking out Misty and Dave's sites soon!

Something random, something random ... let's see ... something random ... I can walk on the top of my toes...not on the tips of them but on the tops of them. Like folding the toes over and walking on that part! That random enough? lol

Love your blog Cheryl! Love it!


Mississippi Songbird said...

Yummy, Starbucks...
I love the frappacino's and so do my kids.. They get wired..lol
Hope your day is good.. I love the fun websites.Bunches of hugs!

Cheeky said...

Sorry - I got stuck on the words balmy and spring.... sigh....

angelsamoungus said...

Love the post.

Since my blog is now private-send me your e-mail address to ricterri@ameritech.net and you can re-enter the old world of TKangels to my new blog.

Take care,

PS-in Subject make sure you put your name

Jenster said...

I love the randomness that is your mind!! Makes me feel at home!!

Thanks for the blog rink.

I can't imagine not getting a venti at Starbuck's. You're girl's a girl after my own heart. :o)

She's gorgeous, too, and so are her friends!

Didn't know you spoke French. :o)

Maria said...

Yumm...lovely pictures...and that tulip shot is to die for! :D

Kathy said...

I just love reading all of your "randomness." LOL

Sydney is so darn funny!


I LOVE Starbuck's Peppermint Hot Chocolate! YUM YUM YUM And their Vanilla Bean Frappacino! OK! I am drooling over here!

The picture of the tulip is AWESOME!

Edleen said...

Hi Cheryl!

still snowing there?
Paula Dean, i think i saw her on Oprah :D she's always cheerful and bubbly!
your Girl is Gorgeous!!! so are her friends :)
awww...that handwritten name of Sydney is soooo cute! at the moment, my 3yr old is a scribbler! hehe...

take care!

Cindy Lee said...

Hey, Cheryl, it's been a while - so happy to run into you, love your random thoughts! blessings, Cindy Lee

scrapperjen said...

Love Paula Deen!
Mmmm - Starbucks!

Anonymous said...

When did they start making decaf frappacino?

Heather said...

I love that she asked if that was French. Too cute! Sydney is doing awesome writing her name.