Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Hi. My name is Cheryl, and I'm addicted to 'Lost'."

But, as the story goes...I admit that I'm addicted, and that's the first step in getting help.

But wait...I DON'T need any help!!!! I'm totally addicted and I'm totally okay with that! In fact, "Lost" is one of my guilty pleasures (gotta have some of those and, face it, they could be a lot worse! lol) and it's one of the few television shows I spend substantial time on (okay, obsessing over).

Tonight is the season premiere--something I've been waiting on since last May! Boy has it been a long wait fraught with resorting to reading online blogs and rumor websites to get any sort of "Lost" fix I could find...but it's finally here. I can't wait to get some answers to some of the burning questions from last season (or maybe even the other seasons before), but I'm totally okay with not getting any answers and just having a ton of new ones to deal with. But that's part of the fun of the show (well, that and watching Sayid kick butt when he's all cute and sweaty! Mmm...).

So, I apologize ahead of time to those of you who were waiting expectantly (ha!) to read something insightful or meaningful on my blog today. Or to those of you who think "Lost" is confusing or a bunch of hooey or something you could really care less about. This is all I got for you today!

For your viewing pleasure (or at least for mine), here is the most awesome cool video. Someone took a lot of time creating it, and I thank him for it! It takes us back to what got the whole thing started. It takes scenes from different episodes over the last three season and pieces together what happened the moment the airplane first broke apart. (Let the madness and fun begin!)

And then here's the video of the last five minutes of last year's cliffhanger. Hands down the BEST cliffhanger ever!

And then, finally, the trailer for tonight's premiere episode (Have I told you yet that I'm excited?)

And just in case you're thinking that all I'm doing today is twiddling my thumbs, waiting for "Lost" to come on tonight at 8, you're wrong. I'm also going to be twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the FedEx guy to bring me THIS. Yay...I'm getting a new camera and I'm so excited!


Marjolein said...

LOL, here's another Lost addict and I can't wait till 8 pm tonight! I am so NOT going to our weekly coffee night.... (friends) don't care what hubby says, I'm staying home and I'm NOT gonna watch the trailer you've got here:-)))

Oh, hope your FedEx guy shows up today!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, uhm, do you ever answer your phone or return phone calls????? You are so darn hard to get a hold of.....

Gin said...

Ooh, I cant wait either.

hippochick said...

Although Lost is beyond me (I have never watched it), I can certainly drool over the new camera. I do admit to a "slight" addiction to Jericho which is returning February 12 (our first day in Vegas).

Disney Scrapper said...

I will be glued to the set tonight also. I couldn't watch last night, the ending was killing me the first time....couldn't sit through it again! Sad I know.

Dawn Bibbs said...

HI CHERYL!!! (I think that's what they say at those AA meetings, LOL)

You're right, EVERYONE has at least one guilty pleasure. Mine is watching just about anything on A&E. I LOVE forensics type shows. My husband thinks I'm plotting to "knock off" our family, because of all the "whodonit" shows I watch. OH..quite the contrary...watching all these shows simply proves I'll NEVER get away with why even try? :-)

I have never watched Lost...don't even know what it's about. Probably because I'm LOST in my own life everyday, so no need to watch it on TV! :-) hee hee

angelsamoungus said...

I taped last night's show- so I still ahve to watch it. I watched the show the first couple of years and then quit.

So now I am looking forward to seeing what has been going on.

Take care,

Patti said...

I have never saw Lost but I can understand your excitement. I hoe the fedex guy brings your new cammy!

Theresa Tyree said...

Try as hard as you'd like, Cheryl, I am not getting roped into another TV show! LOL! American Idol is about all I can handle in one week. My bff, Debbie, is addicted to Lost too. It sounds really interesting, but I'm not gonna do it!

Congrats on the new camera.
Sent a goodie your way today. Keep your eyes on your mailbox. ;o)

Andy said...

it's only a couple of hours away. i can't wait. i am so excited