Friday, February 01, 2008

It's midnight, but I thought I'd pop on to say "Hey," because...well...everyone else in the house is asleep and I really wanted to come online and check out any "Lost" reactions out here and then I thought, "Why don't I just check my blog?" and then, "Why don't I write a quick post?"

(which I think just turned into the longest blog post title I've ever written!)

So, anyway...I have a quick observation and update...

~~ "Lost" ROCKED!!!! (the "oh-my-goodness!"es!, the "what the heck?"s!, the "rewind that so I can see that again"s!, the cheers!, the tears!) I loved it, and can't wait for next week!

~~ the nice Fedex man brought me my camera, and I LOVE it!!!! (in fact, if the rain decides to clear up and move out of here, I am taking Scout out for a photo shoot later on to test it out!)

But for now, I gotta...

* do some cleaning (this house SO needs some vacuuming!)

* do some organizing (the area of my den with my bookshelves and scrap area is calling out to me, "Organize me! Get some of this junk off of my floor!")

* do some writing (I've got an article that's got to get done today!)

* do some scrapping (I've got two little projects I want to finish and post pictures of, but it's last on my list; I need to clean, organize, write, and take pictures first!)

I've got a WONDERFUL Sydney story to share with all of you, but I really want to do it justice. So, I'm holding off on writing and posting it until I have some time to sit down with it. My plans are to pop on later today and post it. I hope it will be worth the wait (just trust me that when she said it I immediately jotted it down and said to myself, "Now THAT'S something to remember!)

Until then...have a wonderful late Thursday night/early Friday morning. Ciao!! (boy, I used a lot of exclamation points in this post! and there's another one!)

edited to add: Our blog friend Telah had her sweet baby girl Amelia. Go wish her well at her BLOG! Yay!!


Edleen said...

Yayy to new camera!!! :)

and Congrats to Telah :)

have a Happy Weekend Cheryl!
it's now 9pm, Friday night here ;)

Delia said...

I haven't watched Lost since the first season. I kind of miss it but am so far behind.

New cameras are good. lol. when I got mine I was snapping pictures of everything; the kids, my husband, the walls, the floor, the pile of folded clothes nobody put away. You know, anything to get to play with the camera. lol.

hippochick said...

It's a miserable weather day in Upstate NY today. My hubby is off to PA to see his mom. My list for today sounds almost the same as yours. Good luck to both of us.
My problem is that I had a "little" surgery on my "little" finger yesterday and am a "little" handicapped. Did I use enough quotation marks? Have a happy!!

Kelly said...

I tried to watch Lost, but I guess I just don't get it. Can you explain it to me, please? ha

camport said...

I tried to catch up on Lost and just couldn't do it! It's one of those shows that's going to have to be purchased on dvd.

Can't wait to hear the Sydney story!


Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey, while you're up...will you come and do some cleaning and organizing at my house too? :-)

Patti said...

Glad you enjoyed LOST and yay for your new camera. I know you will put it good use! Congrats to your friend on her sweet new baby. Awww

Nina Diane said...

WOW......Lost was awesome!! Of course now we have a bunch more questions. I can't wait until next week. Your pictures look good...