Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some Random Flashbacks

Has anyone seen this trailer yet?

Yep, it's Harrison Ford back as my favorite action hero--Indiana Jones. I CANNOT WAIT to see this movie! (It will definitely be a "Full price Movie," as opposed to a "dollar theatre movie" or even a "wait until it's on dvd" movie!). I absolutely loved the first three Indy movies, and I have great memories of going to see "Raiders of the Lost Ark" for the first time. The year was 1981, and I was a 13-year-old living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our entire family went to see the movie and we came out of the theatre literally panting from exhaustion. It was really the first clench-my-fists-the-entire-time movie I remember seeing; it was nonstop action from start-to-finish and I think (even though I'm not really a movie historian) one of those first movies that brought that kind of Saturday=matinee-cliffhanger style of movie back for all of us. I loved it! (And I kinda had my Han Solo crush of Harrison Ford move to an even greater level; I still think he's gotta be the sexiest 66-year-old alive!)

The other day, when I found this on youtube, I yelled to Delaney as I often do and told her to "come look at something." She watched the trailer, unimpressed ("What movie is this?") until she saw that Shia Labeouf is in it (he's the new "it" actor and is kinda a cutie, I have to admit). I went into the whole theatrical background to it (how she she should be glad for this movie, because it paved the way for action movies today) and then I played the whole nostalgia card ("This was one of my very favorite movies growing up and I can still remember the day I saw it for the first time"). She just stood there, looking pretty bored about it all. I ended the conversation by saying, "Well, if you don't want to see it, that's a date night for me and your Pop." (Yes!!! I'm thinking that is actually a much better idea!)

It's really funny. Delaney loves history in general (she and I can talk about World War 2 or presidents or just about any historical topic for quite a while together), but the whole pop culture relevance thing just doesn't appeal to her. I try and show her the appeal of the Bee Gees and she just laughs at me; I tell her how all of those songs on "American Idol" were better the first time around and she just kinda looks at me with disbelieving eyes.

(Now, I will give credit to McKenna. At any given time, I will find her listening to anything from Elton John to Bon Jovi to the Beatles in her room. And I've convinced her that "Say Anything" is at least the third best movie of all time. That's my girl!)

Another case in point to this had me literally laughing out loud just this last week as the girls watched "American Idol." I was in the room next door to the den, writing on the computer, and I could hear the girls talking as they watched it (I record it on DVR and then go back and watch the songs, fast-forwarding past Ryan Seacrest's inanities). They were apparently showing a new music video by Paula Abdul and I heard McKenna exclaim, "There is NO way that's her." Of course, I rushed in there and gave them the whole you=should= have=seen=Paula=back-in-1990 lecture. I told them how, boy, she could sing and dance. I then drug them onto youtube and we watched Paula sing "Straight Up" and perform on the "Arsenio Hall" show (remember THAT one! I loved that show and have some fond memories of watching Madonna and other performers on it while hanging out at Jeff's house in college!).

That chick could dance!

~ So, do any of you have similar experiences with your kiddoes?

~ What movie or music memories have I made you think of today?

I guess those are your Random Tuesday questions for the day!)


Kimberly said...

Wow...1981 I would of been around five years old. I will have to go watch the first Indiana Jones movie again before I watch the new one...i don't remember it real good. LOL!

Linda said...

OM Gosh, Kim is making me feel realllllly old. LOL. I'm with you C I totally love the Indiana Jones movies and cannot wait to see the new one, and girl, yes I too will pay full price. On the music thing, you becha Paula could do it all and looked good doing it and I give my Kaitie credit because she loves most of the same music I do, and 80s stuff really rocks her. Thanks for the fun post.

Kingcover said...

The new one certainly looks a lot more modern than the previous three did. Full of action and adventure. You can see how much stunts and general cinematography have progressed since the last one was released. It does look good.

Doesn't it make you feel old when kids look up at you when you are explaining something from your own childhood with glazed eyes and a look on their faces that roughly translates as - "What flipping planet were you born on and the 1800s must have been sooooo bleak?!?!" ;-)
I loved singing along to "Opposites Attract" when I guess Delaney has never heard of that particular gem of a music video. HAHA! *snort*

Cheryl Wray said...

Kim--You are a BABY and you are making me feel OLD!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!! :-)

Linda--You too, huh? lol I LOVE Indiana Jones and am so excited too!

King--You nailed her expression on the head!! lol And, yes, that was another one of my fave Paula Abdul songs.

Patti said...

I'm waiting on those random times with my girl LOL
I have never saw an Indiana Jones movie *ducks* I don't know why, I just haven't.
Your girls sound like a very good mix of different!

Auburn Kat said...

My movie was Back to the Future! I just loved that movie and Michael J Fox!

Adrienne said...

Oh wow! I've not seen that trailer!

Maria said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Indiana Jones! Can't wait for the new movie. I just watched the first one with Sabrina not long ago (and will make sure she watches the other two) so she can be ready for the new one! They were always a favorite for me! I used to be in love with Harrison Ford. In fact, that's why we named my daughter Sabrina. After the movie Sabrina with Harrison Ford! :D

hippochick said...

My fav Indy movies was the one with Sean Connery as his dad. Giving my age away, huh? My favorite movie memory of the girls is "Cat Ballou" We rented it and they were rolling their eyes. "Oh, Dad. That's sooo lame". Well, of course, they laughed their tushies off. It was such fun. The second was "South Pacific". Even I have to admit that was a little lame, but we enjoyed the trip down memory lane with them. Have a great day.

Ms.L said...

My 14 year old LOVES 80's hair metal and is starting to appreciate 80's music all together.
He is like a savant when it comes to the topic and we have a lot of fun listening to and discussing the music from that time. I'm lucky,helps me keep young:)

Isn't it awesome that you get to see another Indiana Jones movie!? I'm so happy for you,yay! Happy date night;)

Theresa Tyree said...

That Indiana Jones looks like an edge of your seat nail biter!! I can't wait to see it too!!

I'm at work and can only watch the videos without sound. I scrolled down to play the vid w/o reading the post and as soon as I saw her figure, I knew it was Paula Abdul. She is da bomb (do people still say that? I know Randy Jackson does). She still has it goin' on! I love that new video of her. It looks like she hasn't even aged a bit! I loved it. It shows that women our age can still be hot.

Cheryl Wray said...

Patti--Go to Blockbuster RIGHT THIS MINUTE and rent those movies!!! :-)

Kat--Ooh, I loved those movies too!!

Adrienne--I can't wait!!!!!

Maria--That is SO cool to find out about you. I love the name Sabrina, and I LOVE that movie!!! It's one of my favorite HF movies!!!

Hippo--I LOVE those memories!!!! And I also love the one with Sean Connery. HE is a cutie, too!!

Ms. L--I think that is SO great about your 14-yo. My girls have their moments when they "indulge" me. LOL Too bad the movie doesn't come out until May. Hopefully, we can have a date before then!! :-)

Theresa--Paula just kills me. She is still in awesome shape and I think she is so sweet!

Heather said...

ROFLOL The Paula Abdul video makes me feel old because I remember it vividly. Most kids these days have NO clue that she was a singer or coreographer (sp?). Ugh! I loved watching all of the Indiana Jones movies, but I don't know about this one... Hmmm.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh Cheryl...here's just another thing we have in common. I'm a Harrison Ford fan too. And I love all of the I.J. movies. Looking forward to seeing the new one.

Alright, now you know you're killing me with this Paula Abdul thing, right? What a flash back THAT was. It is hard to believe that's the same person. I actually have a work out video by here and it DRAINS me!! Watching (not doing) that workout is what showed me that I DO NOT have any coordination :-).

And for the record, I love me some Bee Gees! You'd be TOTALLY surprised by the music that I enjoy. Mister M. is convinced I'm not only older than I say I am. But that I'm not black either, LOL.

Great post!

Edleen said...

1981...flashback, what a feeling! hehehe...

Harrison Ford, handsome as he gets older! lucky Calista! ;)

i get moments with my kids when they ask, "Huh? who's that actor or singer?" they don't know that most songs today are taken from the best of times! :D

Jenster said...

MAY 22!!! I'm already planning our outing. lol

I had the privilege of seeing the movie in one of the country's first Surround Sound theaters in Los Angeles! AWESOME!!

BTW - Fayetteville, AR is gorgeous. I lived in the Little Rock area from 1988 to 2006. :o)