Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm MAD (mad, I tell ya!!) about March basketball!!!!!!!

Now, I don't mean mad as in "angry."

I mean mad as in "CRAZY." I am CRAZY for, in love with, obsessed with, crazy about... the NCAA basketball tournament. I love March Madness...and I totally blame my Dad for it.

Growing up, my Dad gave me some wonderful instructions on life and happiness and contentment. He taught me about the value of family, and left me with an amazing tradition of faith.

But, there are two other things that he gave me a great appreciation for...

Music and Sports!

I grew up listening to the best music from Dad's amazing record collection (the Byrds, the Beatles, the Moody Blues, Cat Stevens, Elton John, the Mamas and the Papas); and he taught me to love (and to understand) sports. The only time I ever remember us begging Mom to let us skip church on Sunday night was to watch the Dallas Cowboys (sometimes we got away with it, sometimes we didn't!). And when March came around, Dad taught me the joy of March Madness. We'd print out the brackets (well, back in the "old days" we'd make copies of the brackets from our local newspaper) and fill them in, seeing who could beat the other person. Just the other day, the girls and I were visiting my parents and Dad handed me a bracket to fill out (we also got Delaney and McKenna to fill theirs out). (And Dad still has copies of brackets from way-back-when.)

So, I get my love for March Madness honestly...although Dad says I've taken it to a whole new level! I pretty much watch basketball non-stop through the tourney, I keep up with the different players' stories, cheer for a "Cinderella" team that I fall in love with along the way, and cheer on my personal favorites. This year, Alabama is absent from it all, but I have other "favorites" to root for... this year, I'm cheering on Texas, Vanderbilt (my SEC pick), and Purdue (for Phats, of course!!)

I finished my brackets last night, since the tournament starts today and I ended up having an interesting final four. Although it's not full of surprises, it does have only one #1 seed (Memphis) in it; my other three in the final four are #2 seeds Texas, Georgetown, and Duke. I will probably be totally wrong about the finals, but it's fun to give it a shot! (And, along the way, I have some upsets picked; it seems that #12 seeds almost always beat their #5 seed opponents, so I've got two of those picked).

(And I thought this was funny... Delaney picked her brackets and she did two separate ones. She did a "real" one where she has North Carolina and Memphis in the finals and she did a "fantasy" one where her favorite teams would make it all the way. The teams in her final four are Texas, Gonzaga, Purdue and Notre Dame, with Notre Dame winning it all! Now tell me that isn't crazy??!!)

So, I will be watching a lot of basketball in the next few weeks, and it all starts today... but first I have to go see Dawn! Yay!! (Photos to follow tomorrow... you know that!)

In the meantime,
go to Phats blog where he has a bracket challenge going on among certain blog friends (including moi!)
and go to my brackets at

Let the madness begin!!!


Dawn Bibbs said...

Hi Cheryl...I'm waiting for you :-). I am SO looking forward to meeting you today. I've got my camera ready too.

I'm not quite as "into" the whole college basketball thing as you are. But you make it all sound so fun. I may have to take an interest this year. But I'll have to ease into it...we don't want Mister M. passing out because HIS wife is watching something other than A&E or HGTV, lol.

See ya soon.

Stacy said...

hey cheryl !!! did i ever mention to you that i have a real good friend that lives in huntsville that i may be coming to see in the fall where is that from you?

hippochick said...

Since Syracuse is out of it, I am not as excited as I might be. Here in Las Vegas, everyone is going nuts. They have probably finished their game already, but I haven't heard the results. As alway, I will root for Duke.

I love your posts. After I finish with my Death Valley post, I think I'll do a "Why I love Spring and Easter". I DO love Easter.

Have a happy Thursday. Lucky you and Dawn!!!

Patti said...

Go Winthrop Eagles (my small potatoes alma mater!)

Edleen said...

it's Good Friday here and Easter fun around the corner :D

wishing you a Wonderful Weekend with the family :)

Phats said...

I love this post!! :)

Duke about bit it, they got lucky no foul was called before their game winner when the Belmont kid was mugged.

Thanks for Cheering for Purdue!! BOILER UP! Are you going to the games in Alabama? If so please root for our local team the Butler Bulldogs!

Tell Delany she is easily my favorite blogger kid :)

Gary might beat you this year in my challenge ;)

Gin said...

I always do the brackets too, but just for funreally. I'm not as crazy about it as you. Ha ha!!!

Nina Diane said...

did you watch the Duke game?? oh my.......and how about Lost!! yee haw...that show is awesome