Friday, March 07, 2008

It's a *Scrappy* Friday!

Yesterday was a really good day, for several very simple reasons (you all know that it's those simple things that sometimes bring me the most joy!)...

~ I made and ate a whole bunch of homemade mashed potatoes (that stuff is the food of the gods, and I can eat an entire pot full if I don't watch it!).

~ I finally got to watch "Lost" again after waiting another whole week for it (I know that's how television shows usually know, a week in between episodes...but I get really impatient when it comes to my favorite show! I seriously need a t-shirt that says "Lost Maniac" or "In Therapy for Lost Addiction" or something!).

~ I actually sat down and did some scrapping! I drug out my card table, turned on "Monk," got out my Cadbury's Mini Easter Eggs (LOVE those things) and a big tall glass of Diet Dr. Pepper, and I actually scrapped several pages. I hadn't done that in ages, so it felt really good! (I'm hoping that it helped get my mojo back for good, and that I can get some more pages done in the next week too!)

This first page is my very favorite recent page! I've shared with all of you that I was gonna have to do a scrapbook page based on all of Sydney's dresses. I need to remember this moment in her life...when all she wants to do is wear dresses and skirts and tutus, and act all girly, and get a kick out of dressing up. Because, you know that phase isn't gonna last forever!

I took four of my favorite pictures (I had ten of them! lol) and put together this "Any Time is 'Dress-Up' Time"... which ended up being perfect for the latest challenge at the One Little Word blog. The word this time around is "time," so I'm submitting it for that challenge as well.

These pictures and this page just makes me smile...and I know I will treasure it as Sydney continues to get older, grow up, and become less of a "girly girl." It's a memory that's precious to me!

This next layout is actually one I did a few weeks ago at Adrienne's, but I hadn't shared it yet. It's really one of my favorites lately, because I really like the design a lot (the arrows on it make me happy! lol) ... but mostly because it tells a story. My scrapbook pages usually have a lot of words on them, because it's important to me to tell the story behind the pictures. In fact, that's really why I scrapbook to begin with: I want to always remember the little moments and events and experiences I have.

You may all remember these pictures from Christmastime, when Sydney was an angel in our Christmas play. You might remember that during the dress rehearsal, she couldn't keep from telling Holden (the little boy next to her; and, by the way, she claims that Holden is her boyfriend!) what to do. Yep, she's an angel... but she's also a character!

And then I did this super-duper-easy layout of Gary and I on Valentine's Day (literally, it took 15 minutes to make! and I am all about easy creations!). It's actually pretty different than what I usually do, because it only has one sentence of journaling. But sometimes EASY is what I'm going for.

And then I also got to do some work on the kit I'm creating for my local scrapbook store, Scrapbook Mania. It's the March kit and it has all kinds of yummy products (great papers, flowers, journaling stamps). It will have 3 12 x 12 layouts, one 8.5 x 11 layout, and either a few tags or a little "itty bitty" mini accordian book (I haven't decided on that yet). It's fun to create for the store, but it's also kinda nerve-wracking. I want my ideas to be "good" enough and ones that other people are going to want to re-create.

I can't share the entire projects, but here's a sneak peek at two of the pages...

And now it's time for the weekend!

I can't decide whether I'm looking forward to this weekend...or dreading it! We have a softball tournament--which I usually totally look forward to, and I DO want to see Delaney play--but the weather is supposed to be absolutely freezing! The high tomorrow is slated for 42, so I am NOT looking forward to sitting in the stands and watching those games (or taking Sydney out in it...yuck!). And, oh yeah, there's a chance of snow. Snow and softball? Not sure what kind of mix that would make!

I'm sure it will work out one way or the other...and I'll be here to tell you all about it on Monday! LOL

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Linda said...

ohhhh love all the scrappy goodness. Girl, I want to know how you don't gain a ton of weight with all that food you eat?????? I would be a house and I exercise like a maniac. hehehe.

Anyway, love the dress cute. Have a fabulous day.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey Cheryl! Wow, you've been busy. I'll tell ya, I truly think my mojo has gone on a vacation overseas or something! I just can't get into it!! ARGH! But I usually do pretty good if I FORCE myself. What's strange though, now I have this GROOVY scrap studio and I don't wanna mess it up by scrapbooking, LOL. Maybe you should come help me break it in!!

Your LO's look great! always.

Have a great weekend, my friend, and stay warm. We're supposed to have the same kinda coo-coo weather as you guys. So we'll see. Toodles!!

Ms.L said...

Awww I love,love,love dress up time.

I have the same problem with potatoes.I try and eat sweet potatoes but it's just not the same as the white ones made with butter and milk(cream if I'm feeling extravagent)

Adrienne said...

Great pages!!!! I love the one you did at my house! It still makes me smile! I "JUST" got back from a morning of shopping with my mom and I got to go to the SB store, so after my nap (that I am about to take lol) I'm going to clean off my table and SCRAP! YAY! LOL

Patti said...

I love the scrapping too and hope to do it myself one day.
Just bundle up I wish I could send you my brand spanking new crimson Browning goosedown jacket to wear!

Cheryl Wray said...

Linda--Who said I DON'T gain a ton of weight? ha ha! I feel sometimes like I'm getting bigger by the day!

Dawn--My mojo has been desperately missing lately. I would LOVE to come scrap with you sometime! Wouldn't that be fun?

Ms L--Dress up time is the best!! Mmm...yes, potatoes with a lot of butter and cream!

Adrienne--Yay!! I cant wait to see what you create!

Cheryl Wray said...

Patti--That goosedown jacket would be PERFECT. It is going to be SO cold!!!

~Nancy~ said...

Oooww.. I loooove your new creations Cheryl!!!! HOw awesome.. all details and colors are just PEFECT!!!!!!! You sure have been busy!!!! Have a great Friday!! XOXO

Mississippi Songbird said...

Have a wonderful weekend.. Hope you don't get any of the snow storm..brrrrrr..

Gin said...

That sounds like it's gonna be a COLD wekend. I'm with you/ I'm not sure I'd want to watch softball in snow.
Good luck to her team.

scrappermimi said...

Love your LO! I agree nothing better than some chocolate, a big tall soda and some scrappy goodness!

Hope that keeps your mojo running!

hippochick said...

Great layouts, Cheryl. No scrapping for me until I get home. I am taking tons of pictures though. I plan to make some cards in the next few days - Waster is near.

I'll pray for your poor freezing bones this weekend.

Have a great one!!

Cheryl said...

I love your work. You better bundle up good for you are right the weather is going to be really cold tomorrow. I remember those days of baseball and sitting outside until my whole body was frozen. And then again there were lots of good days. This is our first season of not having a child involved in sports. It is a big change after 10 years of being involved. It was fun though. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Have a nice weekend!

Auburn Kat said...

I could be having the worst day but when I sit down and read your blog, it always makes me smile.

Cheryl Wray said...

Nancy--Thank you! You are so sweet!! (And I really appreciate compliments from you, because your scrapping work is so incredible!)

Stephanie--Thanks!! I'm hoping we don't freeze to death! lol

Gin--Thanks! I hope her team does well!

Mimi--You're right! Soda, chocolate, and scrapping makes a great combination!

Cheryl Wray said...

Pam--You will have so many great pictures to scrap from your trip!! :-)

Cheryl--We were out there tonight adn we were SO cold!!!! I know that's gonna be weird not playing ball this year!

Kat--You are so sweet. THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts! I so wish I could get some scrapping mojo back. I took out my daughter's school album to give me a chance to stare at it every day. I just HAVE to finish last year before this year is over!


Lucy Edson said...

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for looking at my blog. I just start the OLW challenge & it's really fun to work from a theme, isn't it? Great LO for the challenge. I'll be stopping by again.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous layouts! Love your take on the word 'TIME' Love the memories!


Dettao said...

I'm wondering about the weight thing, too. How do you do it? Love those pages, as usual. I am also in love with Jason Castro. He is just so darling. Was not crazy about David Cook until he did that song and now I'm convinced that he is awesome. He just needs to comb his hair, you know?

Gina said...

thanks Cheryl for your nice comment and I love your time layout. looks like our girlie girls would get along great!


Phats said...


Big win for Bama today Cheryl!

Delia said...

I love all the layouts! Your's are always great.

And I know what you mean about those homemade mashed potatoes! I could make a meal out of mashed potatoes and dinner rolls! yum yum!

Theresa Tyree said...

Have you ever had Shepherd's Pie? It's an awesome way to use left over mashed potatoes. That is, if there are any left overs! Ha ha!

Sydney is every mother's dream for a daughter. She is the reason I long to have a little girl, but alas, I must wait for a grandaughter.

Your layouts look great! I think you should definitely submit for the "time" challenge!

Great job!

Adriann said...

Love the Girly Girl LO! Sydney will appreciate this so much when or if the day comes when she wears nothing but jeans. I love what you've captured!

Enjoy your weekend!

Frasypoo said...

Hi Cheryl
You are so talented!!!
I was thinking of emailing you about where I could get wedding cards at a great price !!!
Somehow I thought you would know !

Andrea, said...

Fabulous layouts, you have used some fantastic papers

Kathy said...

Hey there girlie! Look at you go! You've got your scrappy MOJO going on! Could you come to my house so that some of it can rub off on me? LOL

LOVE all of your pages!

Susie Q said...

You do the most wonderful pages...
Stay warm. I bet Spring is almost there!! When you see it, tell it not to forget about us Yankees. We are freezing!!!


NancyJones said...

soo cute i love toseeyouscrappen girl