Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Softball,
Snow, and

The theme for this past weekend quickly became, "If you think you've got specific plans, don't bet on it." Which quickly evolved into my mantra for the weekend . . . "Just go with the flow."

The specific plan for the weekend involved watching Delaney play in a softball tournament on Friday and Saturday. Ideally, it would have been a warm, balmy, Spring day... you know, that Perfect softball weather! Well, this is where the first "Don't bet on it" came into play. Friday night, we watched Delaney play two softball the coldest, wettest, nastiest weather I've just about ever experienced for a sporting event (although it really couldn't quite come close to the night five years ago when we got stuck at the ballpark in the middle of a tornado warning...or the night it rained incessantly and made HUGE gullies in the field in matters of minutes... okay, we have had a number of bad weather experiences over the years...but this was right up there at the top!).

At the beginning of the night, it was just cold. By the end of the second game, it was sleeting and we were soaked, and I was huddled in front of someone else's heater, and Sydney was sleeping it off in the car!

The next plan was to watch Delaney play ball all day on Saturday, but then we woke up to snow! It wasn't a bunch of it, but it was enough to force Gary (who was our tournament director) into postponing games for the day (you know us in the South; a little bit of snow and all plans are off! LOL). He went out to the ballpark and got these great pictures!

Too bad we didn't get to play... I think it might have been fun to see the girls sliding in the snow in the outfield!

So, that completely changed our plans for Saturday and we had to just "go with the flow." Certainly I should have stayed home and caught up on housecleaning (which desperately needs to happen!), but instead I took the girls to the movies and then came home and pretty much piddled around. That was actually a really nice change of plans!

The weather decided to turn around on Sunday, so we had our second tournament day yesterday. Yep, another change of plans (no lazing around watching basketball after church; it was off to the other side of town to play all day). But, it turned out GREAT! The weather was gorgeous (in the 70s!!!), Sydney spent hours playing happily on the playground, McKenna made money working the tournament gate (which would have never happened if plans had gone as expected originally), Delaney's team had a great day (they came in second to a really strong team), and it turned into a really nice time. See...sometimes, the best laid-plans can go astray, and sometimes that's just fine!

And, now my plans for the day include...

~ Washing those piles of clothes that I should have started on over the weekend (seriously, neither of the girls had clean jeans this morning and had to do some major improvisation!)

~ Finishing the last of my scrapbook pages for the March kit I'm creating for Scrapbook Mania

~ Coming up with some article ideas to pitch to editors

~ Trying to get my internal clock adjusted to the time change

~ Spending some extra time with Sydney, who feels a bit puny

~ Organizing for the week ahead.

But, of course . . . none of that is really set in stone. Plans here in the Wray household are always subject to change!


Kelly said...

what? I'm first! I love the pic of the daffodils. I miss them this time of year...

Adrienne said...

My kids only played outside for a few minutes, they said it was too cold! LOL

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, I hope Sydney starts to feel better. Great pictures..
I'm so ready for the daffodils.. Have a great week ahead..

Cheryl Wray said...

Kelly--ha ha about being first! It's always fun to see who gets in here first! :-) I love daffodils too. When they start peeking out, I know that Spring is soon!

A--It WAS very cold!!

Stephanie--She's feeling some better and is determined to go to dance class. We'll see... You have a great week too!

MsGrace said...

We always have the go with the flow thing here. Best laid plans with four kids never seems to go the way I expext.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. should stop taking chances with that crazy weather!
However I'm glad you your family had time to hang togther. Have a great week!!!

Linda said...

had to go to a couple of races like that...nasty weather isn't fun in that sense. Glad you survived.

Patti said...

"going with the flow" is the right way to be! I think the worst sports weather i've endured was huddling under the grandstands at the Summerville Speedway when Stacy was racing there and we were under tornado warning. Yikes!

Kathy said...

Your weather sounds just like our weather! Crazy isn't it?

Glad you got some of the games in, even though it wasn't as planned!

The movies are always FUN! Especially, when it's spontaneous!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had an interesting weekend. Is your daughter on the varsity softball team? Has your area ever heard of Ider. Our Softball girls won state in 2006. I think they came in third last year. Just thought maybe ya'll have played us if she is on varsity. I am not sure how far our junior high girls have traveled but I know this goofy coach we have takes our girls all over the place. My daughter does not play but I have friends that theirs do. Anyway, hope you have a good week! God Bless!

Phats said...

Hey Cheryl
I hate winter for sure. I am hoping we're done with snow now it might actually reach 60 here wednesday!

When I cheered at Purdue we were nuts we loved to cheer in the rain, and my senior year during the Bucket game it snowed it was awesome. I have also cheered in a 10 below temperature. Sports they must go on right? :) Hopefully Delany still had fun.

Glad you had a good weekend. best of luck to Bama in the SEC Tournament this week

Delia said...

We loved the snow this weekend; it was our biggest in a few years so the kids really took advantage of it and played as much as they could. (well, as much as I'd let them... it was really cold out there.)

I hope Sydney feels better soon.

~gkw said...

Cheryl - You didn't even mention Albertsville in March of last year when it was like 20 degrees and strong winds! That had to be the coldest I've been at a game!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Ya know, ya just gotta love the South, dontcha! Snow and freezing one day, sunny and 70's the next! ONLY in Suthern Amerca :-), lol.