Friday, March 14, 2008

"Scenes from a Middle School Play"

{But, for my fellow "Lost" addicts...I have just three words for last night's episode: "Un Stinkin' Believable!" These shows are killing me this season. They are SO good! I am already having withdrawal symptoms anticipating the absence of episodes for several weeks after next week's show. My only consolation? I will have my other Huge Obsession to entertain me during those times. March Madness will be in full swing and I will be watching basketball as much as I can!}

Okay, on to the primary objective of my post for today: to share some pictures from Delaney's middle school production last night. The play was SO good and Delaney did such a GREAT job! They performed last night for the parents, and today they perform for the entire school (Delaney was a little bit nervous about that this morning!). I am so proud that Delaney has just stepped into middle school with almost no fear and gotten involved in things. I think there were five sixth graders in the play (out of 18 cast members), so I was so proud of her for stepping up and stepping out to do something she loves.

The play was called "Laffin School" and is about a class of rambunctious first graders. The teacher has an observer come to class and is worried that her students won't behave. Let's just say that they DON'T and lots of laughs ensue. Delaney played little Peggy, who told some pretty corny jokes and thought that the Big Bad Wolf ate the apple she brought to her teacher. :-)

A few scenes of other actors...

And some scenes with my favorite actress... Delaney ... in them. (Her facial expressions kill me!)

Of course, Sydney had to go "on set" and pose at a student's desk and ring the "teacher"'s bell...

It was a FUN, fun night!!!

And, now, my plans for the weekend include:

* Making some pretty pink cupcakes for a baby shower for my niece.
* Having Sunday lunch at Gary's parents'. I am anticipating pot roast and mashed potatoes and other good Southern food. Yum!
* Watching conference tournament games most of the day today, then watching Selection Sunday to get ready for the NCAA tourney. I love March Madness (even though Bama won't be in it... I got me some other teams to cheer for!).
* Going to our Easter Egg Hunt at church. (Can you believe Easter is coming so soon?)
* Anticipating the fact that next week is Spring Break. We have got some FUN stuff planned!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting?

Thanks, as always, for popping by. You are some of my favorite people in the world {smile!}. And I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend. See you on the other side!


Patti said...

I love her facial expressions too. I love school functions so much.
Mmmm cupcakes. I hope I have a cupcake in my future this week-end!
Going to Summerville to the MIL's. Should be nice and relaxing. Ahhhh

Adrienne said...

Awww great pics!!! LOST was fantastic!!!!!!! I love how they tried to fool us with a flashback of Jin!!!!!! Not too much going on this weekend....I don't think! LOL

Jenster said...

Great pictures! What fun. My daughter is in her first school play in a few weeks. We're quite excited. :o)

LOST! Oh.My.Gosh! I love that show because one can never figure out what's going on. Though I wasn't surprised to see Michael. I figured it was either him or Walt.

But Sun & Jin?? *sigh* I was so happy they worked things out. And then the end? Just gives me more questions.

hippochick said...

I think Sydney could have played the part of one of the students! She is such a cutie. I think all the girls are taking after their mother!!

I'm not into LOST though my very dear friend is. Me, I'm into Jericho and sometimes I find it tiresome. Have a great weekend!!

Auburn Kat said...

I can't believe Easter is already next wknd! I'm ready for spring weather....there is still snow on the ground here and there is more in the forecast!

Kathy said...

HOW FUN! I bet the play was GREAT! I love the expressions on Delaney's face! LOL It's so cool that you actually got the photos that you did! She will remember that play forever!

No big plans this weekend. I am hoping to get into my craft room to organize it some more. I gotta take "baby steps" in there, because I get so overwhelmed by all of the junk (ummmmmmmm I mean wonderful scrapbooking supplies) I have! LOL

Maybe, I will play with my new Cuttlebug Embossing folder (Swiss Dots) I was so excited when I got the call that they had come in! It's always fun to get new toys!

Nina Diane said...

future actress.....maybe

Delia said...

It looks like they put on a great play! I love plays!

You are making me want to watch Lost again.

Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

My plans are to get ready for my trip to Brazil on MOnday. I have to run errands and pack for the kids since they will be staying with friends while we are gone.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Shoot, I thought I commented on this already. Sorry!

Ok, I am so loving the pix from the play. I promise you, when I first started looking at the pictures, I thought one of the girls was McKenna! LOL

Looks like Delaney did an awesome job. The pix look great!

SOOOOO, what are you gonna do for Spring Break next week? lol

See ya soon.

Phats said...

OK i thought for sure you'd have a write up of the CRAZY game last night between Bama and Mississippi State! Game tying baskets, OT, Tornsdoes! CRAZY :)

NancyJones said...

LOst has been awesoem I have had to rewatch them online cuz my brain dont absorb stuff no more but oh wow. I cant wait till next week just remind me its on lol I know i know but I forget what day it is and well Im just nuts Im writing it on my calendar and tryin to keep up.
The play looks adorable and sooo much fun love those faces so cute!
Thank you truely THANK YOU for your support girl. This has been a tough month. but its just been a month and I know i got a long way to go but its gettin there. thank you love ya

Edleen said...

future actors in the family! looks like a fun play :)

pink cupcakes! Yummy :)

Heather said...

Delaney is SO cute. I can't get over those facial expressions. Priceless. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I actually got to scrapbook which makes this weekend a minor miracle!

Adriann said...

Love the pics of the play! It looked like a professional performance.

I guess, I'm going to have to check out Lost. I keep hearing a lot about it. I'm the type to get on the train late. For example, I started watching 2 years ago by renting it and became very addicted. LOL!