Friday, May 16, 2008

Eight (really all over the place) things

1. OMG! (and any other appropriate online abbreviations that basically mean, "Holy crap! I love this show!" I guess that could be HCILTS!!). "Lost" was awesome last night--again!!--and filled with great moments. The one that got me the most was not even a big revelation or anything. It was when Jack finally learned that Claire was his sister. We've all known it as viewers since season 2, but to see it revealed to Jack was really emotional. And then The Orchid! the Oceanic Six lying to everyone about their island experience! the whispers! (I kinda feel a teensy bit guilty for being SO addicted to a television show, but I'm not going to dwell too long on that. lol)

2. We all--all five of us!!--ate dinner together at the table last night. We don't do that near enough and it was really nice!

3. Delaney had a come-apart the other night that ended in her tearfully saying, "Momma, middle school is just really hard." She has thrived at school, getting good grades and making new friends and getting involved (I forgot to tell you that she made the volleyball team for next year. Only 14 out of 40 who tried out made it!), but she does NOT like the drama that goes on. She said she's had a rough week with lots of drama about a few of her friends and she just hates to be in the middle of things. Delaney is my child who "externalizes" everything (McKenna is my "internalizer"); she wears her emotions for everyone to see, and really feels for what other people are going through. But, thank goodness, she talked to me about it. I gave her advice, she took it pretty well, and yesterday she opened up even more to me about things. I am so thankful that I have that sort of relationship with Delaney AND I'm pretty glad the school year is almost over!

4. McKenna asked last night if she could go hang out with a group of friends tonight to watch movies, one of which is a boy that she kinda, sorta likes. McKenna knew to ask us first and then Gary asked her, "You know what you have to do if you two decide to 'really' go out?" (meaning if they go anywhere just the two of them, on a "date"). "I know," she answered. "He's gotta meet you first." McKenna just turned 16 and she is now given permission to officially date, but she is INCREDIBLY picky and has not been "jumping up and down" to go out with anyone. (She's had plenty of boyfriends, but all have had to be the invite-him-to-church-or-hang-out-with-him-at-
school variety.) When she said that back to Gary, she kinda nodded her head and did a funny smile at the same time; she has realized that's just "how it is" and I think she actually has come to the point of really appreciating the fact that Gary would care so much about it. I have drilled into her head about boundaries in dating; and only dating the kind of guy that meets her priorities; and valuing herself enough to be smart with boys...I think it's all sunk in (and how cool to have her as an example to Delaney, because D is learning a lot from her!).

5. Sydney is not dealing with drama or dating...LOL...but I gotta share a Sydney story here too. Yesterday, the utter bottom dropped out and it rained in a DELUGE for several hours. You gotta know that Sydney LOVES water puddles (if she sees just a teeny tiny one, she has to go to it and jump in it!). Well, the rain was too much for her to handle and she begged to go outside and play in it. So I opened the den door, let her run in and out--jumping in puddles, getting completely soaked in the process--and she was loving it! At one point she came inside to tell me (jumping up and down in excitement), "I just love the United States!" I had to kinda laugh (where did that come from?) and asked her, "Why do you love the United States?" She answered, "Because it rains so much in the United States. It's the best place!" How can I argue with that logic? Too cute!

6. I got an invitation to a baby shower for my cousin and her husband (they are in Texas, so I won't be able to go, but it was still cool to get the invitation). Her name is Lacy (which I've always loved) and I just knew she'd come up with a cool baby name. The invitation said her baby was going to be Haven Grace. Isn't that just the cutest?

7. Delaney will be playing in a softball tournament tomorrow and Gary has decided that I should use my audio recorder to do a play-by-play of one of the games. He thinks I could post it on the team's website and/or blog, and parents who couldn't be there can listen to a game. It will be my first attempt at live sports broadcasting, so I'll let you know how it goes. (I just told Gary that I can't promise that I won't call the umpire by some ugly name, or call our players by their funny nicknames. LOL)

8. Yesterday, I spent some time working on a mini album dedicated to pictures of McKenna when she was a baby. And...I started doing an art journal. I want to work on some scrapbook challenges. So, maybe I'll have some to share by tomorrow or over the weekend.

That's just a little peek into my life.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend. Ciao!


Edleen said...

Hi Cheryl! Friday is almost over for us here *wink* i had a Fab Friday and looking forward to the weekend :)

ahh...your Girls are growing up and i'm certainly looking forward to seeing your album, art journals and scrap pages!

have a Great Weekend! *hugs*

Monogram Queen said...

"I just told Gary that I can't promise that I won't call the umpire by some ugly name, or call our players by their funny nicknames. LOL)" THIS is one of the reasons I pink puffy heart you, Cheryl!
How cool Delaney can talk to you and Mckenna sets a good example. I have said it many times - you inspire me woman!

Leah said...

Love all the little tidbits. Your girls are just precious! Good luck with the commentary tomorrow!

Gin said...

Great post, Cheryl. I hope you show some of your scrapbook stuff soon. love to see them.

Kathy said...


You've got great kids! They seem to be really grounded! And that is a good thing!

I cannot wait to see your new album, and would love to hear more about your art journal. What will you use it for? Is it going to be dedicated to one thing, or are you going to use it to store ideas in? Do tell!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynilu said...

Middle school drama, ugh. I remember my daughter going through that, and she, like Delaney, just didn't do well with it. However, she survived and became a wonderful woman. There is hope! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Ed--My girls continue to amaze me! And I will certainly share some of my creations soon! I'm off to work on a scrap page in just a bit, in fact! Have a great weekend!!

Queen--(Love your new profile name, btw!) LOL...that will be the hard part. Do I tell the game "like it is" or be nice? And you are TOO sweet; thanks for the awesome compliment. I just do my best and, thank God, so far things are working out!

Leah--Thanks. We'll see how it goes. :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Gin--Thanks! I'll try and share some stuff soon.

Kathy--Actually, the art journal is something totally new for me. I've wanted to do one before, and this time I decided to go for it! It's actually going to be used as a notebook for my poetry; but hoping to add some collage, photos, etc. alongside the poems to make it more visual. We'll see.

Lynilu--Yep, middle school is the worst. McKenna survived it (but she is much more tough-nosed than Delaney), but I think Delaney will be fine. She has her head on straight, so that's good!

Adrienne said...

Dating....ACK! LOL Glad she is level headed about it all! That is wonderful!

Sharmaine said...

They changed the time they air Lost here and so now it is on late! Not happy!!! Have the last 2 episodes waiting to be watched and no time to watch them BOO HOO

Loreluca said...

Oh, Cheryl! I can't imagine when Coco starts "dating"! Your rule was same as my parents: I had to bring the "boyfriend" around!
Cesar has been in middle school for two years now, and the drama is intense, and unbelievable. More often than not he'll ask if he can call so and so, because he thinks they're "mad at me, but I don't know why". I can't wait for Coco's and Connor's turn.
You HAVE to let us hear your broadcasting!!!! It would be neat to hear your voice... and to hear you call the empire UGLY names!

Susie Q said...

I love your peeks into the Wray family...those girls are just too, too cute!!

It is so hard to watch your kids going through the dramas of school...she will be just fine because she has a wonderful family but it is STILL so hard!

You tell Miss S that I love the US too...we are having such a nice rain!


Auburn Kat said...

I never dated in high school, I was always too busy with school and sports for a man! I am so happy I didn't either, it kept me from getting into a lot of drama!

Going For Greatness said...

Happy Sunday, Cheryl!!
Poor Delaney :( I remember the dramas and I too, hated, hated, HATED it!
Give her a hug and let her know that it does get better. She needs to be assertive and tell her friends that it's just NOT acceptable for them to put her in the middle of their drama.
Good luck!!

Katrin said...

The life of a teenager is so full of adventure! I don't think my dad met everyone of my dates... but I can so remember the drama in middle school. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Sydney story. She just makes me laugh (I bet she is fun "in real life.") Have a great Sunday.

~Nancy~ said...

Hey there girlie.. your posts always make me so happy when reading them!! Just wanted to stop by and say HI!!!! XOXO

Cheryl Wray said...

Good Sunday afternoon!!!! (Still doing some creating, but nothing to post yet! lol)

Adrienne--I know, dating!!! Aack!! it is scary!!

Sharmaine--You MUST find time to watch your Lost episodes. They are SO SO SO good!!! :-)

Loreluca--HEY girl!!!! So good to see you here again!!! Middle school drama is just CRAZY, isn't it? Ugh!! And you CAN actually hear my voice if you go down a few posts. I put a little "test" podcast out there. LOL

Cheryl Wray said...

Susie--Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I know that Delaney will do just fine--she is such a great girl!--but boy is it hard to see them have to deal with everything!

Kat--I was always the same way; never had a boyfriend really until college. But my problem was I was just too shy back then (can you believe that? :-)

Gabi--HEY again to you too!!! So good to hear from you!!!

Katrin--I would NOT want to go back to being a teenager, but I do have some great, FUN memories of that time.It's really an exciting time for the girls.

Nancy--Thanks for stopping by. You always make me smile too!! :-)

Marjolein said...

Hey, just a quick stopping by by me:-))) And to let you know you're not the only one who's completely LOST in LOST..... love the show, and the big reveal wasn't as big for me, like you said!! Wonder when the season finaly is.... hopefully not to soon:-(

hippochick said...

Hi Cheryl,

I have missed you so so much this week. It's been a really busy one and I haven't had time (or energy) to even catch up with my blogland friends. I'm going to post today so you can catch up with me.

I so agree with your post about the arts. Like you, I am really rediscovering my creative side - and discovering aspects of my creativity that I didn't know existed. I have a "mama makes up her mind" type book I want to write.

I just loved that Sydney thinks it only rains in the United States. I still LOVE to walk and run in the rain.

I truly enjoyed all your posts this past week.

hippochick said...

lOh yes, I forgot the Jr. High drama. My girls always hated that - me too. Teen years are really hard if you ask me.

Cheryl said...

Did you go to the softball tournaments at B'ham this weekend?? I wasn't there because mine does not play but IDER won state in the 2A division, a team called PISGAH, won in their level (I think 3A). It is a small town that is within a few miles of us. That was very unusual for both teams from the same area to win state. I know what you mean about the DRAMA thing. My daughter has just about had it with that, a few girls here make it really hard for the good girls. I think it is a jealousy thing. School is out in a few weeks here so maybe things will get better. Have a good week girl!

Mama P said...

I got your email. When I hear of something at BabyCenter, I'll let you know. I'll talk at ya later, too, about your freelance. I make a good living now blogging, but am going to do magazines soon. Would love to bounce ideas off of you.

Cheryl Wray said...

Marjolein--Oh, SAD news for us Lost fans. There is ONLY ONE more episode this season. It skips this week, then a two-hour finale next week. Can't wait for it, but will be SO sad when it's gone until next year.

Pam--Sounds like things have been very busy in your part of the world!! I would LOVE to hear more about your book. I am all about encouraging other writers, so I say GO FOR IT!!

Cheryl--We didn't go, because Delaney was playing in her own tournament this weekend but Hueytown won the 6A title. We are all VERY excited over here!!!!

Mama--Great!!! Maybe we can exchange information about blogging and freelancing. Talk to you soon!

Cheryl Wray said...
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Crazy in Alabama said...

Hey! I bet we have been at the same ballpark together before! My girls play travel softball too! They are on the 14u and 10U North Alabama Rockets. If you are serious about doing the play by play thing, there is a guy on our team that does it and he broadcasts through a site called play action sports (I think that's it) You should check it out. Maybe we will run into one another at the ballpark sometime!!!