Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend Update--
Scrapping, Celebrating, Birthday Cake-ing, and other Random Stuff
(with Photos!!!)

We had one of those REALLY GOOD weekends. Even though I absolutely love going to Delaney's softball tournaments, sometimes it is really nice to not have to spend all weekend at one. This weekend was one of those times! So...I enjoyed a fabulous dinner and margarita with one of my best girlfriends Friday night, scrapped part of the day on Saturday with another great girlfriend, did some bathing suit shopping Saturday as well (found some really good suits, which is always a great thing when that happens!), cooked a good meal on Saturday night, enjoyed a wonderful church service and spent time with friends on Sunday, had a great family gathering Sunday night for Gary's dad's birthday... and also enjoyed quite a bit of "down" time where I watched some tv or surfed the web or just hung out the with the family... like I said, quite a GOOD weekend!

On Saturday, I scrapped with my friend Allison (after making an early-morning run for some scrapbooking goodies and some Krispy Kremes) and got at least some work done (although not nearly as much as I wanted!). The main thing I wanted to work on was a little baby mini album for Sydney. With new babies everywhere around me, I got to thinking about how I don't have an actual baby album for McKenna, Delaney, or Sydney...and I am going to take care of that! So, I did Sydney's book first and I'm going to work next on ones of McKenna and Delaney.

So, I wanted something SIMPLE for these books. So, I got this little book at the dollar store (can you believe that?); it had four chipboard pages on the inside. So, I unstrung them, painted the chipboard pages, added extra pages cut from cardstock, added embellishments and journaling block, and came up with this. I really love it!!!

Some of the interior pages...

(look at how cute Sydney is...and how all the girls have changed in four years!!!)

That book right there just makes me HAPPY!!! And now I can't wait to make one using birth and first year pictures of McKenna and Delaney. Maybe I will have some time to get to them by the end of this week (although I'll probably be planning Mother's Day stuff instead! lol)

And then I did three other pages (I wanted to do SO many more, but it wasn't meant to be!)

This is a two-page spread from Sydney's birthday party last month. The lighting is pretty bad here, but I really like how it turned out. I ended up kinda "color blocking" the pages and using these cool little bitty alphabet stickers. Believe me, it looks good "in real life." LOL

And then I just HAD to do a page of us playing with the Guitar Hero when we got together for McKenna's birthday last month. I really like the "funkyness" of this one!!!

And then here are some random photos of some of the weekend activities.

What my table usually looks like when I attempt to scrap. Messiness abounds!!

This is really cool, and I'm getting some good ideas from it (and, yikes, that is what I really look like after a day of scrapping. Rough hair and makeup abounds!!! LOL)

Sydney also scrapped a page...

And then all the kiddoes get restless and are ready to STOP scrapping...

On Sunday, at my father-in-law's birthday gathering, Sydney had to help him blow out his candles. Sydney LOVES her Paw Paw!! (btw, I made a "combo" birthday cake with coconut frosting...Larry's favorite!...on one side, and chocolate on the other. It was yummy!!)

and our new little cousin, Kelsey, was there. Delaney had to hold her (she is in love with this child!!)...

And so did McKenna...

and then, somehow, Gary got his picture of me on the couch. I was NOT sleeping, I promise. I was just really cold and covered up and had closed my eyes for just a teeny

And then, here is just one more random shot that I HAD to share. The weekend was full of just fun little moments and memories. Like Sydney having me dress her BOY Polly Pocket in a dress. She just thought this was the funniest thing ever... was a GOOD one!!!!!


Kimberly said...

Glad to hear you had a great and the gals had a fun time in B'ham on Saturday! We spent way to much money but we got lots of good deals. Hope you have a good week!

Gin said...

I love that little book. That is such a great idea.

Adrienne said...

Hahahaha! Glad you had a good weekend! Love all your scrappies!

Jenster said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!!

I'm hoping to have a margarita or two on my neighbor's deck this evening. lol

I love your scrapbook pages. You are so talented!!

Maria said...

Glad your weekend was so fab! Loved your scrapbook work! Fantastic! :D

Cheryl Wray said...

Kimberly--I'd love to know about all the goodies you bought! I went to the store too and bought the Elsie box, some papers, and some letter stickers. I wanted a lot MORE, but I was on a budget. LOL



Jenster--Margaritas outdoors on a deck, with friends, sounds good!!

Maria--Thanks! You're so sweet!

camport said...

oooh you'll have to show us more of that Elsie box. I've heard good things about it! Love all the pages and I need to get some baby books in the works, too, before I forget all the details!


jennifer said...

It looks like it was a good one!! Love the picture of the great crash of 2008. That was me last weekend.

I am an Alabama blogger too, and I just need to say........


Be blessed.


Patti said...

Sounds like a wonderful week-end!

My friend Cheeky scraps and she sent me a mini album of Madison at Christmas. Oh how I treasre that album!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I did a double take on Polly Pocket. It looked like Hillary
I love the cool!
Have a wonderful week..

Gretchen said...

Great update, Cheryl. I love the scrapbook you did for Sydney. I was just at a Christian Scrapbook Retreat about a week and a 1/2 ago in New Hampshire. Long story. I live in Seattle, but have a dear friend who lives in New England, so we went together. Anyhoo...I've not been up to date on any of my albums in forevah, and have done a lot of little albums through Shutterfly or Snapfish just for the quickness of it. Oh, boy, after that weekend. I'm hooked again. Time for a quilt and scrapland room overhaul. I need to be able to see and use these tools at the drop of a hat now. :)


hippochick said...

First, let me say that Polly Pockets looks JUST like Hillary Clinton - really, take a good look!

Your weekend sounds fabulous. I am so very impressed with all you accomplished scrapping. I hesitate to post any of my pages, everyone is so good.

Have a good week.

Cheryl Wray said...

Camport--I am definitely going to "lift" some of Elsie's pages!

Jennifer--Good to "meet" you. ROLL TIDE back at ya!!!!!!! :-)

Patti--Albums are the BEST, most thoughtful gifts!!

Songbird--Ha ha!!! That DOES look like Hil!

Gretchen--Ooh, yay!!! You're back into scrapbooking. Join the obsessed club! LOL

Pam--Oh, you should definitely post your pages. I'm sure they're great; it's all about capturing memories, after all!!

Auburn Kat said...

LOL! My dad always says..."I am just resting my eyes" YEAH RIGHT! =)

jennifer said...

I never add people this quick but you being an Alabama Grad and giving me a return Roll Tide and all.... I have got to add you to my Alabama Bloggers Blog Roll. Hope you don't mind!

Be blessed.


Oh, and Hubby graduated from Alabama in 92 or 93 - don't tell him I can't remember!

Anonymous said...

Awesome weekend!


Heather said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! That recipe box looks cool! You will have to let me know how you like it!
Have a great day and try to stay dry today! It is already getting dark here in Northern I guess the storms are moving into this area.