Monday, July 28, 2008

Extreme Photo Overload...
Scenes from the Softball World Series

I'm being a little bit lazy this morning (in fact, I think the laziness might just spread throughout the entire week) and still on beach time. I also am pretty occupied getting the girls registered for school this week and doing other asundary, exciting things (washing clothes being the most exciting of them all!) I'm going to pretty much stick with posting pictures for a couple of days. Because, well, I have SO many of them that I want to share a bunch of them with you all.

I thought I'd start off today with random softball pictures from throughout the World Series tournament. Most of them are of Delaney (yes, there are other members of the team--many of whom made some wonderful plays--but you all only know her. LOL) and then also random ones of the rest of us cheering them on (and Sydney playing in the background!)

We played from Tuesday through Saturday, but lucked out that we never lost until the last day. When you lose, you end up playing more games; we'd win our game each day, and then not have to play again until the next day. So, these are random pics from the different days we were out at the park.

(the girls do get silly in the dugout sometimes)

(I just loved this picture of Sydney and some of the other kids; they held up signs for their siblings, and it was too cute!)

(McKenna's friend Mallorie had never been to a softball game before, but we had her cheering big-time before it was all over!)

And then look at this series of photos. It's just a routine play that Delaney had to make--a grounder through the pitcher's mound and then a toss to first place--but I love that we got every step of the play....

And then here is the jubilation after the team won the final game. Yay Mustangs...

(yes, we look extremely rough in that picture. It looks like, apparently, none of us knew how to brush our hair while we were cheering Delaney's team on. LOL)

And then I just love this picture of Delaney sitting up in the dugout. There are few places she'd rather be...

Some details of the Series...

We won our games:

And then going into the championship round, we were undefeated but so was the team we had to play. If we won, it was over; if they won, we'd have to play one more game since it was a double elimination tournament. They ended up beating us 2-1, and we had to play a second time. We rallied and pulled off a 16-2 win to take first place.

It was very excited and Delaney is still on Cloud Nine because of it! So thanks for letting me shae my pictures of the experience with you all!

And for those of you who don't care too much for sports (although how could you not LOVE this? LOL)...tomorrow's picture-heavy post (again!!) will feature boardwalks, ponies, and sunsets. Hope to see ya then!!


Sheila said...

Congratulations to the Birmingham Mustangs!!! Woohoo.

Thanks for sharing.

Nnairda's said...

Great pictures! Can you believe the school season is almost here? Where did the summer go?


Kimberly said... all the pics. Looks like ya'll had a great time and congrats on the wins.

Monogram Queen said...

Once again big congrats to Delaney and the whole team!
She is really going to treasure those pics one day!

Anonymous said...

Those are all such great pictures. I think the last one is my favorite though.


Auburn Kat said...

I do love that picture of her sitting on the dugout! I also love the picture of the back of some of the girls on the cute!

Anonymous said...
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hippochick said...

I loved them. I grew up in an era where there were only boys Little League, but I NEVER missed a game. My husband (well not then) and brother played Little League, Teener League and Town Team baseball. I pretty much became a fan.

I'm so excited for Y'all!!! How'd you like that southern talk?


~Telah said...

Big Congrats to the Mustangs!!!! Love all your pictures...I see some great scrapbook pages!

Ms.L said...

In that photo where you say you look rough? Na uh,you all look happy and relaxed. You look like you've just enjoyed a great time together!

I wanna come cheer your girlie on too,lol

Gin said...

Great pictures Cheryl. Cant wait to see the next ones.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

How exciting!
You have some wonderful pictures~ precious memories.

rhonda said...


Cheryl Wray said...


Adriann--The summer has gone by so quick! I registered McKenna and Delaney both for school this week.


Queen--Thanks again!! She does love looking at the pics; now I just gotta work on making a little album out of them!

Marg--Thanks.I like that one too!

Cheryl Wray said...

Kat--I like those two also. :-)

Pam--Ha ha!! You might just get the hang of our Southern twang. :-)

Telah--Yeah, if I could EVER find the time to scrapbook it would be great to do something with these pics!! lol

Ms. L--You're too sweet, but I do think we still look a little bit rough. :-)

Gin--Thanks! I'm working right now on getting some more pics up!

Sandi--Thank!! Great memories indeed.

Rhonda--Thanks!! I knew you'd appreciate it! :-)