Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Take Five" for Random Tuesday

I had seen the cutest little tag on someone's blog yesterday, but as I'm getting older by the minute, I couldn't go back and find it anywhere. (I wandered from blog to blog, from comment to comment, and never could find it.) Oh well!! In my searching, however, I found this cute idea and thought I'd do it for a Random Tuesday post today.

It's a fun little "Take Five" question-and answer time. Join in by doing your own answers and posting in the comment section; answering them and putting it on your own blog (just let us know you're doing it, so we can go check it out); or just reading mine and enjoying them (no pressure on you whatsoever!).

Five Things You've Done Today so Far

1. Woke up (LATE!! I looked at the clock at it was 9:30. What can I say? Gary and McKenna were already at work, Delaney spent the night with a friend, and Sydney was still sound asleep. The house was quiet and nothing was roaring me to life!)
2. Washed a load of clothes
3. Shook carpet cleaner on the floors (haven't vacuumed it up yet...but soon!)
4. Poured myself a Diet Dr. Pepper
5. Read my emails

Five Habits You Need to Break

1. Procrastinating
2. Losing things (but I'm not sure how you break that...I think it's just part of me!)
3. Spilling things (ditto...I think it's just part of me!)
4. Spending money on McDonald's chocolate chip cookies (wait...I do NOT need to break that!)
5. Not cleaning my car up "as I go"

Five Cookies (or other sweet treats) you Like to Make

1. Rice krispy treats (yumm!!)
2. Brownies (but only if they're eaten warm with vanilla ice cream on top)
3. Pecan balls (those little balls covered in confectionery sugar, but for some reason I only bake them at Christmastime. I need to get out of that habit too!! lol)
4. Fried twinkies (I think I've shared my love of these with you all before!)
5. Cupcakes (okay, these aren't really a cookie either, but I love to decorate cupcakes all cute and everything!)

Five Things You Dream Of

1. Going to Europe
2. Going to an island with Gary
3. Writing a novel
4. Going to a MAJOR sporting event
5. Living long enough to see my grandkids

Five Things You Love to do in the Summer

1. Doing the whole July 4th barbecue (thought this was appropriate since it's coming up this Friday...I love the ribs and the homemade ice cream and everything about it!)
2. Catching up with friends I don't have time to see otherwise (meeting my bff Angela tomorrow for lunch. Yay!)
3. Sleeping late (see question #1)
4. Going swimming, to the water park, to the beach...anything that involves water!
5. VACATION!!!!! (Whether it's short day trips or long trips to the beach, that's the BEST thing! We are officially on Maryland Countdown Time...three weeks to go!)

Okay... so, there you go. Join in the fun if you'd like!


Jeff said...

Five Things You've Done Today so Far

1. Wrote some pages on "Neutral Zone" (I'm 4 1/2 scenes away from finishing the third draft!)
2. Ate breakfast
3. Took the subway to work
4. Worked on some page layouts for client
5. Had a team meeting

Five Habits You Need to Break
1. Eating out too much
2. Taking too many taxis
3. Workoloic nature
4. Eating too many sweets
5. Getting frustrated with tourists (a hazard now that I work in mid-town)

Five Cookies (or other sweet treats) you Like to Make

1. Peanut butter pie
2. Peanut butter cookies
3. Fudge Brownies
4. Lemon Bars
5. Monkey bread

Five Things You Dream Of
1. Legally marrying Will
2. Going to Ireland (that'd be a good honeymoon, right)
3. Working for myself
4. Writing a novel that gets published.
5. Peace in the world

Five Things You Love to do in the Summer
1. visting ice cream trucks
2. vacation
3. being outside on humid-free days
4. checking out guys with their shirts off
5. longing for fall to start...

Cheryl Wray said...

Jeff--I know YOU'll always do my Random Tuesdays!!! Hey, and I'm with you--checking out guys with their shirts off is a pretty good Summer activity. :-)

Gin said...

Uh, yeah, thanx for the mention of krispy treats, twinkies, and brownies with ice cream. You are a bad influence. ha!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I vote that you go ahead and make those Pecan balls and then SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. I understand that the shipping time and cost from AL to TX isn't much...so when can I expect my first batch?? lol


Leah said...

I didn't even know McD's had chocolate chip cookies. How did I miss that. I love their caramel sundaes though!

Auburn Kat said...

I can't believe I've never had a fried twinkie before!

I finally caught up on all your blog posts. That's really funny that you were being followed as possible robbers!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gin--LOL Glad I could help!

Kari--Well, if I'd ever remember to make the things (aside from Christmas) I'd absolutely send you some!! :-)

Leah--They are really good!

Kat--Fried twinkies are something else! Yummmm.

Adrienne said...

Still have to try the fried twinkies!!

Kathy said...

I love reading these little snippets about you!

I may "try" this one on my blog! LOL

Monogram Queen said...

K' i'll give it a whirl!

Five Things You've Done Today so Far:
1) Got ready for work
2) Sent a fax
3) Sent out some mail & Fedex
4) read/commented on blogs
5) Sent emails

Five Habits You Need to Break
1) Snacking
2) Cursing
3) Driving too fast
4) Spending too much
5) Eating out

Five Cookies (or other sweet treats) you Like to eat - I don't bake.
1) Rice Krispie Treats
2) Orange cupcakes/white frosting
3) Pumpkin Pie w/ whipped cream
4) Sugar Cookies w/ sprinkles
5) Cheese Straws

Five Things You Dream Of
1) Becoming financially independent
2) Living at the Beach full time
3) Traveling more
4) Losing enough weight to wear a single digit clothing size again
5) Growing old w/ my dear husband

Five Things You Love to do in the Summer
1) Go to the Beach
2) Eat Watermelon
3) Chase the Ice Cream Man
4) Wear strappy shirts or dresses
5) Wear Flip Floops

Faye said...

I've decided to the "Take Five" on my own Blog....come check it out :)
I have never heard of or tried fried Twinkies....I now feel challenged to do so...haha

Dawn Bibbs said...

Great answers, Cheryl! I may have to do this one soon. Stay tuned :-).