Friday, August 15, 2008


I just finished watching the All Around competition in Women's Gymnastics and it was EXTREMELY exciting and I am so proud that we took home the gold and the silver!! Early on I was afraid that we wouldn't win the gold, and then slowly but surely the gals crept back up to the top. And then at the end, the battle for the medals was so tight...I love it when the win depends on every little point.

(Of course, I was so nervous that I would stop my DVR and let it get ahead in real time, then fast forward it to see if anyone fell. When I saw that they didn't fall, I'd rewind and watch it all the way through. Hey! I already told you I was an Olympics Nerd. What do you expect? I'm also a wimp!)

When the Olympics started, I knew some about Shawn Johnson since she was the "face" of the US gymnastics team. And she is a dynamo, no doubt about it! But as I began to watch more of the highlights of the team and then watched the team competition the other night, I really began to like Nastia Liukin more and more. She is so elegant and I love the whole backstory of her Dad being a former gold medalist for the Soviet Union and he and his wife bringing their daughter to the USA when she was just a tiny baby. And then in tonight's my mind, she was truly the best out there. Her vault and uneven bars and balance beam and floor exercise were all just beautiful and she stuck those landings when other gals were not.

So, yay for the USA tonight!!!

(Did you guys watch it too?)


Adrienne said...

It was wonderful!!!!!! I am loving the olympics!

Monogram Queen said...

No I didn't watch but i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

~Kammie~ said...

OMG I stayed up until after 1am to finish watching it---thank god we pulled through and won! The scoring was so unfair and the worst I have ever seen.

The gymnastics is always near and dear to my heart--I did gymnastics as a kid, so I have a great appreciation for what they do!

Auburn Kat said...

Of course I was watching! I was holding my breath the entire time!!! I was so proud of how we took the gold and silver, they both deserved it!

Anonymous said...

I've been staying up every night past 1:00 just to watch everything! I don't want to DVR it because I don't want to accidentally read about it before I get to see what happens!


Especially Michael Phelps. That man is amazing! Truly amazing!


Sheila said...

I normally don't watch the olympics, but dh forced me and I actually enjoyed it. The gymnastics was great and did you watch the swimmers - just awesome! I couldn't believe it, but I actually watched the volley ball tournament

Phats said...

I have always liked Nastia better, but that is my preference. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shawn go for London