Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's a 4oth Birthday Party...
Right Here on this Blog!!!!!

Okay, you all know that my 40th birthday is coming up VERY soon (as in, just mere days...mere hours, really...this upcoming Sunday!) and I am never one to shy away from celebrating in a VERY BIG way. In "real life," I've been known to celebrate for over a week (remember? last week, Gary and some of my friends threw me a surprise party...and that was a full eight days before my actual birthday!; and over the long weekend, I have THREE celebrations planned!).

I's not that I'm an egomaniac or's just that I love to have a good time! I don't even care if people bring gifts; I just like to eat cake and hang out with friends and family! I also have never really shied away from being in the limelight so, let's be honest, I don't mind if people throw a little bit of attention my way. LOL

And...cmon now...this is a pretty BIG birthday. On the 31st, I will have been on this planet for FORTY years. If that's not a reason to celebrate, I don't know what is!

I consider all of you some of my best friends now--even though I've only met a few of my blog buddies "in real life" (Hey Dawn! Hey Leah and Telah! Hey Mandy!) Hey Adrienne--although I don't know if you really count, since you live next door!). And if you guys were near me, you bet you'd be invited to some sort of party.

So, since we can't be together "for real," why don't we have a Big Birthday Blog Party?? And really, it's not so much about me (well...just a teensy, weensy bit)'s really about all my friends getting together for a good time.

So...I am inviting you to...

The First Annual
Life with Cheryl Blog Party
in honor of
Cheryl's 40th Birthda

There are very few requirements for this party (it's all about the fun!), but you do have to participate in some way.

This is what I'd like you to do...

(1) Find a really party-worthy outfit to wear,

(2) Come to the party bearing some really, yummy dessert


(3) Shout, jump up and down, sing, or do something else that basically says, "I'm here to PARTY!!"

And...oh yeah...since this is a BLOG-only party, you must post at least one of these things on your blog.

The"rules" then are that you need to post on your blog the following things:

* The cool outfit you're going to wear


* The yummy dessert you're going to bring


* The participatory way you're going to celebrate.

Go find some cool image online that illustrates one or all of these "required" activities (of course, if you have a picture of yourself or anyone in your family doing any of those things, you would definitely get extra points!!!) it/them on your blog...and let us know in my comments section that you've done it. (I will get online and update my post with people participating in the party with me. Because, we will all want to visit each other.)

Do this sometime today, tomorrow, or over the weekend.

So, are you confused yet? I hope not!

If I were a participant in this party, I'd post something like this:

First, since this almost-40-year-old lived all of her youth in the 80s, I'd come to the party wearing an 80-inspired outfit something like this. Don't tell me that this outfit doesn't scream, "Celebrate good times...Come on!!"?...

I'd load my arms up with these two, really yummy desserts (because, well, I can't narrow it down to one). I'd bring my VERY favorite dessert, creme brulee, and then I'd bring my very favorite birthday dessert, my Mom's awesomely-amazing Italian creme cheese cake (which I have requested for our get-together on Saturday. Can't wait for that)...

And then if I were coming to the party, I would get some of the kiddoes to get on the bed and jump up and down, and sing, and dance...

So...pretty please...join in the fun! (You needed an idea of something to blog about either today or tomorrow anyway, didn't you?)

And, oh, didn't I already tell you?

I will be giving away a special birthday treat, even if it is MY birthday!

I will put all of the participants' names in a big ole party hat, and randomly select one winner for a special Life with Cheryl Birthday Blog Prize!!!

(And, hey, even if you don't participate, pop in on the comments section to wave and say hello!)

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend. And remember... every day can be a celebration!


Adrienne said...

HAHAHAHAH This will be fun! LOL

Loreluca said...

Hey, my crazy, crazy almost forty year old friend!!! Happy birthday to you!!! start celebrating and don't stop at all!!! I'll start celebrating mine a full month before! 9pretty soon, too!)

Auburn Kat said...

Happy early Birthday!!

What a fantastic idea! It just so happens that my aunt and her best friend are flying in for the weekend and we are having a birthday party gathering on Sunday for all of the August birthdays in the family! So, count me in!

Kingcover said...

Ooooh this is something I can get into it!
I know the costume I would wear and the dessert I would bring and I think I have an idea of how to celebrate it. I'll do a post about it later today, but for now I was going to wish you a happy b'day on Sunday anyway but I'll wish you one today as well because I know that you liked to be adored, bowed down to, treated like a queen, have servants, etc (Gary told me to say all of that, honest!) :-P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN CHERYL! May you have the bestest wonderfulest 50th birthday party ever!!!

Umm oops, wrong age. Oh well it's there now *snicker*

Cheryl Wray said...


Loreluca--You are SO sweet.Thanks for the well wishes!!

Kat--August birthdays are AWESOME!

King--HEY!! You're gonna get in trouble talking like that about my "50th" birthday. :-) Yay! I knew you could get into something like this!

Stacy said...

he he not sure if i will get this doen bu it sounds like fun may be tanny will have to see what we come up wih tomorrow lol!!

Monogram Queen said...

Can't Wait!!! Thanks for the invite! Whoo hoo par-tay at Cheryl's blog!

hippochick said...

I'm in. I LOVE parties and can hardly to celebrate yours. I'll be ready on Sunday. Check it out.

~happy birthday hippo hugs~

Gin said...

I love this idea, Cheryl. Since I don't have a blog, though I'll just have ot say Happy Birthday!!!!

Susie Q said...

This sounds like so much fun!!
I will have to tthink about what to do...what to do...


Susie Q said...

This sounds like so much fun!!
I will have to tthink about what to do...what to do...


Kingcover said...

I've done something for you on my blog C ;-)

Jeff said...

Late to the party... This is a very cool idea. I know I'm supposed to do this on my blog, but I'm up to my eyeballs in work so I'm going to write it up here:

* I'd arrive dressed sharp: black pants, dark purple festive shirt and a nice vest.

* I'd bring peanut butter moose pie for a treat

* I'd have to come with a groovy little dance for celebration!

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF 40. It's really good here. :)

* hugs *

Leah said...

Have a WONDERFUL Birthday weekend!!

Edleen said...

woohoo!!! advance Happy 40th Birthday wish for you Cheryl!!!

hope to see photos of the Beautiful You @ 40! :D

Phats said...

Just popping in to say you're sure to win tonight Corso put on the tiger head! haha

Faye said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl!!! I found just the right gown to wear to your party and have a special cake decorated to bring and plan to celebrate dancing. Thanks for inviting me to celebrate your special day along with so many friends :)

hippochick said...

Hey Girlfriend,

I've finished my post. I know I'm a few hours early, but being so much OLDER than you, I can't stay up until midnight. So, Happy Birthday.

~hippo hugs~

Kingcover said...

Happy birthday Cherylllll. Hoping Gary and the girls really spoil you and you get lots of hugs and kisses and chocolate thingies :-P

crazy working mom said...

Sorry I'm late, but I hope you had a wonderful day!

Mandy said...

Fun, fun, fun! I hope you had a terrific birthday full of food and presents and fun! I have a little something for you over on my blog.