Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick Birthday Update...

I am having a FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL birthday weekend, with all sorts of celebrating and birthday-cakeing and gift-getting and every manner of good things! And I will absolutely give you all a complete run-down in Monday's post (with photos, of course!), but for now I have to give a huge shout-out to these who have already come to my Blog Birthday Party and posted some fun stuff for me. Go see..


Skip down to the next post to get involved in the fun too!!! And let me know if you are "joining" the party on your blog.

But for now, let me switch topics for just a moment so I can quickly say...

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow...what a GREAT way to start the season! We dominated Clemson early and often, and we never let up. We ended up winning very convincingly, 34-10, against the team that everyone thought would easily win the ACC and have a shot at a national championship. We had SO much fun watching the game (pictures of that too, tomorrow) and I am SO exceedingly crimson-happy this morning!!!!!

See ya soon!!


Kingcover said...

I think they knew you were watching and that it was your big birthday so they wanted to put on a show for you. If that is the case I'll bet you wished it was your birthday EVERY time they played. Right? ;-)
Looking forward to your pics tomorrow.

Adrienne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Tony said he HATES ALABAMA but he is glad they won for you lol

Dawn said...

HAPPY, HAPPY AND MORE HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to you. I love the idea of your blog party. I got here a little late to "attend" but suffice to say, I am/was there in spirit. I have no doubt you will be showered with love, gifts and adoration by everyone around you. May your year ahead be as wonderful as you are. Lots of Love. The Dawn you haven't met in person ... yet!

Travis Erwin said...

The tide looked impressive.

Phats said...

Hey Cheryl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 25 right?

GO BAMA!!! Great start to the season for you guys

skrpndiva said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl,

I wanted to celebrate with you but haven't been up to it this weekend. So very sorry. I have a headache that doesn't want to go away, however, had to come online and say Happy Birthday. Hope it's rockin' girl! Like you.


~Telah said...

Happy Belated birthday Cheryl! Winning that game would have been my best birthday present! Roll Tide!!!!

Monogram Queen said...

Those Tigers didn't.stand.a.chance!