Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If you were to guess that this week was Homecoming Week...

you would be correct!

Yep, it's high school Homecoming Week here in our town and the Junior-Senior Wars are officially on! We arrived home Sunday night from a weekend trip to Franklin, Tennessee (Delaney's travel softball team won a tournament there!) to find our yard "decorated" in the latest toilet paper fashions.

It's one of those times when you want to be mad at least a little bit, but then in your mind you transport yourself back to 1985. You were just 16-years-old yourself and full of school spirit. You dressed up for Spirit Week (I still remember the sprayed-on pink hair for Punk Day), cheered at the pep rally, and participated in the school parade (and as the school newspaper editor, my big job of the week was to get the homecoming edition--complete with the queen's picture on the front page--out by Friday afternoon).

So, yeah, you get a little mad when you realize how much clean-up it will take...but then realize that, as long as your 16-year-old has clean-up skills...those kids can roll you all they want! LOL

McKenna had to come home from school yesterday and clean up the yard best she could. And then she got a warning from Gary that he didn't want to "officially" find out if she had rolled anyone else's yard, but said that "it might be okay if somehow you got back the group that did it to our yard."

She came home with a list of five conspirators in on the "warfare" and we learned later in the evening about all the various "activities" between juniors and seniors going on around town. (Our town is actually pretty good during the week. Policeman and other officials set a curfew at 10 pm for the teenagers, which gives them license to have fun until that time. But if they're caught after that time, the parents are ticketed $50.)

Also for Homecoming Week, McKenna is dressing up in the daily theme all week long. Yesterday was Camo Day, and today was School Spirit Day (she left the house in an Alabama jersey and holding a big, foam, Bama finger!). Tomorrow is Twin Day and Thursday is Tacky Day. On Friday, everyone wears as much purple and gold as they can manage.

And tonight...tonight is Powder Puff Football! The junior and senior girls have a Powder Puff football game between them, and of course McKenna is participating! (When she showed up for practice last week, she told the baseball player "coaches" that she would be a good wide receiver. When she promptly let a ball pop off her chest, they promptly put her at offensive lineman!) I'm looking for all sorts of photo opportunities at the game tonight! LOL

It's fun to be young, isn't it? (And to remember what it's like to be young?)


Adrienne said...

My kids were AMAZED at the sight yesterday lol. Then they saw the house a couple doors down this morning lol. Mine will be in HS when??? LOL

Monogram Queen said...

Aww gee I miss those days. I can't wait until Maddie is old enough. I hope it doesn't change "too" much!! You & Gary are very very cool parents!

Brown English Muffin said...

Wow I never participated in stuff like this back in England but it sure sounds like fun and good old fashioned spirited fun that's what I like....what impressed me the most was "(Our town is actually pretty good during the week. Policeman and other officials set a curfew at 10 pm for the teenagers, which gives them license to have fun until that time. But if they're caught after that time, the parents are ticketed $50.)"

Where do you live...I want to move there!!! LL

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--LOL!!!! Yesterday, Sydney yelled from her room,looking out her window, "Look Mom. Something's wrong with my trees!" It was SO funny!!!!

Queen--You know...teens will be teens...and they'll still be doing this when Maddie gets there! :-)

Muffin--Cmon over! Move across the Ocean and join us!! :-)

Gin said...

Oh no. That is so funny!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh My Goodness! Oh Know.. It's that time of year again?eek!.lol
Looks like you got it good!

Lynilu said...

A good post, bringing back good memories for me. Some people say high school was awful for them and they wouldn't want to return; I had a ball! Perhaps I lived in LaLa Land, but I enjoyed all the silliness and fun. Yay, Homecoming Week!!

Anonymous said...

The group of friends that my parents used to hang out with years ago, used to prank each other when someone went away.

One year we saved all the wrapping paper from Christmas and stapled it to the front of one of their houses. One year we filled one of their cars with balloons and then wrapped it in plastic wrap. One year they stuck plastic forks into paper plates all over our yard with a You've been forked sign. Quiet funny when you get home at 2 am and then realize when you go inside that you had been robbed while you were gone. It was really hard for the police men to keep straight faces when they saw the yard, they also wanted to know if we should go after the forkers.

Tell McKenna to have fun, but stay safe!

Jen from PA

camport said...

I never tp-ed a house as a teen, so I will have a justified fit of rage should this ever happen to my house. LOL.

Hope McKenna had fun cleaning it up! And I totally hope she gets even.


Disney Scrapper said...

Adrienne twittered about a neighbors yard being tpd (sp). My first thought was, it must be Cheryl. LOL

~Kammie~ said...

OMG--I would kill them LOLOLOLOL I have never seen a TPing that bad! LOL they have learned well :O)

~Kammie~ said...

BTW--also love your new banner--I never get to see the new stuff in my Reader LOL

hippochick said...

I remember dying my hair green (with food coloring). And my girls LOVED spirit week. Have fun - and remember that you are an "older and mellower" mom.

Let's have some pics of McKenna and her outfits.

~hippo hugs~


Cheryl Wray said...

Gin-- lol

Songbird--Oh yeah...we got it GOOD!

Lynilu--I loved it too! I still have three great friends from high school, and we still laugh about how much fun we had!

Jen--Okay, the You've Been Forked is HILARIOUS!!!!! Great story!

Chrissy--She finally got it cleaned up today. After getting a cousin come help her mow it up! lol

Cheryl Wray said...

Scrapper--yep, that would be me! lol

Kammie--These kids around here really know how to do it right!

Kammie (again!)--Thanks! I was wanting a "new" look!

Pam--Do you know, I haven't taken a pic of McKenna yet? I need to!

Auburn Kat said...

Homecoming was always one of my favorite times of the year! It was one of the few times that my entire grade got along, which didn't happen that often.

Anonymous said...

Boy does this bring back memories. And they really got you good.

Laura said...

I just want to know one thing: Just how many rolls did it take?

Renee said...

Ours is next week! Ahhhh!

Cheryl Wray said...

Kat--Yep, it's a fun week around here!

Anon--LOL They sure did!

Laura--I don't know...a lot!!! They also used a ton of shredded paper, which was a mess (but pretty smart, I guess!) :-)


Jenster said...

So funny! And yeah - it's hard to be mad when we remember the stuff we did, isn't it??

Heather said...

Oh man you are so much cooler than I would've been about it. LOL About your DH telling her to unofficially get payback. Hehehe