Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yesterday I was in a Bad Mood.

I let several things get the best of me. A few things happened that just got under my skin...I got mad at someone that I don't really like being mad at... I let some news of the bad health of someone in my family really get me down...and then I just let it all steam-roll.

You know what I mean, don't you?

I let my anger, and my sadness, and my emotions roll up into a ball and become a big ole "I'm mad and I'm going to be mad at everyone" kind of acting-out.

Forget that most everyone around me was being perfectly good, and Scout was being silly, and the day really was full of blessings...I was just determined to be in a bad mood.

Then, this quote slapped me in the face this morning:

"Treasure yourself enough to be the person you want to be remembered for."

So, Bad Attitude, I'm throwing that back at you.

I don't want to ever be remembered by friends, or family members, or (heck!) even strangers, for being grumpy and unsmiling and ugly. I want to be remembered the way I truly am. Positive, full of energy, loving the people around me.

How about that for a wake up call on this Wednesday morning?


Stacy said...

love your tp decorations lol!! and i understnad those bad moods i get them i need more positive then negative and i am working on it to!!

Maria said...

We all get those bumpy moods from time to time, but it is our ability to regain our true selves that really matters! Bravo! Your sweet post has just showed us how! :D

Adrienne said...

We all have those moods....LOVE the quote!

Nina Diane said...

Cheryl? Our Cheryl? Our wonderful "Life with Cheryl" in a bad mood.....nah, just a bump in the road.
cheers to ya Cheryl!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Stacy--Yep, we still have some of the tp up. It's pretty funny! :-)

Maria--One thing I've always been good at is sort of having a "24-hour" rule. I don't hold grudges, I usually dont' stay in a bad mood for a while. Something usually gets me out of it pretty quick!

Adrienne--Isn't that quote GREAT?

Nina--(hangs head in shame. LOL) Yep, I do get in the moods every once in a while. But I usually get myself out of them pretty quickly. Thank goodness! I don't like being in a bad mood.

Becky Welch said...

We all can relate to how you felt yesterday. What a great quote though!! Hang in there!

hippochick said...

I can hardly imagine you being in a bad mood, but you have done the right thing - turned it around. Life is life and sometimes it gets the best of us. As long as we keep looking upward and onward, those bad moments won't last.

You are one of my heroes!

~hippo hugs~

Sheila said...

Your post is right on time. For a minute I found myself being in a bad moods for days on end and *blink* *blink* it dawned on me that I others shouldn't take the fall.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Cheryl. Thanks for this today!


Marjolein said...

Ah.... I so know what you mean! Got those too every once in a while... but that's normal isn't it? Most of the times we forget about it the next day, but... that quote is so true! And I'm sure that the people who are around us, know who we are, and forgive us our grumpy mood...

Lynilu said...

We ALL have those days, Cheryl. the good thing about it is that you give so much more good to your family (and probably others, too) than you have given them grief. I have absolutely no doubt, NO DOUBT that you will be remembered in that light. :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Becky--We all have days like that! And, yes, I love that quote too!

Pam--I am rarely in a bad mood and I hate it when I am. are TOO sweet!!!! Thank you for such kind words.

Sheila--I'm glad that my post fit you right now. And I LOVE that attitude!!!

Marg--You're welcome. :-)

Marjolein--You know...I love how you put that. People who really know us, know that it's unlike our character and forgive us for it. Thanks!

Lynilu--Thank you! I do think that I am much more positive than negative; I just hate it when the grumpiness escapes and rears its ugly head. :-)

Faye said...

Chin up have kicked it out and as women we all have our roller-coaster rides..not fun.

Edleen said...

love your new banner Cheryl! :)

bad mood, we have them and i believe it's all about being in control of ourselves? anyway, glad you took the positive and got that out of the way.

take care!

Linda said...

good for you for throwing it right back. The best thing you can do in those moods. I woke up Ms. Grumpy and Negative Nellie today, and I'm still fighting it but I keep telling myself what a GLORIOUS DAY this is and how FANTASTIC my entire day will be. I feel better already reading your post.

BTW, saw your post below and I have to say have such a fantastic outlook on it all. I agree with wanna be mad but you go back to being a teenager.....what can you say!!!! Happy beautiful day friend. Whatever the health news about your family member, know that I am praying and thinking of you and yours and their complete recovery. Hugs.

Jenster said...

OUCH!! Love the quote and I should remember that just because I haven't downed the coffee yet is no excuse to be so grumpy in the a.m. 'Cause really, I'm a pretty happy, upbeat, positive person. lol

Dawn Bibbs said...

Awww, I'm sorry you had a grumpy day! Fortunately, those of us who do know you and even better, have had the chance to meet you IRL...know you're not a mean, grumpy, ugly person. EVERYone has those kinds of days. Some more than others :-). Just remember you're loved...regardless! And these days haunt the best of us. You're entitled to one every now and again! LOL

Kathy said...

BOY O BOY! Do I ever understand exactly what you mean! Sometimes, it's so easy to get wrapped up in all of the emotions and negativity!

I am so glad you were able to send your bad mood packing with that great quote!

Gotta love those smack you in your face moments! LOL!

Auburn Kat said...

I think we all have days like that. It's important that we don't let those days turn into weeks!!! I really try my hardest to treat other people well even when I am in a grumpy mood.

Monogram Queen said...

We all have those days and I HATE it when i'm negative and grumpy too. It's SO not what I want to be! Good for your slapping it back down Cheryl!

Susie Q said...

hey, you are human sweetie. We all feel that way at times. You are such a bright spirit and nothing could really get you down for long I know.
But every now and then it is okay to just feel it....then let it wash away.
Sending hugs, prayers and postove thoughts!