Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Bit of Sports Talk

Just a little bit of sports talk for you this morning, since I know some of you guys get tired of hearing me talk about it on and on and on...and on and on... but, you know, if you love me you gotta love sports. (I'm just saying...)

So, you all know that Delaney is a softball player. She loves the game and has been playing it since she was four. She's been doing travel softball for four years now and loves it too. This weekend begins our Fall tournament schedule (although, seriously, doesn't it feel like we just got back from winning the World Series?) We're at it again with our first tournament, and then we get busy real quick with a trip next weekend to Tennessee for our first out-of-town tournament of the season.

This weekend, though, Delaney's sports life will be dominated by volleyball. She'll miss the Saturday games with her softball team because her school volleyball team is in a tournament.

And let me just tell you...she is loving volleyball too! You all know that she's small..but she's scrappy, and I think that's a huge advantage in volleyball. She will dig and dive for balls, and I'm so proud of how she's playing so far.

Delaney is actually the librero, which is a defensive player that can substitute in and out of the game at-will. She basically comes in on different plays throughout the game on the back and middle row. Her job is to dig balls out of the ground, on the line, whatever, and make a clean pass to one of the setters. As a seventh grader, she was thrilled to get a position where she gets to play quite a bit.

Here are some pictures from her team's latest matches, which were Wednesday night...

(it's pretty easy to spot Delaney in a crowd, since she wears the librero's white uniform and she is the smallest on the team! They call her, quite sarcastically I reassured her, "Big Girl." Well, that and "Goof." I'm not really sure what that says about her!)

(I've never done a volleyball scrapbook, but I can see one coming my way!)

And then I've told you a little bit about how Sydney is trying out softball this fall at our local park. Gary is her coach (this is of a 4-6 year old team)--which they've named themselves The Rockets--and she has been practicing quite a bit to get ready for the games, which will start next week.

We aren't real sure if Scout is going to like softball or not! As long as she's entertained and busy, she's okay. Otherwise, she gets exasperated pretty quickly ("This takes SO long," she told me the other night after practice. "Daddy, what do I do? Where do I go?" she yells from the outfield, if no balls are coming her way.)

But don't tell me she's not cute playing.

(yes, she is posing for a picture with her Coach Pop, and she is wearing a softball visor and cleats, but..she has a big ole Hannah Montana tattoo down on her leg and a feathery-boa purse on her arm. LOL)

(and, YES, those are shorts that my dress-loving child is wearing! She literally had not worn anything but dresses or skirts for probably three months prior to this, so I had to make a big event out of going to the store and buying her like six pairs of shorts. I had to absolutely "build it up," because she is not a shorts kind of gal. But now she accepts that she has to wear them for softball! That could be another reason that pushes her over to the No Softball Edge!)

In other Sports News...

* Tonight our high school football team has a home game, so we'll all be there watching the team and McKenna's color guard/dance team perform. (That's really the #1 reason we go to the games!! :-)

* Tomorrow (after watching Delaney play in two of her volleyball games), McKenna gets the privilege of being the daughter to go with me to the Alabama game. (Isn't she lucky? LOL) We play Western Kentucky, which kinda put the "cake" into "cupcake teams," and we should win big. But, you just never know with us! We're, of course, looking forward to heading down to Tuscaloosa for the game!

* On Sunday, Delaney will get to play with her softball team in the second day of their tournament. I hate Sunday games, but will probably cut out after Sunday School to see her play.

* On Monday night, I get to see my Dallas Cowboys play.And, if I didn't love quarterback Tony Romo already (except for his distracting romance with Jessica Simpson. ugh!), I really love him now. Not only does he throw amazing passes, but he helps stranded motorists on the side of the road (read about the cutie/quarterback/mechanic HERE).

And, oh yeah, for something totally non-sports-related (I bet you didn't say that coming!)...

I have really changed around my Bloglines on my side menu. I've tried to update it so that all of my "regular" visitors are listed there and I can be even better about keeping up with your posts. If I have deleted you and you're still around, please let me know. And if I forgot you, please let me know that too!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend.

See ya on the other side (where, surely, I will bore you to tears with more sports photos!!).


Renee said...

Good for Delaney getting in there with the 'big' girls! And 'Scout' is too cute playing ball. I want to put John M. in next year and can't wait to watch him.
(I haven't forgotten about your book, it's coming...)

LZ Blogger said...

Cheryl ~ Wow! I guess it has been a while since I checked in? I love the new avatar and your new template (did you take that shot?) What great shots of the girls and their sports efforts. TOO CUTE! ~ jb///

Kingcover said...

Ah ha! So THAT'S why there's always one person on a volleyball team whom wears a different coloured shirt! I always wondered why that was and so now I know. My edumacation is now complete :-)
Ya know if you and G had had 3 boys instead of 3 girls you might not be as much of a sports mad family since for the most part boys sit indoors playing computer games and such like. Ever thought about that?
Luckily I was not one of those boys, lol.

hippochick said...

Delaney sure looks cute in her vb uni. What a sweetheart. As for Scout - she's just toooo much. She makes me laugh just thinking of her on the field - and the pics of her in the battling helmet. LOL

My high school basketball team was the Panthers too. I was a cheerleader. LOVE those panthers.

Have a fun (if busy) weekend.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Renee--Don't you worry about my book. I know you guys have been crazy busy with the hurricanes down your way!

LZ--Hey! So glad to see you pop by! I finally added you to my Bloglines, so I can remember to visit you. Thanks about my new look!

King--LOL!!!!! You are probably right!!!! :-)

Pam--Oh yeah. You can totally be entertained just watching and listening to Scout out there. She is a hoot!

Sheila said...

Diggin' the new Blog header. Your girls are so adventurous when it comes to sports. My daughter is too afraid her glass may get broken in the playing

Adrienne said...

LOVE your new banner!!!

Laura said...

Have fun at the game(s). I'm mostly referring to the Alabama game. Could I be your daughter for one of them? Ha! We'll be back in Alabama next weekend, but only for the beach for a couple of days. Next game for us is against Ole Miss!!

Leah said...

The cake into cupcakes? ROFL!!

Monogram Queen said...

Delaney is scrappy, a trait that will take her far in life i'm sure!

Hey if Scout isn't a ballplayer that's okay. Her big sister has those bases covered! She can be a supermodel/ballerina!

Have fun at the game and oh yeah, "Go 'Cocks - beat them Dawgs!"

Babydoll said...

Great pictures!! I love the helmet shot! :)

Auburn Kat said...

Wow! She is tiny compared to the other girls on her team!

BTW, I love the new header!


yea!! Those are some cool pictures Thanks for sharing, seems like we all are so busy..but it's nice to be busy with family things..know what I mean?.
Well enjoy the rest of your weekend.

NancyJones said...

WHEHEWWWW olympics here she comes lol.
Sorry i havent been on been dog sick but thank you lord IM bout over it.
Bama played a heckuva game yuesterday all our ala teams did. Aub won in a very tense game also. I was a nervous wreck watchin it.
The girls are gettin soooo big!!!

rhonda said...

Sydney looks so cute out there with that helmet on!!!
We were at the game yesterday too!
Sounds like she is just going to be a GREAT All-Around Athlete! I never knew why there was 1 person with the different jersey on..I learned something new today!

Deborah said...

Capra (who is just turning 6) insisted on going to soccer practice this week in a pink skort and pink Hannah Montana T-shirt! Her coach said he had never seen anyone play soccer in a skirt before -- she was adorable and tough at the same time! (And did great at the game Saturday, too, passed the ball to a teammate who scored, and they won like 7 to 3.