Thursday, October 02, 2008

I let October 1st go by without a mention.

So here, then, are Ten Things about Fall...

...The cool, crispness in the air. Each morning this week, we've awoken to much cooler temperatures. In the South, where we can pretty much live year-round with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees (I kid you not! We have played outside in shorts on many a Christmas afternoon!), the cool Fall mornings are wonderful.

...Looking forward to Halloween. (As a faithful Christian, I also get supreme joy out of the ghoulishness and hijinks of one of my favorite days of the year. It's all in fun, people, so I say Bring it On!) We all--yes, ALL. Gary and I included--dress up every year and do it in rollicking fashion. This year, I'm seriously considering having us all dress up as various super heroes (Can you all imagine Gary and I digging back into the 1978 time vault and dressing up like Saturday morning super heroes Isis and Shazam?).

...Chili, chicken stew, and the promise of fried turkey coming in a mere month. All assortment of hot goodness bubbling forth from the oven makes me very, very happy.

...Football, blessed football. Really now, is there any reason for me to even go into any more detail on this topic? I think you guys know how I feel.

...Driving out to the Pumpkin Patch. Sydney told me the other day that we needed to go "to that place where you can pet the animals and ride on that big truck and get a pumpkin." You, Sydney, are absolutely correct.

...New television shows. We're a "go, go, go" sort of family, so we don't have a whole lot of time for watching tv. Still, with the invention and appearance in our house of the spectacular DVR, we're able to watch a little more than we used to. On my "Recorded" list right now are new episodes of "Heroes," "The Closer," "Fringe," "Chuck," "House," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations." My tv tastes are usually pretty eclectic ("Grey's Anatomy," while alluring for ten episodes, does nothing for me now. I know, shoot me for being un-American and un-feminine.), so it's always nice to find a new show I like.

...Cooler days often means I have more time for creative endeavors. I seem to read a lot more in the Fall;there is nothing like hunkering down to do some scrapbook pages on a cool evening; and writing brings me more joy during this time of year.

...There is something about the colors of Fall that just does it for me. Gold, deep orange, burgundy, russet, sage green. Those are just colors you can live in.

...Smores. Plain and simple. (Made with marshmallows roasted over a real fire, to where they're a little bit charred, make them all the better.)

...Finally getting to turn off the air conditioner, covering up with a big ole blanket, maybe even lighting up the fireplace.

So Fall ... I'm so glad you've finally shown your face down South. I know that you only like to linger in the morning and later in the afternoons--and still like to tease us during the day--but you're welcome any time.

Keep on coming!

(I realized, after publishing this, that my last three posts have pretty much been lists of things I like. Kinda boring, huh? I promise I'll be back with something more "meaty" soon. Well, I sorta promise. What if I say that I'll do my best? And in the meantime... I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!)


hippochick said...

We actually have had to turn on the heat this morning. I'm freezing. I know, it will get better, My blood will thicken and I'll warm up. It's also damp and rainy, but last week, last week was GLORIOUS. The leaves are turning and it's good.

I watch Grey's Anatomy, but it isn't what it once was. I'm a faithful NCIS watcher along with Without a Trace.

And, yes, I'm a Christian who doesn't run screaming from Halloween. Let the fun begin!!

Hope your Thursday is terrific.

~hippo hugs~

Jenster said...

Great list and I agree with all of them!! Well, the football thing I can take or leave - lol.


Lynilu said...

Oh, I like "I Like..." lists.

I used to enjoy Halloween with the kids, but these days ... ehhhh.

And I, too, love the comfort foods of fall! Yummmm.

Kelly said...

I remember watching Isis at your house on Saturdays after a sleepover!

Adrienne said...

Great list! I LOVE fall!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Ahhh,yess I am loving these cool crisp mornings and afternoons. Even as I sit here writing this we have out windows up...hoping to save some moolah on the electric bill. Have a very happy fall!

Laura said...

We would be BFF if I lived close to you! We like the same things!

Phats said...

I hate fall mostly because it means winter is right around the corner :(

I do like Football, S'mores, and new TV shows!

crazy working mom said...

I ♥ fall! I am so excited. :)

Monogram Queen said...

No NO NO I LOVE your lists! I love Fall too and am so glad it's shown it's face down here finally...