Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Random Tuesday that's Exceedingly Random

I'm thinking cool weather, Halloween, the election, football, and just all sorts of other randomness. My "thinking" inspired some questions for the day...

~ Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?
I still think Summer is my favorite of all (I really don't like being cold!!), but right now Fall is feeling pretty good (Don't you find that you tend to like whatever season is either just getting underway or is just around the corner?). After a hot Southern summer, 50s feel pretty good! (And, besides, I love so much about fall...cheering for college football, dressing up for Halloween, baking bread and comfy casseroles and soups, the smell of autumn-scented candles, huddling up under a cozy blanket.)

~ Who is your favorite Disney princess? (I told you this was RANDOM!)
Last night, Sydney selected a Sleeping Beauty costume for Halloween this year. She is all about Sleeping Beauty; in her Princess World, SB is definitely tops for her! And you know what? I think that everyone has a favorite princess, and who you like says something about your character. So, let's investigate that...my favorite by-far is Belle from "Beauty in the Beast" (I love her whole "I don't need a prince charming to rescue me. I'm happy here with my books" attitude), while Gary loves Jasmine (something about the really hot girl who "played" Jasmine at Disney World when we visited last year).

~ What's the last book you read? What book are you reading right now?
I finished Water for Elephants last week and it was wonderful! I totally recommend it (it's set in the circus culture around the Depression era, and is a wonderful character-driven story with a great romance). I'm currently reading Gods in Alabama, which I'm enjoying so far! (You should join GoodReads.com; we could share book tips with each other!)

~ Name one "presidential" memory (an election you remember as a child, voting for the first time, etc.)
The coolest would have to be meeting President and Mrs. Carter in Plains, Georgia (three summers ago, we went to his Sunday School class and then met him afterwards; it was one of the coolest experiences ever!). [Behind that are two other memories: we were living in Austin during the 1976 election and I was with my parents at the polling place when we were recorded and shown on the "CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite"; in 1984, Ronald Reagan came to Northport, Alabama, and our high school government class went to hear him speak. On the way out of town, he stopped at the McDonald's and ate lunch; it's the only time he ever ate at a fast food restaurant the entire eight years he was in office and there's still a plaque on a table there to prove it).

~ What are three things that scare you/freak you out.
1. Clowns
2. Heights
3. Mayonnaise

~ If you were running for office, what would your campaign slogan be?
Delaney is actually running for school president and she's been working on slogans and poster ideas and such. Which got me to thinking: If I were running for office, what sort of slogan would I come up with? It's actually sort of a futile question, since you couldn't pay me a million dollars to be president (you can complain a lot about the candidates, but think also about how much hassle they get!), but if I were going to run, what about these slogans?
"A Vote for Cheryl Means Cotton Candy for Everyone!" (along with its sister slogan, "A Vote for Cheryl Means Krispy Kreme for Everyone!")
"If Cheryl Can Raise a Teenager, Preteen, and Preschooler, Certainly She can Run our Country!"
"Forget Alaskan Chicks. Southern Gals Can Really Do It!"

~ Who's your favorite football team? How are they doing this season?
In case you live under a rock, you probably know that my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide is #2 right now in the BCS rankings. I have lived through so many suck-y years, that it sure feels good to say that! (We won't talk about the tailspin that my Dallas Cowboys have dove into!)

~ Do you have anything particular that you're looking forward to this Fall?
A bunch... (1) Voting (I love to vote!) and moving past all the election hoo-ha, (2) turkey, dressing, and sweet potato pie, (3) school pageants, (4) more Bama football, (5) possibly going on a trip--into a snow-laden part of the country--with Gary (just gotta see if I can get Sydney to stay somewhere), (6) and a whole bunch more that I may have to list in a further Random Tuesday post.

~ Are you craving anything right now?
I really want a big ole giant pancake from IHOP covered with butter and syrup and all sorts of fatty goodness (with a big ole side plate of bacon, pretty please!). I totally didn't eat breakfast this morning!

~ What's the last thing that really made you laugh out loud?
"The Big Bang Theory" and, before that...Last night, while getting the girls' Halloween costumes, I looked for something for Gary and I to wear. My initial idea was to "match" Sydney; since she's being Sleeping Beauty, I thought that maybe I could be Maleficent (the meanie sorceress) and Gary could be Prince Charming. I found a dress that I thought might work for me, but thank goodness I went to try it on first! It looked atrocious on me; I looked like I weighed 200 pounds; and I figured that small children would be truly frightened by me in that thing. The sad thing is that it said "One size fits all." I could only imagine someone bigger than me thinking that meant they could wear it; nope! All I could do was sit there and laugh at my reflection in the mirror! Fashion designers apparently are NOT responsible for many Halloween costumes out there!
(And, yep, that means that I'm still trying to think of good matching costumes for us!)

Okay...join in the Random Tuesday fun if you'd like! Answer all of the questions...answer one of the questions...answer some of the questions. Or just comment on mine! (LOL) Either way, post in the comments or let us know that you're doing it on your blog (so we can come visit you).

I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

I have seriously got to go find me some pancakes or cotton candy now!


Gretchen said...
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Gretchen said...

Even though English is my mother tongue, I didn't say what I wanted to say. :)

What I MEANT to say is...this post is too good to pass up. I'll play on my blog soon!

loved Like Water for Elephants

lurrrve your slogans, too!

Monogram Queen said...

Okay I would pay good money to see Gary in tights as Prince Charming - Bwaaa haaaaa!!!!!

I am thinking of running for public office in a few years when I get teaching under my wing and get out in the public.

Adrienne said...

LOL Gary in TIghts?!?!?! LOL Now you have me wanting cotton candy lol. Kayla had some yesterday!

Cheryl Wray said...

HA!! I don't think I ever said Gary would be wearing tights. Now if I could get him to wear the whole ensemble that would be great; LOL; but probably a cape and a sword is about the most I will get. (Although now I may be thinking of a different costume idea entirely!)

Jeff said...

- Winter... I'm all about the snow and cold. Fall is a close second.

- Belle. "Beauty and the Beast" is my fave Disney movie ever!

- The last I read was David Sedaris' latest essay collection. I'm currently reading "Fathoms' Five: The Cross of Sins." It's very Indiana Jones-esque with a band of people trying to find an artifact before it gets into the wrong hands.

- For some reason I remember Jimmy Carter's election. The household was a buzz over him and I even had a T-shirt for it. I was like 8 or something.

- 1) Yellow Balloons (because of "It). 2) ants. 3) heights

- A slogan. I'm no good with slogans. Hmmmm... I'll pass on this one unless Delaney wants to invent one for me.

- I guess I have to go with 'Bama for football. I've no idea how they are doing though (except for when I read about it here) :)

- Fall.. well, hockey is back. Yay. I also love to vote (nice to see someone else liking that). The outdoor skating rink by work opens this Friday, so that's awesome. Plus, of course, the holidays are coming too.

- Funny you mention cravings... I've had need for Cup O' Soup Chicken Noodle. No idea why. I'm trying to resist the urge to go out and get some since that's really just a bowl of hot, chicken flavored salt.

- Laugh out loud... "Skins" on BBC America. We watched this past Sunday's episode last night and it was hysterical as this girl tried all kinds of ways to get this boy (gay boy now less) to like her. It was very dark comedy (think "Heathers") and was a complete crack up!

Laura said...

What a great post, Cheryl!

Alise is going to be Mermaid for Halloween. Gotta stay within that "Princess Family" if you know what I mean (I asked Alise what she wanted me to be and she said Cinderella. She knows that Cindy has always been my favorite!).

Anonymous said...

This is such fun. I love the campaign slogans.

Travis Erwin said...

Pocahontas (is she a princess?)
Nature Girl
Laughing that Reagan liked jelly beans.
Caves, lettuce, and the sound of someone filing their nails.
The Other White Meat
Saints and Huskers and not as well as I hoped.
A juicy steak.
A crude politically incorrect joke that I will not repeat despite my laughter.

Cheryl Wray said...

Jeff--I knew Winter was your favorite. All that cold weather (and hockey!) :-) Whenever "Heathers" is on tv, I think of us watching it. Aww, memories...

Laura--I know all about the appeal of the Princesses! :-)


Travis--The Other White Meat. You are TOO much! :-)

hippo chick said...

Great post, Cheryl. Since I'm doing "a day inthe life" this week. I'm going to postpone answering your random questions until next week. That will give me a little time to think about them.

~hippo hugs~

Kathy said...

LOL! You are definitely random today!

Your slogans are too funny!

I am reading a book my daughter gave me called "I Coriander" it's not bad. The last one I read was The Gargoyle. It was hard to get into, but I liked it.

I like all of the princesses! LOL! I would really have to think about which one would be my favorite.

P.S. I looked for an email address for you so that I could respond to your posts on my blog, but couldn't find one.

I haven't really made any of the cupcakes from the "Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor" yet. But all of the recipes look DELICIOUS! I am thinking about incorporating a different cupcake each Thursday night which has become game night at our house. (They have a recipe for Cotton Candy Cupcakes! LOL) Maybe, the Harvey Wallbanger Cupcakes? ROFL!

From the The actual Cake Mix Doctor cookbook, I make the Almond Cream Cheese Pound Cake for Mr. Mister's birthday. HE LOVES IT! Pound cake is his favorite kind of cake. He doesn't like frosting! TSK! TSK!

I am on the team Spatulas & Corkscrews for Operation Baking Gals. We are baking for a family friend of ours. His name is Brandon.

Mississippi Songbird said...

I don't think I've ever been afraid of Mayo.. lol... Cool Post. I think I will try it. thanks for the ideas...Bunches of hugs~!

Ms.L said...

I have about nine billion ripe bananas so I think banana pancakes for lunch sound about right!

Cheryl Wray said...

Pam--Yay, I'll read it then! I'm about to hop over for your Day in the Life. :-)

Kathy--Thanks for the information on the cupcake book. Cotton candy cupcakes? THAT I would like! lol

Songbird--Yep, Mayo Fear is definitely one of my weird quirks. It totally freaks me out!

Ms. L--Mmmm, that sounds SO good!!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Okay. I did the Random Tuesday. Thanks for the idea. it was fun!

Gin said...

Random is good. I loved your answers.

david santos said...

Great postin! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the randomness of this post. My husband also hates clowns. I initially thought it was weird but once you really think about it clowns are kinda creepy.

Cheryl Wray said...

Songbird--Coming over to check it out!

Gin--Glad you liked it!


Yvonne--Clowns have always freaked me out!! I can handle a circus as long as I keep my eyes on the animals and trapeze!

Katrin said...

Why mayonnaise? I like it... yummy! Now you got me craving a pancake. Thanks a lot... :) I should go and get myself a snack, I can't think of anything else right now.

hippo chick said...

Hey Cheryl,

Two more things. 1. My Gretchen hates mayo, but I don't know if she's afraid of it, though both my girls were afraid of clowns.

2. We have LOTS of snow in upstate NY and Sydney can stay with me. LOL

Edleen said...

ohh...your random Tuesday is so fun! :)

right now i'm craving for Doritos!!!

have a Fab day Cheryl :)