Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wherever you are...can you still hear me screaming??

I think I yelled "Roll Tide!!" loud enough to be heard in New York, Indiana, California, Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Texas, even across the ocean...all of the places where my blog friends live.

The game was crazy.
We were truly tested for the first time this year.
If wasn't always pretty.
We had to come from behind.
We had to win in overtime.

And we did it!

We are now SEC West champions and still undefeated.

10 and 0.

Here are a few pictures from the big day (realize that I am actually a little bit embarrassed by them. I kinda act foolish during Bama games. Sorry...can't be helped!)

Sydney started the day off by putting a sign on our door.

As game time drew near, I got excited, then a little bit nervous.

And as we moved toward the end of regulation, got A LOT nervous (if you didn't watch the game, we had a chance to win with 2 seconds to go, but a field goal was blocked. So then we had to go into overtime, when we won after we intercepted their ball in the endzone and went on to score a touchdown ourselves to win!). Apparently, I prayed near the end (although I would have denied it, if there hadn't been a picture to prove it)...

(And now that I look at this picture, it looks like I developed a whole new head of gray hair from watching the game. Well...I'm gonna blame the game for it!)

This picture cracks me up. We're watching Coach Saban with his post-game comments. Delaney is on the phone with a friend, as is Stephanie. I think we're all just really trying to reassure ourselves that we actually won...

And then proclaiming our #1 status (I really can't be responsible for the goofiness of my daughters)...


Laura said...

Wayne and I were right there with you, Cheryl, here in Louisiana (about 4 hours north of Baton Rouge). I don't think I've ever been so nervous and so excited!!! I was truly worried! And although I thought LSU looked pretty good - except for their QB - I thought we made some very bad mistakes and played flatly. But something happened in OT and the defense was awesome!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

Jenster said...

Is that what I heard??? lol


hippo chick said...

I almost never watch football. I just happened upon it by accident. Every two or three minutes I would yell out "ROLL TIDE". Jim just laughed. He said to tell you he's happy for you.

~hippo hugs~

Yvonne said...

Wow, Cheryl!! I love that you are such a football fan...very cool!! Can't wait to see the pictures of you freaking out...wink-wink

Travis Erwin said...

I watched most of the game. LSU might have pulled it out had they had a QB but congrats to your Tide. They did what they had to.

Gretchen said...

You're the cutest. I'm happy for you.

Adrienne said...


Faye said...

I thought I heard the echo of Roll Tide up here in Northern Cnanda...haha
I admit, football is a mystery to me...can't seem to grasp it. My sport is hockey....sorry!
Congrats!! I can truly understand the surge of adrenaline the winning goal brings :)

Nina Diane said...

we heard you yelling all the way up here in Virginia as we were watching the game.....haha. Very exciting

Phats said...

Can I adopt Alabama for the rest of the season? I didn't get to see the best part the end, because we had to leave for the Purdue Exhibition game, but when I heard you all won both Kristen and I said ROLLL TIDE ROLL!! Auburn won't be an easy game simply because of the rivalry, but I can't WAIT to see the Florida/Bama game because that is going to be one hell of a football game

Auburn Kat said...

What a crazy game that was! I think I heard you screaming up here in NY!

Maria Hammon said...

I could totally hear you all the way in California! LOL. Congrats!! I love all the pictures!

Linda said...

I heard ya girl...really I did!!!!!

Love the pics, especially that last one.

Cheryl Wray said...

Laura--It was NOT pretty at all! But...I think we might have needed this sort of game to show that we could battle through mistakes and still win when we had to do it!

Jenster--Yep, that was us! LOL

Pam--That's SO funny!! Thanks for all the cheers!!!

Yvonne--I LOVE football (to say the least!).

Travis--You're absolutely right. They're QB made a ton of mistakes and we probably won because of that. But, in the end, when we had to, we gritted it out.

Gretchen--Thanks! :-)

Adrienne--Thanks A LOT! LOL (I know it's hard for you!)

Cheryl Wray said...

Faye--I don't really get hockey, so we're even. LOL But, yes, we both can understand the joy of the win!!!

Nina--LOL I'm glad to know I was that loud!!

Phats--I LOVE it!!!!! I love that you guys Roll Tide-ed for us!! And Yes, you can absolutely adopt us!

Kat--It was crazy!!

Maria--LOl Thanks!!

Linda--Hee hee... I THOUGHT we were loud!!

Kimberly said...

ROLL TIDE!! I was glued to the tube...surprised you didn't hear me either..he he..It was truly a nail bitter. But we did it!

Gin said...

Ha ha! These pictures are so funny and great. Im proud that you guys won.

Leah said...

That game was insane! So glad they pulled it off! Great pics!

Kathy said...

I actually asked my husband how Alabama did because of you! LOL! I NEVER watch sports, so he was wondering why I was asking! LOL!

I figured you were doing the "Happy Dance" once he told me that they had won.

Kingcover said...

LOL at Delaney in the last pic! She's like "whateva, gimme some skin dude!" :-D
What is the best record The Tide has ever had in a season?

Cheryl Wray said...

Kimberly--LOL it was TOO scary!

Gin--Thanks. We were excited!

Leah--It was crazy!

Kathy--That is so funny! Thanks for the support. :-)

King--Actually, Alabama is the winningest team in college football history. We've won 12 national championships, but it's been since 1992 since we last won it. We've had some really bad times over the last 16 years, but it's finally coming back around! So, needless to say, we are all just GIDDY about it!!!!

Kelly said...

Yep, glad Alabama won. I want an SEC team to be #1!

Monogram Queen said...

I thought of you the whole time - if I had your phone number I would have called and screamed with you.

My Dad was like "When did you become a 'bama fan?". I said "Mah fren' Cheryl converted me" (said in a HEAVY southern accent) ;)

Renee said...

(geaux tigers!)