Saturday, December 06, 2008

Roll Tide Roll, Baby
(and a make-up post)

I've been unable to get online to post since Thursday evening because the fates have seemingly conspired against me. My computer has been down (but, thank goodness, my wonderful and computer-savvy husband rescued it from the nasty virus that had attacked it), and I hadn't been feeling very well (a combination of a toothache and backache is not a good thing!).

If I had been able to write my regularly-scheduled post yesterday, it would have had the title "Excuse Me While I Toot My Own Horn" and it would have been a little bit of a braggy post. I would have told you all about how McKenna is at a statewide drama competition this weekend. She qualified in our district competition in readers' theatre (where she and a partner perform a reading) and in original playwriting. She wrote a play (sort of a romance set in the Civil War), and that's what she was most excited about. I can't wait to hear how she does!

And then I was going to "toot Delaney's horn" too and let you all know that she was selected to the All State Middle School Choir. This is a huge honor and only two students from her school were selected. She had to sing five songs (the one in Latin was really impressive!) for the judges several weeks ago and found out Thursday that she'd made the All State choir. She was extremely excited, and so was her choir teacher.

So...that would have been my post for I guess you guys are all caught up.

But, my post for today is all about the CRIMSON TIDE!!!!!!!!

We are in the SEC Championship game today (on CBS at 3 or 4, depending on your time zone!) and this is HUGE for us. We haven't been in the championship game since 1999 and that's always the goal in this conference; to win your division and then play for the championship in Atlanta. I love this picture I found yesterday; it's been a long time since "Alabama" has been written in the endzone there.

What else makes this huge is that it's basically a semi-final to the national championship game. Whoever or Florida...will make it to the championship.

Florida is a huge challenge, especially with Tim Tebow at quarterback. They have basically scored at-will in their last eight victories. We, though, have an incredibly stout defense, and we love to wear teams down with our running I think anything can happen.

Please yell a big ROLL TIDE for us today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are spending the day with friends watching the game on their big projection television, eating wings, and hopefully enjoying a big victory.

Also on tap for this weekend is...
Sydney's Christmas play at church. She knows all of the songs and motions perfectly and, at one point in the play, she gets to be Mary. It's going to be fun!

I hope you all have a great weekend too. I will see you on Monday (maybe earlier, if we win today!)

Edited on Saturday evening: That was a bittersweet loss for us. Florida--and Tebow--was just too much for us, but I think we played an awesome game. We gave Florida a great matchup and held them really well. It's our first loss of the season, players were crying as they went off the field, and they were certainly upset. But, I don't feel mad; just a little disappointed. But, more than anything, just PROUD of how our team played all year. 12 and 1 ain't too shabby of a season! And we still have the Sugar Bowl to go. Roll Tide forever!!!


Auburn Kat said...

I'm hoping Alabama can beat Florida!!!!

Congrats to both our your daughters! They are definitely well rounded! =)

Becky Welch said...

Roll Tide Roll

and congrats to the girls!

hippo chick said...

I am so excited!!! I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER been excited about a college football game. We are planning a big evening {Just Jim and I} watching the game and eating some goodies {even though I gained 4 pounds in Vegas}. Oh yes, and some wine too.

I think my excitement has rubbed off on Jim. I probably will have to leave the room if Bama gets behind, but I'll try my best.

So, my dear Cheryl, I will close with this:


~hippo hugs~

PS - Congrats to your talented chickas!!!

Travis Erwin said...

I'll be pulling for the Tide later today.

hippo chick said...

It's 9:46 - I'm sad.

~hippo hugs~

Phats said...

I am so sorry Cheryl! Kristen and I watched the first quarter before heading to Purdue for our basketball game, and at the game we yelled ROLL TIDE ROLL! and people thought we were nuts. Anyway I feel bad wish you guys would have pulled it out. Nothing to be ashamed of though Florida is tough. I think they will shred a big 12 defense

Laura said...

Bama just can't get away from Louisiana! We're trying to get Sugar Bowl tickets now.

Edleen said...

Congrats to Delaney!!! hope everyone is doing well and have a wonderful week ahead! :)

Monogram Queen said...

I thought of you when I watched the highlights :(

So proud of your girls! Awesomeness! I have really missed your posts though. Thank Gary you're back!

Gretchen said...

You just keep braggin', momma. :)Good for your girls. And...yes, good for your Tide, too. Even if they didn't win, they'll be playing on New Years.