Monday, December 08, 2008

Sweetest Christmas Moment of the Season So Far...

and quite possibly the Sweetest. Moment. Ever.

Just look at Sydney as Mary.

When she and Holden (the boy being Joseph) walked into the church and I saw how tightly Sydney was clutching Baby Jesus, it just made my eyes well up with tears. And then the other kids followed in after her and all just stood quietly around the manger. And, while we all sang "O Come All Ye Faithful," she kept holding him so sweetly and looking down into his face.

That right there is what the Christmas season is all about.

Little children.

And nativity scenes.

And baby Jesus.

Just almost too sweet for words.

A few other pictures from the practice the day before and the play last night, which was called "Bethlehem Treasure." Sydney sang along with the rest of the children (did her songs and motions perfectly!) and then was Mary too. She was pretty excited about her stage appearances!

After the show, I had one woman say to me, "That girl is going to end up on Broadway!" Another said that she was "lucky enough" to sit behind my parents, grandmother, and in-laws at the play, because Sydney "played up" to them all night long. And earlier in the day--when the kids sang one of the song selections in the morning worship service--our preacher commented from the pulpit, "I just wonder where Sydney got that rhythm from." It was all too cute!

The children's Christmas play is always the perfect kickoff to the holiday season for me. (If you don't have children, get to a church's play and you will catch the spirit. If you have children and they aren't in church, this is one of the reasons getting involved is so awesome!) If I wasn't in the spirit already, it gets me there quick. This year was no different!


~gkw said...

Wonderful! And so sweet...

Susie Q said...

Egads Cheryl! You are killing me here! This is so sweet and just what I needed to see this afternoon! It has brightened my day.
Is there anything more precious than a children's church pagent at Christmas?

I am leaving an award for you today!


Renee said...

Aww, that's so sweet. She makes a beautiful little Mary.

Adrienne said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet!

LZ Blogger said...

What can I say? Just TOO TOO darling! How wonderful for you guys! ~ jb///

Marjolein said...

Oh, this is just so sweet, great pictures Cheryl, you must be so proud!

hippo chick said...

Oh Chery, Is this the sweetest post, or what? How precious. I just love all the pictures. If this doesn't put us in the Christmas spirit, nothing will.

~hippo hugs~

Gretchen said...

Could she BE any cuter? No, she could not. What a special, special moment to treasure, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Precious, absolutely precious!!



Kingcover said...

Well if you were welling up with tears at Sydney holding the the little dolly so tightly just imagine how IT felt! Yikes! If it was possible to squeeze water out of a plastic baby then I'm sure Sydney would find a way of doing it. Hehehehe :-P

The little girl being the rabbit must have been very warm in all that heavy clothing. Kudos to her :-)

Gin said...

This is just so sweet. There is something abot little kids and Christmas, thats for sure.

Monogram Queen said...

Awww I love it. Our church is too small to do a christmas pageant (not enough kiddos but maybe that will change).
I would have been in tears - happy tears!
Give Sydney a big hug from her SC Honoray Internet Aunt!

Cheryl Wray said...

G--So sweet, wasn't it?

Susie--Children's Christmas programs have got to be one of the most wonderful things in the world! Coming to check out my award. How fun!

Renee--She was SO excited. :-)

Adrienne--I know!! :-)

LZ--It was great!

Cheryl Wray said...

Marjolein--It was a proud moment. :-)

Pam--I feel the same way. That can get me in the Christmas spirit quicker than anything!

Gretchen-- :-)

Sher--Blessings to you too!

King--LOL The girl is a SHEEP, but don't feel bad. My first thought was bunny too!! :-)

Gin--Yep, kids and Christmas just go together.

Queen--I'm such a sap; the older I get, the more I cry over my kids. LOL And I will absolutely give her a hug from her SC Aunt!! :-)

Linda said...

OMGosh Girl...I could tell you some of the sweetest, funniest stories of my girls in Christmas plays. You are right, the kids are so sweet, precious and just downright cute, that they really set the holiday spirit in motion. I love these pics..wonderful...

On a sad note...I shouted, screamed and did all my bestest ROLLLLLLLL TIDDDDDDDEE. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

SO sweet. I totally agree.

That Sydney is just too much. (I thought she did a great job in the play.)

Heather said...

Really great photos! I am looking forward to my daughter's school play on the 17th. They are working so very hard to learn the words to everything. I love this time of year!

Kathy said...

Those pictures are so SWEET! I can't get over the look on her face as she is looking at Baby Jesus! She is just precious!

Cheryl Wray said...

Linda--I know you must have the stories! LOL (With Sydney being my third to go through these plays, I have A LOT of memories from when McKenna and Delaney were in it too.) Thank you for cheering on my Tide. It was very SAD, but we had such a great season that I'm trying not to dwell on the loss.

Anon--Thanks!I thought she did great too!

Heather--I can't wait to hear how your daughter's play goes!

Kathy--I know, isn't it just too sweet???? Just made me cry! :-)

Brown English Muffin said...

she got to be mary!!! no go sydney!!!

Lynilu said...

Well, I've tried to leave a message 2X. Let's hope 3 is the charm!

Children's programs are, indeed, the best of the best. How cool that Sydney was chosen for Mary! Sweet girl!

Dawn Bibbs said...

So, SO sweet! Thanks for sharing. I love Sydney :-).