Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!

I can't be with my Mom and Dad on their anniversary I wanted to send them my best wishes over cyberspace.

I know that you think you have the best parents out there, but sorry...I've got dibs on The Best. They are and have always been so supportive of me...they love their grandchildren SO much...and they are just an inspiration when it comes to how to make a marriage work.

Mom and Dad met when they were freshman in college, were married 6 months later, and then had me the following year (I lived the first two years of my life in a college dorm!).

One thing that I think makes Mom and Dad "work" is the fact that their personalities are quite different, yet they have so many values in common. They are really a great team and complement each other perfectly!

Here's a picture of Mom and Dad with Sydney this past Friday afternoon, when we met them for a concert performance by McKenna's high school band.

And then here's one of my brother and I hanging out with them at the writers conference they founded and well all run together (did I mention that to you? They also passed along their love of writing to me. It was pretty much inescapable!).


Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

We all love you!!


Laura said...

So kewl about the writer's conference. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I think you look like your mom!

Monogram Queen said...

A very happy Anniversary to your sweet parents. They must be extra special to have a wonderful daughter such as YOU!

Gin said...

Happy anniversary to your parents!


Congrats to your folks!!!

BTW... you are tagged again !! Don't you just love it!

Cheryl Wray said...

Laura--That is so funny, because my Mom and I hear that a lot these days.But growing up, I always looked JUST like my Dad (we'd have strangers come up and comment on how much we looked alike!). It's funny how we can change over years, I guess. :-)

Queen--You are SO sweet!!

Gin--Thanks! :-)

Cinni--Yay!!I actually love getting tags (it gives me ideas for my Random Tuesday posts). I'll come check it out.

~gkw said...


Heather said...

My grandparents were married on the 25th at well, and celebrated 51 years of marriage yesterday. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Cheryl Wray said...

Gary--Hey!! You commented right as I was posting pictures from this weekend on a new post!

Heather--That's so cool that they share anniversaries!!

Gretchen said...

Neat pictures! Many happy returns.