Friday, March 06, 2009

Good Stuff This Week...

~ I shut down Starbucks last night(we were there from 8 to 11 pm!) because I was catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in more than 20 years. Diem (although she's really Christina, but I can never get used to her American name) just moved back to Alabama from California, and I had such a great time seeing and catching up with her, and reliving so many memories with her. She's just beautiful (does NOT look 40, but makes me definitely feel like I look 40) and as funny as ever. It was just a joy to see her!

~ Also saw my bestest friend, Angela, last night. We have been best buds since we were 14-years-old (that's a long time ago!) and every time I see her, it's as if we are teenagers again. Today also happens to be her birthday, so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I love you!)

~ I put myself on a little bit of a self-imposed blogging hiatus (just a little bit of one, since I really can't stay away for too long!) because I'm trying to get caught up on my book deadline. I have three chapters to go, but I am moving ahead. So I feel pretty good about it!

~ "Lost" was AWESOMELY AWESOME again this week. I love this show so much (but you guys knew that, right?) and, since I give myself Fridays as my "free, laid-back day," I think I'm about to go rewatch the episode.

~ Every other week, I am leading the middle school girls' group on Wednesday nights at church and we had such a great time this week. These girls are amazing (I love middle schoolers...12- to 14-year olds) and they apparently think I'm "cool" (this is what Delaney told me). I've designed lessons based around popular music that's on the radio; we listen to the songs and then talk about what insights we get from them, how we might see Christian messages in it (this week we did The Fray's "You Found Me," which is a current fave song of mine). The girls are really open with their comments and questions and I hope that maybe I'm being a good inspiration for them. (I also usually bring cupcakes or that could possibly be why they like me.)

~ Sydney's softball team is doing AMAZING!!!! I am so proud of how Gary is doing as their coach; his methods with them are really paying off and they are having FUN and learning SO much. This is a team of 4- to 6-year-olds and you would not believe how well they are playing! The youngest girls are all hitting the ball (Sydney hit two out of three times last night!) and the oldest girls (who are the infielders) are making great fielding plays. I am impressed! We are currently 2-0, so there is a lot of season left, but... so far, so good. (The night of the first game, one of the other Moms and I were sorta dancing and chanting, "We're awesome, we're awesome. We're gonna be good. We're gonna win games." We are having a great time!)

~ We bought McKenna's prom dress and, I'm really pretty much embarrassed to say how little I bought it for. I am a Power Bargain Shopper and let's just say that we got it for less than I could spend on us going out to dinner. Proms are sorta weird things these days...some girls dress up in long gowns, some do the shorter ones, some make funky/cool fashion statements. McKenna has her own style and she loves the dress we found...and I'm excited because we'll still have plenty of money left over to get shoes, jewelry, manicure, etc. (I'm also excited because McKenna, her boyfriend, and the other couple that they're going with, want me to have goodies and stuff for them here at the house after the Prom is over. I'm already thinking of what sort of prom-themed cupcakes and other fun stuff I can create!)

~ Delaney went to school without her crutches for the first time yesterday in a week. She got to do throwing drills at softball practice, but will still probably not be able to play any this week in their middle school tournament. She's seriously bummed about the time she's lost because of her ankle injury, but at least it's getting better little by little.

~ I seriously have such a cool idea for my Random Act of Kindness this week (you may remember that, instead of giving something up for Lent, I decided to "take something up" plan is to be in an attitude of kindness at all times and to do a particular act of kindness every week). After Lent's over, I'll share with you guys some of the things I did.

~ I've been watching "American Idol," but I'm sorta mad about some of the people who got through and some who didn't. I really liked Ju'not and Ricky (Ju'not didn't even make it to the Wild Card, and Ricky was eliminated last night), while I think some of the other singers were pushed through because of their "image." Still...I do really like Danny, Adam, Anoop, and (my personal favorite) Allison.

~ I have photographs, patterned paper, stickers, and my paper cutter sitting on my table...which all means I am wanting to scrapbook today! I haven't done any scrapping in ages, but I'm hoping my Laid Back Friday will allow me to get some done. (I will try and post my creations later on today!).

I hope that all of you had a wonderful week, and that your weekend is wonderful as well!


Monogram Queen said...

I love love love Prom! I hope Maddie embraces it wholeheartedly when her time comes. I also love how they want to come back to your house afterward. I can't wait to see your "theme"!

Yippee on Gary's coaching the wee ones. I"m sure that takes patience AND finesse!

The pic of you and your friends is wonderful. You're all gorgeous!

Lynilu said...

It is wonderful that the prom kids want to come to your house afterward. there are so many other things they could do that are not what is good. Good for you! Shows what a cool & creative parent you are!

Misty Busic said...

I love that McKenna wants you to do a post prom party. How cool is that? You are a cool mom! I am glad you finally saw me yesterday! hehe. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Gin said...

Love this post, Cheryl.

sounds like you had a really great week.

That picture of Sydney in her softball gear is too cute.

Danielle said...

WOW...sounds like you had a fantastic week Cheryl!!! I love the prom dress that your daughter picked out :) It's beautiful!!!!

Glad you were able to get together with your great friends :D

Maria Hammon said...

Cheryl, you ARE THE COOLEST! :D

hippo chick said...


I am sure you are the coolest group leader those girls ever had. What a great idea to listen to and analyze current music.

I love McKenna's dress. It is just chic, don't you think? And that the kids are coming back to your house is cool. Our kids always came either to our house or someone we knew an trusted. I know you'll have a great party for them. When is prom?

I love the pic of Sydney in her softball regalia. Cool!!

Good luck on your book deadline. You are amazing.

~hippo hugs~

Adrienne said...

It's prom time already?!!?!??! LOVE the dress!!

Anonymous said...

I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that dress. Its really going to be pretty.

Laura said...

Thank goodness for friendships! I love McKenna's prom dress! Alise missed playing t-ball this year for the first time by 25 days. The league wouldn't let her play for insurance reasons. We weren't happy, but she'll get to play for sure next year!

Auburn Kat said...

What a cute picture with her in a skirt and catching gear! =)

Gretchen said...

The fact that McKenna and her friends and boyfriend want to come hang out after prom at your house says volumes about your parenting and relationship with her. You GO GIRL!!!

Love that Sydney's having so much fun playing ball. That's what it's about. Such fun memories to have Daddy as Coach.

Saying a prayer for Delaney's ankle. :(

Glad you got to be with your friends! And you actually brought your camera. I, of course, was taken out for my b'day, and guess what was left behind? Oh, well.