Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Late Random Tuesday Post
(which makes it, I guess, a Random Wednesday)

Well, I let Tuesday go by without a post (I am working desperately on a book deadline and am telling myself that if I keep myself off the computer, I will get a lot more done. In theory, it works; in reality, I'm not really sure!). So, here is what I'll call my Random Wednesday post.

Just some random meanderings about things that I think are sorta blogworthy...

~~ On Monday (March 2), my family celebrated a holiday that I dare say only a few people in Alabama celebrate (I know there are a few more, since my parents do as well).

Any guesses on what the holiday might be?

If you guessed Texas Independence Day, you would be right! (If you didn't guess correctly, don't feel bad. LOL). I was born in Texas, I love Texas history, and my parents always taught me about the holiday, is now a tradition in my own family to celebrate the day when Texas declared its independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836 (yes, Texas was its OWN nation; how many other states can claim that??) .

We usually celebrate with my mandatory "lecture" on what the holiday means (I probably have the only children in Alabama who can tell people who Sam Houston is and share the spine-tingling feelings they experienced at the Alamo; Sydney did ask me, though, "I don't really understand" when I told her about the holiday, which means she got my introductory lesson on Texas history); then we enjoy some sort of Tex-Mex culinary feast (this year, both tostados and chicken fajitas, and some virgin margaritas for the entire family).

Celebrating Texas Independence Day is one of those quirky things we do as a family ... one of the traditions that makes us unique. Every family, I think, has some of those fun traditions that make them who they are. We have both serious ones (like our family Advent services) and silly ones (our wacky Halloween-themed dinner, quoting Monty Python lines, bed jumping at hotels!), but they are all uniquely our own. (Can you sense a Random Tuesday/Wednesday question coming upon you?)

~~ Yesterday, McKenna was inducted into the National Honor Society at her high school. This was a HUGE deal and I could not have been prouder! (There are over 200 students in her junior class, and 29 were inducted into the Honor Society. You have to have an A average--which can get sorta tough when you're taking Chemistry and all sorts of AP classes--and also be voted upon based on your school involvement and community service.) The induction ceremony was very formal and it was really emphasized how special an honor it was. So...Go McKenna!

Last night, I was a proud Mama all over again when Sydney played in her first softball game of the season. Her team, the Mustangs (which Gary is head coach for), won 16-14 and did SO great! Every girl on the team (even the three four-year-olds) hit the ball and we made some great fielding plays.

I was a little worried when Sydney struck out and then just dropped her bat there on the field and plodded back to the dugout with a big ole frown on her face (I think it's already pretty apparent that she does not like to strike out!) and then a little more worried when she told me "I'm so cold I can't even put my glove on" (it was EXtremely cold last night), but she ended up having a really good time. I think it's going to be a good season (it also doesn't hurt that she is In.Love. with her entire team. She thinks her new friends/teammmates absolutely hung the moon!).

~~ Yesterday, Gary brought home two boxes of Girl Scout cookies...Thin Mints and Tagalongs . I was so happy that I squealed!

Two boxes is actually quite tame, and I'm personally glad that no Girl Scout came up to me personally to sell me cookies. Because I am always tempted to buy five or six boxes (my favorites being Thin Mints, Samoas, and the shortbreads). I have been snacking at them incessantly, and seriously need to find a closet or somewhere to hide them in. They are Crazy Good.

This, then, leads us to your fun Random Tuesday/Wednesday questions for this week. Join in the fun by answering them here in my comments section, or posting them on your own blog (just let us know that you're doing it, so that we can come visit you).

Okay, based on the randomness in my own life right now...

* What quirky, fun, unique traditions do you have as a family (or an individual, if you're not married)?

* What are you proud of today?

* What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

I can't wait to hear all about it!

Now, go have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


Lynilu said...

Congratulations to McKenna! As the mom of two grown up National Honor students, from 8th grad through graduation, I know how proud your heart is right now! And congratulations to you for raising such a dedicated girl. :)

Stephenie said...

I don't really have any unique traditions. Well, I might, but to me, they're not unique, they're normal! Haha! Today, I'm proud of McKenna for her NHS induction, I'm proud of Sydney for doing so well at her game, I'm proud of Ray for working hard and coming to the end of his night school semester, and I'm proud of myself for working hard in school and taking the action of going to the gym to workout :] My favorite girl scout cookie is, hands down, thin mints.


Cheryl Wray said...

Lynilu--THANKS!!! We are so very proud of her! It's really cool to see them "get" what you've taught them all along.

Steph--I am SO proud also of Raymond for getting through his class. And you going to the gym? That's awesome!! I desperately need to do that myself!

Stephenie said...

I've got guest passes if you and Kenna would like to go with Ray and I sometime :] It's alot of fun! I got a special deal here on campus a few weeks ago that was buy a membership, get one free. So it's $40 a month for both Ray and myself to have a membership :] It's at Riviera Fitness by the way!

Adrienne said...


THIN MINTS!!!!! yum!

Gin said...

This is such a fun post, Cheryl.

I gotta say that I agree with everyone else. Thin Mints rule.

Cheryl Wray said...
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Cheryl Wray said...
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Cheryl Wray said...

(Man, my fingers aren't working this morning...)

Steph--McKenna and I need to try it with you. That would be great!


Gin--Thin Mints seem to be the consensus favorite. :-)

Jen Martakis said...

Congrats to your daughter, that is such a wonderful accomplishment!

I'm a Samoas fan. ;)

I can't think of any quirky traditions. They all seem "normal" to me. lol

I am proud of all 5 of my sons. :)

Monogram Queen said...

BIG congratgs to Mckenna and to Sydney on her win! Hmmmm on to your questions...

What quirky, fun, unique traditions do you have as a family (or an individual, if you're not married)? We do all kinds of traditional things that I LOVE, like carving pumpkins, decorating easter eggs, putting out reindeer food & cookies/milk for Santa. We also jump on beds!
Wait - we always make bubble beards when we take a bubble bath. Does that count as quirky? LOL

* What are you proud of today? I am proud of my niece who just got a job where I work at in November, she is doing a terrific job!

* What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Thin Mints and Samoas, and the GS HQ is right near me so I may have to go out and nab some!

hippo chick said...

We've been away at Joshua Tree NP so I've missed a few posts. I will take up your random questions on my friday post (or sometime soon).

Congrats to McKenna. NHS is a real honor and responsibility. Good for her.

Also good for Sydney. She's a clip, isn't she?

~hippo hugs~

Kathy said...


I like the Thin Mints, Samoas, and Shortbread cookies too!


Anonymous said...

That is a great accomplishment for McKenna. Tell her a big Congratulations from me.

And yummy on the Girl Scout cookies. I think my favorites are the ones with the coconut and caramel (cant remember what they are called. Ha!).


Cheryl Wray said...

Jen--Great answers! I love those Samoas too, but haven't gotten any yet this year. :-( (Good to see you stop by!)

Queen--Hooray for Bed Jumping and Bubble Beards! LOL (And I can't believe you are that close to HQ. I would be buying cookies everyday. Dangerous!)

Pam--I can't wait to hear all about the Joshua Tree and all of your other travel adventures.

Kathy--Mmmm...yummy back at ya!

Ang--That would definitely be the Samoas. Yummy!! And I will give McKenna your message!