Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Ramblings

* McKenna was elected Class Historian for next year's Senior Class, and I am so proud of her...but, I am already feeling sad, because I know what it means (all those "last" things to experience with her next year).

* I thought the "American Idol" finale was really fun. Kiss! Keith Urban! Queen! Cyndi Lauper! (my fave of the night...since Allison was also my fave Idol this year). I really loved Adam and was cheering for him, but I really liked Kris I think it was a win-win situation (and now, Adam won't have to record that hideous single!). I also loved their attitude towards each other; they genuinely seemed to like each other and be nice guys...I only wish America wasn't so divisive (if we all just attempted to make friendships with people different from us, we wouldn't even worry if someone was gay!).

* I went to the store one night this week specifically to buy croissants and Nutella. Then I actually held onto them all the way until breakfast the next morning. Delicious!

* A day at the park with friends is a near-perfect day.

* I want to write a novel this year. I sorta feel like I'm getting "close" to doing it, since I keep coming up with random first lines and passages. Yet, I still haven't been struck by a plot or characterization, or really anything that resembles a plan yet...just random words and combinations of words. Still, that makes me hopeful.

* I finished reading Love Walked in by Marisa de Los Santos and I whole-heartedly recommend it (it's a wonderful story about eleven-year-old Clare and thirty-something Cornelia and how their lives intertwine with one another; great story and beautiful use of language!). The next two books in my stack are My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult and the fourth book, Untamed, in the "House of Night" young adult vampire series (I probably couldn't find two different books to be reading next!).

* Lying in bed with a half-asleep child who grasps your hair in her half-asleep state...and gives a sweet smile that just barely tugs at the corners of her mouth...makes you realize why being a Mom is so great!

* We are so ready for softball to start again, even though we've only been done with it for two weeks!

* Gary and I are going away for an early anniversary weekend getaway (our anniversary isn't really until the 27th) and it couldn't come at a better time. (Sometimes you just need some Grown-up Time.) Plans include: staying at a cozy bed and breakfast, having lots of good food and wine, going to a blues/jazz club, watching a performance of a Shakespeare play ("The Comedy of Errors") and basically just trying to relax and refuel.

* You guys ROCK! I love you all!


Maria said...

I've been really curious about that book by Marisa de Los Santos. Now I am sooo getting it! Thanks for the heads up! Have a wonderful anniversary weekend! It sounds awesome! What could be better than a bed and breakfast AND a Shakespeare play? Nothing else I'm sure! :D Have tons of fun! :D

Edleen said...

Yayy to McKenna! :)

i like Kris and i'm both will be as successful :)
agree with your sentiments about being divisive. it happens here too...sadly!

enjoy your getaway!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I ♥ Kris (since I'm from Arkansas). I'm hoping the single will sound better with some practice?!

I just finished My Sister's Keeper. All I can tell you is to keep a box of tissue close at hand. You'll need it...the entire box! Great book.

Gin said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary getaway. Good for you guys.


Sounds like a lovely recap!

Thanks for sharing.

Congrats to the new historian.