Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's a Cinco de Mayo sort of Random Tuesday

Okay, so Tuesday's almost over, but like I like to say...better late than never (right?).

Since today was Cinco de Mayo, I thought I'd throw some festive Random Tuesday questions your way. As is the custom--answer the questions here in my comments section, or do them on your own blog (and let us know, please!).

~ Do you like Mexican food? If so, what is your favorite dish? (and if you don't...what's wrong with you? LOL)

Well, as I might have said way back in elementary school, "I don't like Mexican food...I LOVE Mexican food"...and it's so very true. I could probably eat it at least twice or three times a week (I get this honestly from my Dad, who is a true Mexican food junkie), and do so as often as possible!

I love pretty much anything Mexican, but my favorite dish would be the chile relleno. Mmmm, I'm hungry just thinking about it.

~ Have you ever been to Mexico?

I actually have been to Mexico, way back when I was in the eleventh grade. I was in Spanish 2 and I got to go on a school-sponsored trip to Mexico City, Taxco, and Acapulco. It's still hard for me to believe that my parents let me go out of the country on the trip, but I'm so thankful they did! It was my first foreign travel, and it was a really wonderful experience (trying new food, seeing a different culture, trying out the little Spanish I knew). (Of course, one of the most vivid memories I have of the trip was all the attention I got...I think it must have been the blonde hair!).

Even though it's not in Mexico, my very favorite city in the world is pretty close to it. I love everything about San Antonio, Texas (the River Walk! the Alamo and other missions! the food!), and would love to go back sometime soon (and would love to make a return trip to Mexico someday too!).

~ Will you...have you...celebrated Cinco de Mayo today?

Sadly, we weren't able to celebrate for a number of reasons (McKenna had extensive dental work done this morning, we had a family birthday to celebrate, and Delaney has softball practice tonight). But...I'm hoping to make up for it very soon.

(And does it count if I celebrated Star Wars Day yesterday? It's the official day because yesterday was May 4th..."May the fourth be with you?"...get it?)

Now, I'm off to the aforementioned softball practice with Delaney.

And now you--go CELEBRATE in some form or fashion!


Lynilu said...

I love Mexican food. Love, love, love it! I like just about everything, to the point that I can't say I have a specific favorite. When I go out to dinner, I have a terrible time narrowing down just one meal to eat! One thing I will never pass up is guacamole, so maybe that's a favorite?

I've been to a lot of border towns, and a number of west coastal places, but my goal is to one day make it to Oaxaca. My daughter-in-law is from there, and I really want to visit the central region and see the pyramids.

And, no, sadly I didn't do anything for Cinco de Mayo. :'(

Kathy said...


Mexican food is my FAVORITE!

I like many different things! Chili Verde being at the top of the list. Who can resist warm, handmade tortillas, and freshly made refried beans! OH! And tamales, and taquitos, and...and....and......LOL!

I have never been to Mexico, but hope to get there one day.

We didn't do anything special for Cinco de Mayo! We should have at LEASE went to our favorite restaurant!