Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lists, Lists, Lists

I'm not really a list person.

In fact, I'm more of a "Oh, is that tonight?" and "What was I supposed to remember?" sort of gal. I like to go with the flow and leave it up to my Blackberry-addicted husband (and my amazingly organized teenager) to keep me up-to-date on how much money we have or where we're going this next weekend.

But, I do like another type of list.

And I got to thinking about this type of list while I was at my friend Andrea's memorial service this past weekend. Andrea was just 37 and left a five-year-old daughter behind (she lost a long battle with ovarian cancer). As I cried for her, I invariably came back to the idea of how I would want to live my life if I knew I only had days or weeks or months or a year to live.

What would I want to do? What would I want to accomplish? Where would I want to go? What moments would I want to enjoy?

So, in attempt to create some joy from my friend's passing (which is hard, but is what I think she'd want all of us to do!)... and because I love to do these sorts of lists (remember my list of "39 things to do before I'm 40 I did last year"? and the list of "things to do over the Summer" I've done the last two years?) are some fun, random, get-to-know-me, Wednesday morning ramblings in the form of lists (the kind that I like!)...

5 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

There are a ton of things I could put on this list, and a lot of general attitudes that I want to cultivate (things like: be the right sort of Mom, be kind, wear a smile every day, and help people in need), but I'm going for some specific things I really desire to do.

1. Write a novel.

2. Go to Scotland and Italy.

3. Go overseas on a mission trip with Gary.

4. Go to a major sporting event (or two, or three).

5. Learn to ballroom dance (or paint). I sat here and tried to come up with the list, I realized that there really weren't a ton of BIG things that I want to do.

#1 and #2 are huge for me...those are the ones I want the most. But the rest I had to sort of think of; I had to stretch a little bit to come up with those.

Maybe it's because most of the things I want to do are the smaller things after all. Things like: throw a cool dinner party for 15 of my closest friends, and fly to New York City for the weekend, and have a get-together with all my blogging friends, and read 10 "classics" a year, and take a wine-tasting class.

And even smaller things like: don't criticize, write thank you cards, and pray everyday.

Maybe it just means that I want to have things to look forward to...
whether they're big or small.

(And speaking of lists, here are two more I wanted to do for today:

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. The new Star Trek movie (and the new Kirk and Spock!)
2. Cooking good dinners at home
3. New friends
4. Last night's "Fringe" finale
5. The fact that my eye is feeling better for the first time in three days!


5 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. The season finale of "Lost" tonight
2. Cupcakes for my middle school class tonight at church
3. Anniversary get away with Gary next week
4. Delaney's awards ceremony on Friday
5. School being out for summer in 10 days)

Why don't you join in the fun (because I'm making this my late Random Tuesday posting, even though it's already late Wednesday morning)?

Comment here in my comments section, or post on your own blog:

~ 5 things you want to do before you die
~ 5 things you love right now
~ 5 things you're looking forward to

As I write this post and encourage you to make your own lists, it makes me grateful for the life I've been given. For friends, and food, and and family, and smiles, and kisses, and grace.

And it makes me realize that life is not meant to be spent sitting on the couch (unless you're watching "Lost") or walking aimlessly around. It's meant to be enjoyed and played out to the fullest!


LZ Blogger said...

Cheryl ~ Even though I don't do Meme's... I sure did enjoy your's! I loved how appreciative you are too! We all have MUCH to be thankful for but not all of us express it so well! ~ jb///
P.S. I hope you get to do your mini-bucket list!

Monogram Queen said...

I am so sorry for your friend... and the ones she left behind.

I am just trying to live day to day and remember that it doesn't matter how messy my house it, it is bug-free, mold-free and a safe haven for us until we get into the new one. My houseguest understands this and I have to believe her.

It doesn't matter how well I do, or don't do dancing at Madison's recital. I am putting myself WAY out of my comfort zone to make a memory for my child.

Cheryl Wray said...

LZ--Thanks. You're too sweet! (And it's good to see you here too!)

Queen--You are ABSOLUTELY doing great, and I am so proud of how you are living everyday the best you can. And you know? There is nothing wrong with having a messy house, or messing up in a long as the people we love know we love them and we are enjoying that particular moment. (BIG hugs to you!!)

Adrienne said...

Loved reading this! You know I THRIVE on a list. I can't live without one. I'd forget EVERYTHING if I didn't have one lol.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Lost is TONNIGHT!!! (I am laughing at both you ad Adrienne. I love it too, but Im not sure if I love it as much as you guys. Ha ha.)


Ms.L said...

What a great idea!
Thank you for the motivation:)
~ 5 things you want to do before you die
2.Live in Port Moody
3.Travel somewhere,ANYWHERE away
from North America
4.Run a marathon
5.Sail the West coast
~ 5 things you love right now hummingbirds
2.learning to drive
5.the unfrozen lake
~ 5 things you're looking forward to
1.Getting my license
2.Visiting with family over the summer.
3. The Office finale
4.Going to Bella Coola
5.My hubby coming home.

I'm glad you;'re feeling better too!

hippo chick said...

Hi Cheryl,

One thing I'm grateful for right now is that your eye is better.

Next week, after my wonderful, amazing, exciting trip to Chicago to visit my dear sweet Paige, I'll do a post on the things I want to do. My bucket list, like yours, is fairly simple, with a couple of BIG things. I love yours.

I'm with you about praying, not criticizing, being thankful and doing one RAK each day.

I'm soooo excited about my weekend in Chicago. Can you tell???

~hippo hugs~

Gretchen said...

Well, I know you're going to do those things, Cheryl. And writing them down will help focus you toward that end. I'll do this soon--maybe tomorrow--on my own blog. It's something we should all think about. I remember thinking along those same lines when my mom died at a young age (54).

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--You and your lists!! LOL
I CANNOT WAIT until Lost tonight. Have you listened to the EW video cast about it this morning? The producers had some really good teasers. It's supposed to be a game-changing finale!!!!!!

Marg--Yeah, Adrienne and I sorta love it!

Ms.L--I LOVE your list!!! Good luck on the driving; I know you're doing great.

Cheryl Wray said...

Hippo--ooh. I'm extremely jealous of your Chicago trip. I LOVE of my very favorite towns!

Gretchen--I would love to see your list. I know it would be a good one!

Lynilu said...

I just laughed out loud when I read: "5. Learn to ballroom dance (or paint)." It just caught me off guard and tickled me at trying to determine a connection between those two. No matter, don't explain, it would probably not be funny any more, and I'd rather enjoy the giggle!

Dettao said...

I need to work on lists, too. Like yours a lot. Thanks for coming back to tell me about the "girlnest" verification. That made my day since this grandma is secretly wishing for a little girl. LOL yours says gratin!

Cheryl Wray said...

Lynilu--LOL Actually, I was thinking of two new things I wanted to learn to do. One is ballroom dance, another is to paint. So they don't really go together...I just couldn't fit them both into 5 spots. :-)

Detta--I'm crossing my fingers for a girl for ya! (I love girls!)

Auburn Kat said...

I love to-do lists and these lists =)

Mississippi Songbird said...

I bet you'll do all the things you want..
I want to go see the Star trek movie this weekend..
bunches of hugs...

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I love your header. I don't know how long it's been there but it is adorable. It's been a while since I've been here.

You're a wonderful friend for taking on such a task. She's probably looking down smiling upon you.

It would be hard to leave my three children. I cannot imagine what her family is going through. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

Cheryl Wray said...

Kat--I wish I liked lists more. ;-)

Songbird--You'll love the ST movie. It is SO good. I sure hope I get to do those things....but we never will if we don't articulate them, I know that!

Crazy--It's good to see you here. I think it's been a while. :-) So sad to lose my friend, but she has also taught me a lot.

Katrin said...

Thanks this reminder is just what I needed. I blogged my list. Happy Weekend!