Friday, October 09, 2009

God & Goblins

I'm letting my five-year-old dress up like a witch for Halloween.

It's a cute witch. It's black and lacy and has hints of purple and neon green on it. It's got a big, furry, fun hat to go along with the dress. She's gonna look quite smashing.

Still, some people would like to tell me that I shouldn't let her dress up like a witch. Or a little vampire. Or anything scary.

Halloween, it seems, is something that Christians shouldn't enjoy. And while I certainly respect anyone's opinion and I'm not gonna worry how someone else wants to celebrate the day, don't act like I'm a heathen simply because I enjoy saying "Trick or Treat," and we have a family tradition of having a "Creepy Dinner" together, and I decorate with little ghost candles, and I enourage my kids to enjoy the day.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a wimp, really I am.

I hate scary movies. I don't do haunted houses. I'm even afraid of clowns.

But, I'm also a big fan of Halloween. And I don't even force myself to call my celebrations a "Harvest" or "Fall" event. I still call it Halloween.

I hope you all know how earnest I am in my Christianity. I try and practice it everyday in my normal going-through-my-daily-routine life. I pray. I worship. I tell others about my faith. I treat others the way I think Jesus would want me to. I ask for forgiveness when I don't.

But I sorta think that a problem the world has with Christians is that we nit-pick about things like Halloween, when we should worry more about praying and justice and forgiveness.

As a Christian, I also try and do my best to raise children who have that same sense of who they are as a person of faith. I want them to grow up and be confident in who God is and who they are related to Him and His world.

Sometimes I doubt the job I'm doing with that. But, at other times, I think I might be doing something right (at least every once in a while).

The other day, Sydney announced off-handedly (as she often does), "I know why God created Halloween."

I've been around her long enough to know when she makes a comment like that (anything that involves God or Jesus or Love or Life) that I'm about to get a good lesson. I might as well just grab a big tall glass of sweet tea, pull up a chair, and sit a spell.

"You do, Sydney?" I responded. "Why?"

"Well, God made pumpkins. And he made pumpkins with faces on them," she said. "On Halloween, the faces are all lit up inside."

I kinda wondered where she was going with this, then she stuck me with the "message" of it all.

"I think God wants us to be like pumpkins. We need to let the light shine out of our faces, so we can be happy and show love to other people."

Amen, Sydney. Amen.

And that right there--because she's got it figured it out better than most of us--is why I will keep on plugging away. Doing my best to be a good example. Taking her to Sunday School. Talking with her about love and God.

And, yes, letting her be a witch for Halloween. (I might even dress like one with her...although I'm leaning more toward a Flapper right now.)

I'm going with the idea that Halloween is a chance for us to enjoy our families, make fun cupcakes, spend time with friends...and for my children to laugh and giggle and smile (and enjoy all that candy!).

And that it's another chance for me to learn a little more about what it means to let my light shine.


For some Friday "Eye Candy," this is similar to Sydney's costume. Cute huh? ...

And then I am going to HAVE to try these "crashing witch" cupcakes. Cute too, huh?...


Monogram Queen said...

That Sydney is one smart little chicklet!!!!!!

I am so much like you Cheryl, it's almost.... scary.

People nit-pick the STUPIDEST things and to do it in the name of christianity only makes them look worse. I think if Jesus were here he would look around and just shake his head and smile.... alot.

Gretchen said...

Amen, my friend. So well said, and a daughter so well raised. Have fun on Halloween. ;)

Nina Diane said...

I really hate when people try to take the fun out of innocent events. Halloween is just fun and we all enjoyed it as kids. So we let our kids enjoy it. And I just know that Sydney is going to make the cutest little witch ever!

Ms.L said...

Here Here!
This is why I think you're the greatest:)

I'm getting very excited about Halloween,it's such a fun time of year!

Lynilu said...

Many of the same people who nit-pick about Halloween would be hard pressed to give up the pagan parts of the Christmas celebrations, wouldn't they? As long as we are clear in our heads an hearts about the difference between worship and having fun (and yes, worship can be fun, too!!), then I think God can figure out your intent. Go for it!

camport said...

She makes me smile. Here's to trick or treating and dressing up! Halloween is just another chance to have fun in my book, too.


Anonymous said...

You (and Sydney too) are just great. I love this post, Cheryl, and those cupcakes are darling. They look hard, though. (You can do it though, if anyone can. Ha ha.)


Jenster said...

AMEN! Thank you, Sydney, for saying it so beautifully!!

Kelly said...

Good post, Cheryl. I remember when Asbell had the Halloween carnival at the school. We all dressed up and played games, bobbed for apples, etc. It's sad schools don't do that anymore. It was so fun and innocent.

Lisa said...

Well said, my friend!!

Maria said...

"I think God wants us to be like pumpkins. We need to let the light shine out of our faces, so we can be happy and show love to other people."

That is the best QUOTE ever! Sydney has it right!

I'm with you and Sydney on the Halloween celebrations! And the Day of the Death Mexican celebration! ;D

Daisy said...

I could not agree with you, Sydney and your commentors more. Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and families. It's just sad and a shame how a group of people could make more of it than what it was intended. I LOVE Halloween!!!!

Where did you get those darling Halloween cupcake papers?

Daisy said...

PS. I LOVE the little witch Halloween costume. Very cute!!!

Grace said...

what a timely, sensible, and well-written post! to me, halloween = candy, so of course i love it. :)
adorable costume, too!

hippo chick said...

I love that Sydney. She is such a gift from God, isn't she? There are some things about Halloween that I don't like, but I totally agree with you in enjoying this time with your family. I also like Lynilu's attitude. God knows our hearts.

Have lots of fun.

~hippo hugs~

hippo chick said...

PS. I love the witch cupcakes.


Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for the sweet comments. I do indeed love Halloween and we have been thinking up the craziest costume ideas for the rest of us in the family, (because, of course, we all dress up!!). And I can't wait to try some cupcakes!!

You gals are awesome!

Adrienne said...

What a GREAT POST!!!!!!

Stephenie said...

Sydney is definitely a grown up in a 5 yr old body. I told my Mom about what Sydney said and she agreed with me that that sweet girl is wise beyond her years :]

I still don't know what I want to be for Halloween!

Deborah said...

Well said! What's the Bible verse about letting your light shine out of a basket or something like that?

Cheryl, if more Christians had that attitude, those of us who aren't so earnest might be more willing to get involved in organized religion.

Wasn't Halloween, like Christmas, originally a pagan holiday that the Catholic Church tried to turn into a religious holiday with All Saint's Day? (See this story on the History Channel's web site:

Capra, by the way, has her first store-bought costume this year, a black-and-pink girly pirate!