Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ten Fun Questions on this Random Tuesday

1. What's the last state you visited other than your own?

That would be Florida this past Summer. How I would enjoy sitting on the beach right now.

2. What's your middle name? And were you named after anyone?

My middle name is Annette, which I swear my parents chose from Annette Funnicello from "The Mickey Mouse Club." My first name is my Mom's first name (although she doesn't go by it), but when I watched the MMC as a child all I noticed was that the mousketeers named Cheryl and Annette were one after the other. I imagine that I was named after the two of them!

3. What is something you don't like...even though everyone else seems to?

Oh gosh, there would be a lot of those things. "Grey's Anatomy," scary movies, romance novels, Myspace, hockey (sorry, Jeff!). Funny story, though...I did a list something like this on Facebook maybe two months ago and put "texting" as one of my things. Today, though, I love texting; I told the girls that this was an example of a parent admitting she was wrong about something!

4. What's the first costume you remember dressing up in for Halloween?

Remember when we used to buy Halloween costumes out of a box? They consisted of a plastic costume with a logo or design on front, and a plastic mask. I remember getting a Barbie one of those, and I LOVED it!

5. Have you ever played a sport?

You'd think I'd have been very athletic growing up, considering how much I love sports. But, no, I'm a spectator...not a participant! (I was on a church softball team when I was maybe 12 and I'd stand in the outfield praying that God wouldn't send a ball my way...because, guaranteed, I would drop that ball or it would hit me in the face!)

6. What is a talent you have that people might not know about?

While I didn't play sports, I was a cheerleader years ago. So, I can still do the splits. I also can do that weird yoga move where you cross your legs over each other; and, now that I think about it, I can stand on my head for an extended amount of time.

7. What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Last night, Delaney was showing me a project she'd done on Egypt for her Social Studies class. I told her that I knew of something her group should have done and they would have certainly got an A. Then I went onto youtube and found Steve Martin's verion of "King Tut." We sat there and laughed and laughed. (Which led on a random youtube tour as we shared silly things with each other, including Joe Jonas performing "Single Ladies," Weird Al's "White and Nerdy," and some parody of Miley Cyrus.)

8. Are you an oldest, middle, or youngest child?

I'm the oldest child, and I have one younger brother. I do think I fit into most of the older child stereotypes (high achiever, more responsible, etc.), but there are others that I absolutely don't (I'm very laid back!).

9. What's the best thing you've had someone say to you lately?

Sydney: "Let the wild rumpus start!" (Sydney LOVES Where the Wild Things Are and she just randomly yells that line out at different times. The reader in me smiles big when I hear it!)

Delaney: "Sometimes when things are rough, God uses them to make things get better." (We had some rough spots lately--kids being kids, teenagers being teenagers, parents being stubborn--but Delaney saw how the rough times were necessary, because they were an opportunity for things to get better. What a wonderful lesson we all need to remember!)

10. What are you wearing right now?

I'm usually not shampooed and dressed and made-up at this time in the morning, but I am today because I'm about to head up and eat lunch with Sydney. So, I have a nice black shirt and jeans on (instead of a ratty Alabama or 80s concert t-shirt!).

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and join in the fun if you'd like by posting these questions and your answers (either in my comments section below, or on your own blog).

Hugs to you all!


Kelly said...

Fun questions--here I go:
1 Maine in August.
2. Ann. I don't think I named after anyone.
3. Karaoke. I love to sing!!! I don't need to drink to sing.
4. There is an old picture of me dressed up as a hobo. I have a corn cob pipe in my mouth with overalls on. My mom put big freckles on my face.
5.I played softball in the summers in Fayetteville (I still do) and basketball when everyone else was short, too. I was a cheerleader, too.
6.I actually can sing well.
7.Can't remember what made me laugh out loud. Usually, it's reading a funny post on FB.
8. I'm the youngest of three. And, yes, I was spoiled.
9. Clayton just told me today, "I love you, Mommy."
10. I'm dressed in velour pants, t-shirt, running shoes. Yep, I have the suburban housewife going on right now.

Monogram Queen said...

I'll just enjoy your reponses because right now i'm just too beat down by work to even think.

(I know - then WHY are you blogging then? Well, I need a break!)

Jeff said...

Yay. I finally make a return to random Tuesday. It's nice that work has calmed down again.

1-Rhode Island. I was up there a couple weeks ago, just north of Providence, for work.
2- Alan. I'm not named after anyone. My mom simply thought Jeffrey Alan sounded like a good, strong name.
3-"Forrest Gump." Never have liked it... don't really get the appeal.
4-Superman! And it was one of those plastic costumes in a box.
5-Hockey (thanks for the shout out in the post!)
6-I can't really think of one. If I come up with something I'll come back to this.
7-The movie "Hamlet 2." Watched it over the weekend and it was a complete crack up (you can read about the movie over on my blog)
8-You forgot to list "only" child.
9-"That was all you." I was playing with some of the higher level hockey players on Saturday morning and actually scored. To one of these guys tell me that was less his pass to me and more my shot that made a difference made me fell really good.
10-Typical work day casual here: Dark blue button down, black t-shirt, blue jeans, sneakers.

hippo chick said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks again for an idea for my post. I'll do that either later today or tomorrow.

I was a cheerleader too, but never could do a good split.

~hippo hugs~

Laura said...

Cheryl - looking for Bama v. LSU tickets. If you know where we could find some, please let me know. Thanks!

Stephenie said...

1. Chicago, back in May of 2008. I went with the HHS Choir.

2. My middle name is Paige. My first name, Stephenie, is where I get my legacy attatchment I suppose. My father's name is Stephen, and I guess my Mom wasn't too creative haha

3. School? Hahahaha Idk. I enjoy some classes, but not all of them.

4. When I was four, I was Baby Bop from Barney. That costume sounds alot like the ones you described. It has a plastic face mask and the outfit itself was also plastic.

5. Not even close. Hahaha

6. I can sing. Granted, I've been in Choir most of my life, alot of people have never actually heard me sing.

7. Hmm The cat sitting in my room sitting in front of my futon just...staring at it because it's new hahaha

8. With my parents, I'm the only child. But technically, I have an older half brother so, I guess that makes me the punk kid sister :]

9. "I'm proud of you, Steph" :]

10. Dr. Pepper pajama pants, and my Scholar's Bowl shirt from 8th grade. Or as I refer to it, my proof that I was once smart enough to flaunt it :P

Phats said...

I have to argue with you! CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT!!! :)

I love how you got your middle name that's so awesome. I loved watching the new mmc when I was growing up I know I know not the same! haha

Hockey BAH I agree there.

Cheryl Wray said...

Kelly--Love your answers!! You were always such a cute cheerleader!

Queen--You know I always love to see you here on my blog!! No need to p articipate...just pop by and visit! :-)

Jeff--I'm gonna have to check out Hamlet 2. Sounds interesting!! Sorry about hte hockey shout-out...I'm sure that if I lived in an area where it was popular, I'd get crazy about it like every other sport! :-) I absolutely love Forest Gump; that movie sucks me in every time I see it on tv!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hippo--Can't wait to read yours!

Laura--I'll ask around and see if I can find anyone getting rid of theirs. Can't wait for that game!!

Steph--I LOVE Chicago; I need to go back sometime soon! I don't know how I didn't know that Paige was your middle name; that's so pretty.

Phats--I absolutelyu know that cheerleading is a sport. People don't know how hard it is!! :-)

Stephenie said...
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Stephenie said...

Thank you :]
Paige is so pretty. I like it so much better than Stephenie haha

And P.S.
If you go back to Chicago, TAKE ME!! I absolutely fell in love with the city when I was there. I'm dying to go back. Just ask Ray. I talk about it constantly hahaha

Kelly said...

I misread #3. I'm not big into Tailgaiting and everyone else thinks it's the greatest. I thought I was supposed to put down something I like that no one else likes...

Gretchen said...

Lurved your answers, Miss Cheryl Annette. And Sydney proclaiming, "Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!" sounds just about perfect for a kid in your house.

Steve Martin. He's so fun.

I'm stealing this for my post tomorrow. Not Tuesday, but...