Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Looking Forward

It's an extemely cold morning here in Alabama (and when I say extremely, that's what I mean...it was 15 degrees as we woke up this morning; we Southerners are not used to that sort of craziness!), so I dreamt this morning of what a warm, 70 degree day might feel like. It will be on its way sooner rather than later (because the South also has this strange tendency to jump from freezing to tropic in mere hours), but it's definitely worth looking forward to.

That made me think of the other things I'm looking forward to.

And, every January as we celebrate the dawning of a new year, it's fun to look forward. (And, since I've decided that I generally don't like making resolutions, looking forward is a good way to celebrate the new year.)

This morning, then, I thought I'd share some of the Things I'm Looking Forward To.

They're really quite simple...

1. The BCS National Championship Game. Just two days away now and we are crazily exited down here in Alabama. I crossed my fingers all year for this match-up with Texas, and I've been crossing my fingers for another national championship since it happened last (waaaay backin 92).

2. A lot of Cleaning and Organizing and Redecorating. I started taking down my Christmas decorations just yesterday (I always wait longer than most people, I know!) and am hoping to finish that up today. But then I have plans for some new bookshelves, and new lamps, and new pictures, and new furniture, and generally a new feeeling in the house.

3. The Return of "Lost." Remember my "Lost" obsession? (How could you ever forget?) It will be back soon, with the beginning of the final season at the beginning of February. I am absolutely giddy, and am already theorizing and anticipating (and thinking that I need to have a Premiere Party!).

4. The Return of Warm Weather. (Enough said.)

5. A Spring Break Trip to Disney World. We got a lucky break when Gary's computer training/conference for this Spring was scheduled in Orlando...during the same week as the girls' Spring Break. It's been four years since we've been last, so we are already eagerly anticipating the trip. Sydney doesn't remember much about her first trip, so she's especially excited; McKenna didn't get to go last time because of school stuff, so she's especially excited; Delaney just loves Disney World, so she's especially excited. And Gary and I? Yep, we feel the same way!

That's as far ahead as I'm traveling right now in my anticipations, because I'm not quite ready to tackle what's after the time of the Disney World trip. It will involve things like McKenna's last prom, her high school graduation, and other important "lasts." Those are a lot of good, exciting things, but they're also prone to make me a little teary-eyed...so I'm pushing them back just a little bit and, instead, thinking about Mickey Mouse, and the mystery island, and warm weather, and Bama winning big!

And now, since it's Tuesday and I haven't done a Random Tuesday post in a very long time, how about the rest of you sharing a list of things you're looking forward to in the new year? Share in my comments section, or post it on your own blog (and let us know where to come find it!).

Here's to anticipation, and new things! It's what makes life interesting and entertaining and joyful.


Lael said...

Mmmm,I could use some warm weather too:) Every day that we get a warm spell here it reminds me of things to come. Its supposed to be warmer this week,woohoo! Its -20C right now,lol.that's -4F,Spring would be welcome anytime! May be if we think and pray hard enough,it'll come???

Liz said...

I don't know where in Alabama you are, but we've visited Gulf Shores 3 times (and loved it) -- and man, 15 degrees is cold! I'm in Illinois and it's 16. Cold, but sad to say, we're used to it.

I'm in redecorating mode, too. I want to re-do our bedroom, which sad to say has been the same since 1987 (really!), with the exception of adding a wall of bookcases about 8 or 9 years ago. Time for new window coverings, time for new carpet, time for new. So I'm haunting web sites for ideas, and getting books and magazines, including this great book, "At Home with Laurie Ann," by Laurie Ann McMillin Ray. I like that she says there's no right or wrong (good for me, who always thinks I'll make a mistake), that more is more, not less, that you don't have to have everything match (still trying to convince my husband of that) and decorating should reflect your personality. I'm trying to break out of my narrow decorating box! Tons of pictures to help, which is good for me.

And Disney World -- I'm so jealous. It's a magical place.

Gretchen said...

Yay for your anticipations. I'm with you...keep Mckenna's "lasts" in the back of your mind until you have to face them. ;)

We're really looking forward to a family trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland this summer. It's sort of a bucket list item for me and my husband. We need to go while our kids still enjoy us.We will be at the British Open on his 43rd b'day. Yay. It's not Bama football, but it's fun.

Cheryl Wray said...

Lael--Well, when I think it's cold here, I can just think about how cold YOU are!! WOW. :-)

Liz--Your decorating ideas and plans sound wonderful. There is something about getting new things in the house during the new year that is really refreshing. And, yes, we love Gulf Shores too! It's our favorite beach place.

Gretchen--I am seriously envious of your trip this summer. That is going to be WONDERFUL! I can't wait to hear more all about it!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Looks like you've got a lot to look forward to! :) It was 13 here this morning and we had snow yesterday! In Arkansas, that's rare. We're supposed to get more on Thursday. The kids hope so...I hope NOT!

Disney world will be so much fun! Ya'll are lucky to be able to go. :)

Gin said...

Those are some reallllly good things to look forward to. Disney World sounds great. Ive never been but would sure like to. And good luck on the football game. Yay.

Edleen said...

Happy 2010 Cheryl!

ohh...i can "feel" the cold! hehe...
may this year bring you much happiness and joy and Blessings :)

Adrienne said...

**JEALOUS** LOL I hope you guys have a fab time! We are trying to go for Christmas but the kids do NOT know lol.

Cheryl Wray said...

Crazy--We actually have snow forecast for tomorrow. We'll see (I never believe it until we see it).

Gin--We are getting excited about DW. And please cheer her for us tomorrow! :-)

Ed--THANK you!!

Adrienne--Gary actually said that we should keep it a secret "like Adrienne and Tony," but I don't think I could ever keep it in! LOL

Linda said...

Disney World....oh my my. I just sooooo wanna go with you. LOL.