Friday, January 01, 2010

The Year that Was 2009

2009 was filled with all sorts of wonderful moments, and because of this blog, I can relive my memories whenever I want to.

I thought, then, that I'd recap the past year by sharing some of my favorite moments from my blog.

Some of the special moments included these...

We cheered for Bama as they won the SEC championship, and cheered for Sydney singing a solo. See it HERE.

We enjoyed Halloween (as always). Read about it HERE (but be forewarned, there's also Bama football and a beauty pageant in there too).

I bragged a lot on my girls. Like HERE.

I baked a lot of sweets, but especially loved my new favorite, homemade cake. See it HERE.

Sydney started Kindergarten, and told us all about it. Read it from her HERE.

We went to a World Series and the beach (for a 2nd time!). Read about it HERE.

Delaney became a teenager. Read about it HERE.

Gary and I celebrated our anniversary with a bed & breakfast, Shakespearean geaway. Read about it HERE.

McKenna went to her first prom (and also celebrated Sydney's 5th birthday within a day of each other). Read about all of it HERE.

I wrote some poetry. Read some of it HERE

It snowed. See it HERE

I got to be part of an awesome spiritual retreat (where I was a leader and speaker). Read it HERE.

Delaney made the middle school softball team. Read about it HERE

I also learned a lot of lessons. These posts aren't really related to any particular event or activity, but they were important in that they touched me, inspired me, amused me,"grew" me, etc. Like the story of the tie (HERE), and how God's love doesn't fit in a cup (HERE), and how Mother's Day made me reflective (HERE), and how Summer memories are some of the strongest (HERE), and how it's so cool to see your kids "get it" (HERE), and how sometimes it's just fun to share random information with my blog friends (HERE)!

That was to remember a lot of those moments!

I'd love to see some of you do that on your own blog. (I guess that's a challenge to you!) If you don't, though, maybe you could just pop by and tell me what your favorite memory from 2009 was!

And I guess this is a good time and opportunity for me to tell you all "Happy New Year!" and to wish you all a wonderful, blessed 2010!


Laura said...

I posted the highlight of our year on my blog yesterday! Happy New Year!! Can't wait for January 7th!! Roll Tide!!

Anonymous said...

That was SO great, Cheryl. I loved going back and readins ome of those, and I remember most of them. Ha!

Happy new year to all of you too.


Gretchen said...

Feel blessed that I could walk through this year with you, Cheryl. My faves have to be your poetry, your girl-braggin', and your celebrations of every form and occasion.

My favorite moments this year include my MIRL weekend at my beach house, and going to Maui with my family.

Cheryl Wray said...

Laura--I am coming to check your year review out!! And, yes, Jan. 7 cannot get hear quick enough. We are so excited!!!


Gretchen--You're too sweet, and I feel so blessed to have had you as a friend this past year. And I am SO jealous of your Maui trip. Some day, maybe...

Phats said...

I like this idea, but when I try to link things in my posts I end up screwing my blog up hahaha :) yes I am a loser :)

my favorite memory by far was guiding my girls tennis team to the schools first ever Sectional Championship! Here's to hoping we repeat in a couple of months.


Lynilu said...

What a cool idea. I enjoyed reading that! I'll think about doing this, but not right now. My head is a bit full and distracted, but I'll try to get it done soon.

hippo chick said...

Loved this post. What fun to walk through this past year with you.

Happy New Year, one full of joy and blessings.

~hippo hugs~


This is a great recap! It's just amazing to me how much we have blogged about and how many friendships we have grown. This is the invention ever!
Happy new year dear friend.

Auburn Kat said...

Great recap!

Happy New Year=)

softballbby1112 said...
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Cheryl said...

Phats-- I love that your tennis team did so great!! You ARE the coach! (And thanks for the Roll Tide!! I yelled a big Boiler Up for you guys yesterday!)

Lynilu--I'd love to read yours. I know you'd have all sorts of great memories.

Hippo--Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too!

Cinni--I totallly agree. Blogging, the Internet, are the BEST inventions ever!!

Kat--Happy New Year to you too!

Nina Diane said...

Happy New Year Cheryl
I love your family pic as the header...great picture of all of ya'll.

Gin said...

Great post.

I hope you are having a wonderful new year so far.


Jeff said...

I did a Top 10 of 2009 over on my blog, you can check it out at

Love yours, of course, especially going back through the Sydney memories. :)


CrAzY Working Mom said...

2009 was an awesome year! Here's to a great twenty ten!!!

Happy New Year, Cheryl!

softballbby1112 said...

Nina--Thanks about the picture! I like it too..especially of the girls! ( I need to lose a few pounds. LOL)

Gin--It is GREAT so far! But, of course, we're mostly still goofing off and avoiding work!

Jeff--Yay! I'm coming to check your recap out.


Cheryl said...

That was NOT softballbaby. LOL That was me...apparently, Delaney was signed on (I think!).

Just Me Again said...

Awesome recap! Happy New Year Cheryl!!!