Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Morning Ramblings

>> I'm thanking my lucky stars (and thank you, God) for my wonderful husband. Having someone on your side is an amazing thing.

>> I think it's so sweet that my Mom is all excited about the graduation tea she is doing for McKenna. Petit fours, and centerpieces, and punch...such a beautiful thing to look forward to.

>> Scout and her Stray Cats are doing Awesome. They won the first half of the softball season, and now are in first place for the second half. You should see Scout hit, catch, and throw that ball!

>> I've got a new wedding ring set. I recently lost the diamond out of my engagement ring, and Gary took it as an opportunity to get me a brand new set. It's all diamondy and sparkly, and I love it.

>> I'm wondering what I'll do with "Lost" not being on this week (it's taking a week off). How can I possibly survive?

>> How can so many dirty clothes pile up so quickly?

>> I've really got to get working on that senior year scrapbook I keep talking about. (Along with that Disney World one too!)

>> My favorite quote from Sydney this week? ""Now we have EVERYthing! A big screen tv, and a pond full of goldfish. What more could we want?"

>> I've been watching the first season of "Designing Women" on DVD, and it's as funny (nay, funnier!) than I remember it being the first time around. (Makes me love being a Southern gal!)

>> I'm glad I finally got on and blogged again. It's good to "see" you all here, and I love you all!


Michelle said...

I truly do LOVE being "southernfied"

Gin said...

I just love your line "nay, funnier." I think I will use "nay" in a sentence today. LOL

Linda said...

I still crack up at Sydney's comment...so funny. How exciting to have a new wedding set, and McKenna, what a lucky girl. She will love it soooo much.

Mom said...

Loved your ramblings. And I especially love the quote from Sydney.


Cheryl Wray said...

Michelle-- I love being a Southerner! We are definitely unique! :-)

Gin--Nay! LOL

Linda--Yep, lots of good things going on!

Mom--Sydney is something else. We know that!

Lael said...

Strat Cats,way too cute!

Cheryl Wray said...

Lael--GOTTA love the Stray Cats!! I came up with that name, thank you very much. LOL

Edleen said...

i miss seeing your scrapbooks! hope you'll start on some soon :)

have a wonderful week!

Cheryl Wray said...

Ed--That's actually part of my plan tomorrow!! Yay!!! Hopefully, I'll have some creations to share soon.