Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Random Tuesday, yes it is!

After a long hiatus, Random Tuesday is making an unexpected appearance today.

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So, for your enjoyment (and your participation...join in the fun, and answer these in the comments section or on your own blog), here are some "fill in the blank" questions/activities just for fun.

1. So excited when I bought_____________.
I was so excited when I took a trip to the thrift store and found a completely unworn pair of Liz Clairborne white wedges. They seriously are the most comfortable shoes I've ever put on my feet (and they cost me just $2.49!)

2. If I had "mad" money to spend right now, I'd buy me some ______________.
I'm not going to say anything expensive--although I really want to go on a cruise, and on a weekend trip to NYC!--but I'm going to go easy and inexpensive and say, "If I had mad money to spend right now, I'd buy me all the seasons of 'Designing Women' available on DVD so I could laugh out loud repeatedly at the wonderful, late Dixie Carter. And, oh, also an entire bag of new books. I'm in a book buying mood!"

3. I really shouldn't have ______________.
I really shouldn't have eaten that entire package of Peeps! (Yep, leftover Easter candy is not safe around me. I cleaned out the girls' baskets of all that marhsmallowey goodness, but I probably really shouldn't have!)

4. _____________ made me cry.
When I got word this past week that my precious one-year-old cousin, Haven, will be in ICU until she receives a heart transplant..of course, that made my heart break. (If you're a praying sort of person, please send loads of them up for her and for her parents. They are fantastic people, and we just want to believe that everything is going to work out for Haven.)

5. ______________ made me laugh really hard.
Hanging out with friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant the other night made me laugh more than I had in a while. Being with friends is always a surefire way to get the laughter going, and that's a very.good.thing.
(Honorable mention: The sneak peek of Sue Sylvester singing "Vogue" for the Madonna-themed episode of "Glee" coming up.)

6. _______________ is/are awesome!
"We are awesome!" We yell this often--and loudly--in the stands for Sydney's softball team, the Stray Cats! We are doing so well, and we are having so much fun yelling and cheering the girls on.
(Honorable mention awesomeness goes to: "Lost," "Fringe," date nights with Gary, friends, and McDonald's new frappes.)

7. I just can't believe ___________________.
I just can't believe that McKenna has like twenty-seven days left until she graduates from high school. Crazy!

8. I'm really looking forward to _______________.
I do not like to wish my life away, but there are so many awesome things coming up in the next few months that it's hard to not get excited. There's McKenna's graduation, a weekend getaway for our anniversary, some super-fun Summer trips (including a visit to the new Harry Potter theme park in Orlando!), possible softball All-Stars for Sydney, and lots of mornings of getting to sleep late.
(In the meantime, there is tonight's "Lost" to look forward to. You guys do know I'm obsessed with that show, right?)

9. The weather right now is ____________________.
The weather right now is totally green/yellow! Pollen is everywhere and it's quite disgusting.

10. My mood right now is _____________________.
Positive, and thankful, and "life is worth all the effort it sometimes takes!"

11. I couldn't believe it when ____________ said _________________.
When Sydney told me, "I know what boys like," I thought to myself, "Oh boy, I've already got one 18-year-old and an almost 14-year-old in the house. I don't need you growing up that fast!" (LOL...actually, she had been invited to a birthday party for one of her best friends at shool. She was one of the few girls at the party and, when I told her we could just give Harper some money in a birthday card, she said, "No, I know what boys like. I've got to get him Star Wars, or swords, or guns, or transformers." She ended up getting him a Nerf dart gun set, which Harper said was his favorite gift of the day. I guess she DOES know what boys like.)

12. And now I'm ___________.
Now that I've actually done a blog post (hurray!), I'm off to work on some scrapbook pages (I haven't done any in ages and I am waaaayyyy behind). But first...I'm meeting Gary for lunch (which deserves another hurray!).

Leave a comment to say "Hey!"...answer some or all of the questions in the comments section...post them on your own blog (and let us know about it)...

Whatever you do, Have a Super Tuesday!!!!


Sweet Cakes said...

haha:) have a fun lunch with uncle gary! love you aunt cheryl!

hippo chick said...

Hope you had a great lunch and that you get lots of pages done. I'm never going to get caught up.

I've been praying for Haven and our Women of Spirit in Henderson are also praying. My coffee group here at home will be alerted on Thursday.

Also praying for Jaimie.

I'll answer the Random Tuesday on my own blog. Stop by, I've been missing you.

~hippo hugs~

Michelle said...

OH MY!!!!!!! Two old dear friends at the same time???? Samooooooches Cheryl and Pam!

Thrift stores are THE BEST, I believe you can see those episodes of Designing Women on Hulu for free, PEEPS are the YUMMIEST, The pollen is so bad here my white car is yellow and ...........

Have I told you that I missed you?????

Cheryl Wray said...

Lori--haha back at ya! You have a new blog?

Hippo--Thank you SO much for praying for both Haven and Jamie. I'll try and keep everyone updated. (And thank your women's group for me too!) I will stop by and read your answers. Life is SO busy and I've got to get caught up on everyone's blogs very soon!

Michelle--HEY girl!!!!!! So great to "see" you here. I will pop by your bloggy home too soon...hope you're doing great!

Daisy said...

Thoughts and prayers for Haven.

Anonymous said...

I just love this whole post, Cheryl. I'm sorry for not getting by as often. I'm trying to get better.

See you soon.


Edleen said...

hi Cheryl :) i'll join on no 3. i really shouldn't have ... had the whole pint of Haagen Dazs!!! but it was so good and now i've to deal with the expanding waistline hehehe...

hope you're doing great and have a great week!

Just Me Again said...

Hi Cheryl,

Loved reading your answers.

Praying for your cousing (how did the surgery go?)

Thanks for the inspiration. I've updated my blog using your random questions :)

Happy RANDOM TUESDAY! I know, it's a week behind for me, but at least it's still Tuesday :)

Sweet Cakes said...

i do have a new one! im really going to try and keep this one updated. i thought writing a blog might be healthy.. haha