Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A few "Proud Momma" moments

1. Delaney was given the Director's Award for outstanding female choir member at her middle school this year. (She is an athlete--remember softball from the previous post?--but she adores singing and anything musical as well. And is quite good at it.)

2. Scout's park softball team won the 6-and-under championship, and she was chosen for this year's All Star team!

3. McKenna continues to be recognized for, and enjoy, all the things affiliated with the end of her senior year. As senior class historian, she presented a speech at the senior awards night, was recognized at her final band concert, and enjoyed a special graduation tea that my Mom gave for her.

What proud, exciting, or just cool moments have you had lately?


Edleen said...

Cheryl, you must certainly be so Proud! Congrats to your lovely girls!

wishing you a great weekend :)

Monogram Queen said...

You and Gary have much to be proud of. Hard to believe Mckenna is graduating already!!!

Anonymous said...

It is just CRAZY how grown-up they all are.