Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Signs You're Way Too Obsessed with "Lost"

7. You go to a screening of a live question and answer session with the "Lost" producers at a movie theatre in your town. While there, you seriously bond with other "Lost" nerds and you feel a strange kinship with them. (Delaney and I did this last night and had a blast!)

6. You stalk every "Lost"-related blog, website, and message board you can find.

5. You use "Lost" as the basis of your weekly Bible study class you teach to the youth girls at church. (Yes, my girls got a Lost lesson this past Wednesday.)

4. You DVR each episode and rewatch them at least two times.

3. You also save every DVR-ed episode from the season, so you can go back and watch them again after the season is over. You will have major "Lost" withdrawal, after all, probably the day after the show ends for good.

2. You cry every episode, as if the people on the show are your own family. Yes, I am sadly that connected to this show and the characters.

1. You seriously think about decorating different rooms in your house like the Hatch, the Glowing River of Life-Giving Light, the Beach, Otherville, and other assorted scenes from the show...all for a crazy series-ending finale party.

(I could go on and on and on and on, but I don't really want to frighten you any further. LOL Just know that I am looking SO forward to the series finale of "Lost" this Sunday night. I have so many theories, and expectations, and memories, and favorite moments. It's really touched me, even in a spiritual way. It's truly been my favorite tv show of all time, and I'm sad--and, yet, excited--to see how it all ends.)


Monogram Queen said...

Enjoy! It's a harmless obsession. I feel like that about True Blood on HBO. That is the ONLY reason I subscribe to HBO!

hippo chick said...

Cheryl, you will love this. My dear friend, Linda, is leaving tomorrow morning to fly to Columbus, OH, to spend a few days with her daughter for the specific purpose of watching the final episode of LOST. Is that obsessed or what?

Enjoy the last one.

~hippo hugs~

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

You are CRAZY, and yet I love it. Im excited about seeing what happens to. (I like the show, i'm just not obsessed like you and Adrienne.)


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