Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Almost-Friday Thoughts

It's really late (like 11:58 am) on Thursday evening and, since it's been forever since I've been online, I thought I'd share with you (random style) what's been going on lately...

Got McKenna through freshman orientation and registration. Yep, my baby's heading off to college!

I'm so enjoying the return of my favorite Summer show. "Psych" totally cracks me up!

I have been cooking and baking SO much lately. When the kids go back to school in about three weeks, I'm gonna have to go on a serious diet to get rid of all the calories I've consumed via blueberry muffins, chocolate cupcakes, and assorted pasta dishes!

Had a blast leading sessions at our Vacation Bible School last week.

So loving how my Atlanta Braves are doing this season! They are red-hot right now and waaaay ahead in the National League East. Hoping it keeps going all the way to the World Series!

Had dinner the other night with my best friend and one of our mutual high school/college friends. It had seriously been more than 20 years since we'd seen each other. It felt like it had been so much shorter since we'd seen each other...and we agreed that we still all look fabulous!

Delaney's 14-and-under travel ball World Series is this week. Go Team Elite!

I CANNOT wait to see Harry Potter Wizarding World while we're at the Series.

I've pretty much gotten addicted to Facebook...hence, the lack of posts here. But, I love blogging too much to let if fall by the wayside. I'm vowing to be better about posting!

We visited our favorite Gulf Coast beach last month and it was so sad to see the oil up on the beach. Seeing the disaster first-hand just broke our hearts (and I'm definitely going to have write about that soon).

I hope you all are having an AWESOME Summer so far. See ya soon!

(And, oh...did you know that football season kicks off in like 40 days?)


hippo chick said...

I've really, really been missing your blog posts. I know I keep up with you on FB, but it is so much less personal. I love your writing and hope you/we (all) do better in the fall.

We are off to the Pacific Northwest for the most of the month of September. I'm still debating about taking my computer. I can't imagine being away from email, FB and blogging for three weeks.

I know you guys are in Orlando. Give HP a hug for me.

~hippo hugs~

Phats said...

Obviously I can't wait for FOOTBALL baby!!! Did I tell you I know an Alabama Cheerleader I thought she was still at UK apparently she is now cheering for the Tide.

I love Psych!! have you ever watched Royal Pains? that is another one of my favorites

Auburn Kat said...

Glad to hear everything is going good!

Anonymous said...

Love to hear how you're doing!! Cant wait to hear about the Orlando trip.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Cheryl, Just waving hello from sunny California. I took down my blog, I'm stil in flickr and facebook, but not very often, I must admit. :) Work has been keeping me away from the computer, oh, and being the mother of a full blown teenager does seem to be a bit more time consuming than I had anticipated, LOL. :) Glad to hear all is doing well with you. Even though I don't have a blog anymore, I will continue to come in my friend's blogs to say hi!! :)

Maria Hammon

Mississippi Songbird said...

Our little High school football first game is tonight. The kids are soooooo excited.. Happy New School Year!