Sunday, August 22, 2010

I know, I know.

I've been so good about not posting.

AND, there has been so much going on in the past month.

SO, I do believe I will try and get caught up.

Let's see...

I need to post something about Delaney's travel team placing 5th (out of 48) teams in the softball World Series.

And I need to post something about McKenna moving off to college.

And, yeah, then there's Delaney and Scout's first days of school.

So, I promise I'm gonna be back real soon!


Lynilu said...


CrAzY Working Mom said...

...only one post from you in my reader and I've not opened it in months! What's up with that?!?! You must be as busy as me! *LOL*

Hope you guys are all doing well. Miss being in the bloggy world...REAL life just seems to have taken over. Just stopping in to say hi!

Andy said...

love the pic of your girls and the new look
i haven't been blogging much either

Mandy said...

Love the new look of your blog. Looks like you've been a "little" busy but I'm sure you've had a lot of fun. Just wanted to drop by and give a quick "Roll Tide" to a fellow Bama fan. I finally got season tickets so maybe I'll see you at a game. Only six more days!!

Phats said...

haha you have been busy no need to explain your absence most will understand, although I am expecting you to guest pick again and get ready for some Bama football!!!

Phats said...

you ready for some football!! First picks of the year are up

hippo chick said...

I really, really, really miss your posts.

~hippo hugs~