Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I Love...
(or 10 Random, "lovely" Facts About me)

Several blogging buddies (Pam, Phats, and others) have posted "random facts" about themselves recently and challenged me to do the same thing. With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching (a mere four days away!), I thought I'd take a different approach and create instead a post about "10 Things I Love."
These certainly are not earth-shattering or incredibly insightful facts. Most of the items on the list are, in fact, inspired by what's going on with my life right now. Like the fact that, as I type this, I am lying on my bed in my pajamas and cozily watching college basketball on ESPN. Hence, the first thing on my list is...
1. I love basketball. I think all of you know how crazy I am about all sports (and specifically, most recently, for college football), but I also love college basketball and we are quickly approaching one of my favorite parts of the sports year...March Madness. I am lying in my bed right now watching the North Carolina-Duke matchup, but my favorite team is (of course!) the Alabama Crimson Tide. After a disastrous beginning of the season, we have recently rebounded and are currently leading the SEC with a 7-1 record. I am crossing my fingers (and toes, and arms, and elbows) that we make it into the NCAA tournament.

2. I love snow...but in small doses. We have had the snowiest season I can EVER remember in Alabama (we have gone several years in a row without getting any snowfall, and we've already had about four small-grade storms this season). It is actually snowing outside right now and the girls' school day tomorrow has already been postponed to start at 10 am. I am just about tired of Winter and I have had enough snow. (Personally, I'm ready for flip flops and shorts and 80 degrees!)

3. I love my collegiate daughter. McKenna has adjusted so beautifully to college life and she is evolving into this really cool adult (she'll be 19 next month, which I absolutely cannot even begin to comprehend); even though I miss her everyday, I've adjusted more smoothly than I thought to her being away at school. I think it's because I know she's happy.

4. I love my other daughters too, of course! Delaney is just an absolute joy; a teenager (almost 14!) who is well-adjusted and filled with integrity and makes me proud to be her Mom. Scout is as clever and energetic as ever; I especially love hearing her read (she's amazing!) and anticipate every day seeing what I will learn from her.

5. I love Krispy Kreme donuts. I gave in yesterday morning to my hot-now craving and was thrilled to find that my original glazed donut came in the shape of a heart. So fun!

6. I love "Glee" and "Fringe" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." My current favorite shows couldn't be more different, but Glee and Fringe make me so happy every week. And, now that we have a Netflix account, I have discovered Buffy...which, for some reason, I just didn't latch onto when it first came out (my internal nerd finds it especially hard to believe). Now I totally understand why many people list it in "Top Show Ever" lists.

7. I love cooking. I have been on such a cooking kick lately, and have discovered some amazing recipes. In just the last two weeks, I've made my first-ever Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce (how I've never made it before, I'll never know); a delicious Sausage and Corn Bisque; a beatiful and yummy Fresh Strawberry Cake; and a crazy-good Shrimp with Garlic Cream Sauce. (Heavy cream seems to be a recurring theme.)

8. I love church camp. This upcoming weekend is our annual family retreat at Camp Sumatanga, one of the true pieces of "heaven on earth"--and we CAN'T WAIT to get there. We get to have fun times with so many of our closest friends, enjoy some really cool spiritual time, get away from the computer and cell phone and pretty much any connectivity, and get to reconnect with nature (via streams and lakes and mountains and paths).

9. I love thrift stores. In the last month, I have bought some awesome pairs of shoes and some giant piles of books. And when the shoes cost $2 and the books 39 cents, I'm especially happy about it!

10. I love Valentine's Day. I love heart peeps; and childrens valentine cards to exchange with classmates; and date night with my husband; and chocolate covered strawberries; and mushy messages of love; and hugs and kisses.

I hope that all of you are having a fabulous February so far, and I love All of YOU very much as well. (And, oh yeah...if you want to take my challenge, either post random facts about yourself or a "things you love" post on your own blog. I'd love to read your post and learn more about you!)


maria said...

Hi Cheryl! Happy almost-Valentine's day to you! :)

I love Fringe, too. I love everything on your list actually, and I certainly LOVE YOU! Hope you have a super amazing V-day! :)

Adrienne said...

Love the new look of your blog! It's been a while since I've been over here lol.

College Textbooks said...

It's so nice know you, Cheryl!
I'm curious about #3. I think we need to know your secret, we'd love to learn from you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Daisy said...

I LOVE your list!!!!!

Phats said...

LOVE this post :)

Hope you will be a part of my bracket contest again to try and get your title back haha :)

Wife and I LOVE LOVE LOVE GLEE!!! It's our favorite show, we never miss it. Maybe you can come give Kristen and I a cooking lesson

hippo chick said...

Hi Cheryl,

Loved this post. I love college basketball too. In fact, we're off to see UNLV and Navy play tonight.

~hippo hugs~

Phats said...

Definitely pulling for the Tide to make the tournament, they are definitely making a run for it playing really well right now. I think this year is a soft bubble so they have a great shot

Gary K Wray said...

Delaney is almost 14?? you better count your years again sweetie....